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Text Messages to Make Him or Her Love You from the Heart

Best Text Messages to Make Him or Her Love You from the Heart

Best romantic love messages are what you shall always get from us here at lovingly. These messages are for her, him, wife, husband, friend and those that are so dear to your heart.

Romantic Love Messages For Him Or Her When You Are Apart

[1]. Don’t you ever take your love away from me. For all I need to survive my life time, I have seen inside your love to keep and to cherish forever. Romantic Love Poems From The Heart For Wife

[2]. I will be here always waiting patiently for your love. If the night falls or the sun shine, I will still wait, for your love is worth waiting for.

[3]. Without you in my life, my whole world will fall apart. Let your love keep me in your mine and love me forever. For my heart lives to be yours evermore.

[4]. Life or death, I have decided to live for you and the love we share. That is a vow that can never be broken no matter the test of time.

[5]. If love is a prison yard, I want to go there as long as it is yours.

[6]. All I wish for is a moment with you. If I can have that moment with you, my life is made forever. Give me that chance to make my life worthy of you.

[7]. Your love is the source of my happiness. My world wouldn't be complete without you. Every moment, your love blesses me to love you the more.

[8]. My connection to the world is through your love. If you take your love away, then you have disconnected all that makes me stay alive.

[9]. With you, there is no mountain I wouldn’t climb. With your love, there is no place I wouldn’t reach. With you and your love, then the world is mine.

[10]. I blossom because your love makes my life beautiful. When people ask the secret of my happiness, I look to the sky and point to the direction you are.

Romantic Love Messages For Him And Her From The Heart

[11]. Your love is the sunlight that I need to brighten my day. It has been a daily routine that has blessed me with all the cares in the world.

[12]. No soul alive is perfect, but when I found you, I found a perfect being whose love is perfect. You’re the perfect love that makes me perfect.

[13]. You brought sunshine into my life and now am a better person because of you. If I am to love again, none else will I choose than you, the love of my life.

[14]. Like a gentle breeze, you appeared and blew off my mind. Now that sweet memory of your present gives me the peace of mind that words can’t explain.

[15]. You’re in all a perfect work of art to behold. Words would fail me if I seek to describe you. But just know that God thought of us when He created you for me.

[16]. I adore your creamy skin that glittered like gold. I adore your smile that could melt any King’s heart. In all I adore you that was made for me.

[17]. Ever since I met you, you have become everything good to me. You’re like my mother, sister, brother and friend. For you anything I will do to hold you close to my heart forever.

[18]. I thought the heart that loves deceit rules. But that was then till I found you and found a new meaning to love. I truly love you my love.

[19]. In years past I had kicked my heart off the word LOVE only thinking of it as a weapon that destroys the soul. But since I found you my life is incomplete without your love.

[20]. You came and took my lonely world away. Now I am so glad that you came my way. For your love was all I needed to see another day. Sweet Romantic Love Poems For Wife

Touching Love Messages For Him And Her

[21]. Splendid heart, yearning mind, vividly desire, silent tripper, conscience elevator, soul dreamer, heart keeper, sweetest look… You’re my everyday joy.

[22]. How could I have known that you would become my everyday dream? Now that you have become, I bless the day I found you as my dream.

[23]. Our love shall ever be like a lasting union cast from Heaven. Just have no fear because you’re the very best meant for me.

[24]. We are soulmates for a purpose. Just hold back, no resistance because we’re on a mission that is bless for us to uphold. That mission is my love for you.

[25]. There is something about you that drives me crazy. That same thing has poisoned my mind to none else but you. If you care to know, that same thing is the love of you.

[26]. Everyday a thought of you sends sweet memories to renew my heart to love you like never before. I am comforted for I know I have found in you the love of my life.

[27]. Love of my dream, one with a heart of gold. You’re an epitome of African pride. My love you’re like the ROSE flower whose morning sunrise brightens my day.

[28]. Cast this sleep away from my eye. Let my heart reminisce for the love of you brings sunshine into my life. Priceless treasure, heart that cares, that’s what you’re.

[29]. Your tender word gives me the strong feeling that I need to survive the many storms of life. I found you and found the perfect tonic that cures my heart for real.

[30]. Forgive me for stealing your number so I could make this little confession. You look so natural that I couldn’t help but want to have you as my love for the rest of my life.

Romantic Love Messages To Make Him Or Her Fall In Love

[31]. The aura you carry is a blessing to my soul. Every time I think of you, I am like someone who has found his lost treasure and you know what, you’re that found treasure.

[32]. Love of my dream, the joy of my heart, a day’s thought is incomplete without you. For you, my heart is at peace for knowing you.

[33]. My heart beats and longs for you. My mind yearns and lives for you. My heart, my mind just can’t live a day without you. You’re the one who makes my world complete.

