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Nigerian Slang Insults for Your Friends and the People Wey You Love

Best Nigerian Slang Insults for Your Friends and the People Wey You Love

Where them dey. You know say Naija no dey carry last. If you come across these kind words from your friends, just know say na to disrespect your person be that. Here are Nigerian slang that are insulting and disrespectful. There are funny pidgin jokes that might not be too friendly that you can use for your friends, your real guy.

Somehow, it might be a joke but it all depends on your level of friendship with that friend of yours. You know we now, we joke over so many things. 

No time to waste, you can share these Nigerian funny slang wey be a kind of insults to a friend wey sabi take person for granted. 

Best Nigerian Slang Insults for Your Friends and the People Wey You Love

These collections of Naija slang insults are somehow jokes that when you hear your friends or anyone says it to you, just know that you are about to be disrespected. Nigeria Love Poems For Your Personal Person

[1]. You rush the money like say you be thief but you try for the work.

[2]. You never wan marry abi.

[3]. This your bra the pack your b**bs well ooo, but na only am you get?

[4]. You and this your cap ehh... Like say you be Lai Mohammed.

[5]. Once they said man you would win yesterday second half it was a compliment but so disrespectful.

[6]. I no know say you get sense like this. Like say person no get sense before.

[7]. Ahn ahn you is your dress rumbled like that you no get light for house.

[8]. Your brother dey ware this shoe before ooo. Abi e don later dash you?

[9]. No dey wear this kind cloth, you no get bress, e for fit you. The one wey I get na chin chin abi?? Olori wetin.

[10]. Immediately you dressed proper, they will say are you going to your inlaw house, like say you don't use to dress before.

[11]. You look good bro but I pity that white wey you wear soon eeh go turn brown.

[12]. Guy I no know say you fine reach like this ooo (that's wen you try something new like cloths or shoes).

[13]. "You don grow o" No matter who you be, once you tell me that I go reply you "you don old o". Ndi uchu.

[14]. She greeted me den we come dey talk next thing she said was that abeg make I greet human being so I no be human being wey she first greet... That thing pain me.

[15]. See how your head just phat like Obi Cubana own.. Just be say nah money remain. Big man go fit you.

[16]. See as you're looking beautiful today. Means I never beautiful na only today.

[17]. See as you resemble big man pikin, okay, I know say nah poor man pikin I be thanks.

[18]. This your tummy dey flat ooh, like say you neva eat since morning.

[19]. Thank God