[34]. Your voice is like the gift of paradise. Every time I hear your voice, my heart gladdens with a peace of mind to be alive.

[35]. Your love is like the gift of valentine and your caring is like the joy of Xmas. I have tasted both and now I know I can’t be the same without the gift of you.

[36]. The heart that loves isn't they like stars that shine? The heart that cares aren’t they like flowers that flourish? The smiles in you aren’t they like joy that never fades?

[37]. I must confess that you mean everything to me. You’re my light in darkness, my eye when I can’t see and my hope when all is gone.

[38]. You’re like the rain that renewed my soul. You lift my spirit when I’m down and give me the joy that brightens my day. I thank you for loving me the way I am.

[39]. Sweetest of them all, I have to make this confession. Your love is like the balm that heals my soul. Ever since I started loving you, I could feel no ailment anymore.

[40]. You came when I needed you and with the warm of your love, you took away every pain that had weakened my heart. I will ever be grateful for the day I found you. Best Naija Pidgin Love And Romantic Poems For Your Special True Love

Best Breathtakingly Sweet Love Messages for Him and Her

Breathtakingly Sweet Love Messages For Him And Her

[41]. You warm my heart with the flame of your love. You make me live everyday like my breath depends on you. Now I can’t go a day without the thought of you.

[43]. My body, spirit and soul are controlled by the flame of your love. Anyhow you turn it on; it’s all yours for a keep.

[44]. When the rain drops and I found the warmth of your love, I felt cold no more. Your love is like the blanket that took my cold away.

[45]. Your love makes my heart burn like fire. But I’m comforted that each time I come close to you, you take away the fire and give me a peace of mind.

[46]. What can I compare your love with? I have searched and found none. You’re my perfect angel, an incomparable creation and one created with perfection just for me.

[47]. My charming angel, every smile of you gladdens my heart to be alive. For your love, I can’t live a day without you. I love you and sincerely do.

[48]. You turned my head right every time you appeared. You make me feel like a King every time you smile. You’re my all and nothing anyone can do about it.

[49]. Treasure of a lifetime, I have found my hidden treasure in you. You’re and will ever be my hidden treasure for life.

[50]. I promise to be there for you no matter the weather. I promise to love you no matter the situation. I promise to be your one and only till life do us part.

Heart Touching Love Messages For Your Sweetheart

[51]. My life’s story will never be complete without you. You have been my source of strength and one who makes me see beyond my weakness. I’m so happy for your love.

[52]. Honey is sweeter but your love is the sweetest. Gold has a price tag but your love is priceless. If I have to choose between honey and gold, I rather will choose you.

[53]. My love for you is like an egg that needs to be handled with care. If you break it, you have hurt me. I know you wouldn’t for your love is so tender and caring.

[54]. The apple of my eyes, the joy of my life. You give me hope and peace of mind. With your love, I’m like one who has found his lost treasure.

[55]. I’m sorry to have kidnapped your heart. I know your parents might be worried but I can’t let you go because I don’t want to miss nor lose your love any minute of the day.

[56]. Naira, Euro, Dollars or Pounds which would I take in exchange for you? None rather than you for your worth, money can’t buy.

[57]. Sorrow, pain and regret were part of my everyday’s thought but since you came around, happiness, peace and incomparable joy are now my everyday songs.

[58]. Worried was my everyday thought. Emptiness my best friend but since you came, I feel so fulfilled to have you as the angel who drove my worries and emptiness away.

[59]. Gift from above. You’re the perfect gift I longed for. I will forever bless our Good Lord for bringing you my way. You’re and will ever be all I needed.

[60]. If anything satisfies my soul, it’s your love. If anything makes me happy, it’s your love. I must say I’m the luckiest soul on earth to have you as the love of my life. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Best Love Text Messages for Your Sweetheart

Love Text Messages For Your Sweetheart

[61]. All that I have is my heart and with love, I give it all to you. I trust in your love because I know you will keep and protect it for us.

[62]. You’re my beauty in the sun, my moonlight in the dark, my charming love every day of the year. Truly, nothing can fault your beauty angel of my life.

[63]. My true love, you’re the essence why I am what I am. You give me your love and all that matters to me is you.

[64]. When trouble comes and it is seen everything is far away from me. I know a safe place to run to and find peace of mind. It’s to the arm of your love and nothing else.

[65]. If loving you is imprisonment, I want to serve a jail term. If loving you is a crime, then I want a sentence provided where I will serve my jail term is your heart.

[66]. Take away food, take away air but give me your love. I shall never be hungry nor breathless because all that will keep me alive is the love of you.

[67]. If to love means to be blind. For your love I’m blind to every negative thought that will kill the joy that I have found in you.

[68]. I love you, I love you and I will ever love you. If that is the only correct grammar I could speak, then let it be the one. I love you and nothing anyone can do about it.

[69]. You give me hope and you give me joy. My dream has come true all because you love me. Now I can face the future knowing you’re there by my side.

Sweet Romantic Messages From The Heart

[70]. Your love gives me the courage and strength to move on. I can stand any situation for you, I know the future is bright.

[71]. I have faced so many challenges in life but loving you is the simplest challenge I have ever faced. It came so naturally that I found myself yielding to you.

[72]. The day I saw you, the beauty of you, the dark couldn’t hide. Like a shining star, you shine through my soul and now I’m complete all because of your love.

[73]. As long as the ocean wouldn’t run dry nor the rain ceases to fall, my love for you shall ever be like the ocean and rain that will never run dry.

[74]. I heard the sweet scent of your fragrance and turn but it wasn’t you. Just a day without your presence fills my heart with the want of you.

[75]. In my heart, thoughts and dreams, you’re there. Where else haven’t you been? None! For all about me, you will always be there like a shining light that guides my path.

[76]. Your love is a blessing and a tonic that frees my soul to live. I wondered how I’m so blessed to have your love as mine.

[77]. I did search around looking for a perfect heart that could beat as yours but throughout my search, none have I found except your.

[78]. You came when I needed love and took away the shame that was my pain. I have found love in you that love that would share my world.

[79]. Your worth is priceless so is the beauty of you faultless. Just within a little while, you have become a part of me that I can’t live without.

[80]. The puzzle to my heart’s many worries, you answered with the love that you bring. Now I want you forever so I could live for you and no one else.

Beautiful Romantic Love Messages

[81]. I wish I could touch the rainbow then I would have written your name on it that the world would see and adore the beauty of your love.

[81]. You give me joy and sweep away my sorrow. You bring me peace and give me the strength to go on. Your love is the miracle I needed to live again.

[82]. Each time I look into the sky, I smile. The reason I smile is the love you bring. Your love is like a bright new sky. It took away all dirt and purifies me to be yours forever.

[83]. When I’m with you, you make me feel at home. Let your heart forever be open to accept my love. For among the others, it’s you I have chosen as the love of my life.

[83]. I don’t need to pray for confirmation nor do I need a crystal ball to see that all I need in love is found in you. You’re my all.

[84]. Among the rest to you have I chosen because I know it’s only you among the rest that was meant for me. You’re and will ever remain my best.

[85]. Over my pride, I humble myself and choose you as the best thing in my life. You’re the precious gift I have. Keep my love for it’s real and all that I have to give.

[86]. Our love is a bound made from the heavens. It’s only eternity that can break us apart. Loving you means eternity to me for I love you eternally.

[87]. No bars nor chain or walls can separate my love for you. Neither then separate us, it shall be the pillar that binds us as one.

[88]. Even though I’m beaten by rain and hunted by the shining sun, I shall not be weary for your love is there to cover me from the cold of the rain and the heat of the sun.

[89]. The sight of you sends joy into my heart. For you I know I’m what I am. You have blessed me with love so real and for that I would ever live because you love me.

[90]. Am so glad I found you. What would life have been without the touch of your love, care, warm and smile? You’re one in a million and I can only bless the day I found you.

Love Romantic Text Messages

[91]. You’re my companion; my best friend and my dream come true. In my heart, it’s ONLY your love that has a ROOT. Nothing no matter what can take your love away from me.

[92]. Day comes and goes but your love came and stayed. I’m so glad that your love stayed for all I needed is the love of you to stay and make me a new creature.

[93]. I know I have fallen in love and you’re the one I have fallen for. Take my love as a precious gift, nurture it and keep it safe that I might live for you always.

[94]. You’re second to none and nothing can be compared to you. You’re a rare gift with a heart that cares. What else can I say? You’re all I have and I love you for that.

[95]. I used to worry about finding someone so real and when all hope seems lost, I found you. Now I worry no more for your love is real and has kill the worry of my heart.

[96]. If missing you means going insane, then let it be and if loving you means going sane, let it be. I love you that makes me sane and missing you makes me insane.

[97]. To the wing of your love I surrender my heart that we might fly together to discover the hidden paradise hidden inside our hearts.

[98]. Let the bliss of your love guide me. Let the wind of your undying love blow me and make me feel the warm of your touch that sets my heart on fire.

[99]. Your love wilds my heart and sets it on fire. The flame it brings burns my heart with desire that longs for you. Who can quench this fire except the touch of your love.

[100]. With your love, I can see better and clearer. With your love, I’m a better person. With your love, I can move the mountain. All these I could do because you love me.

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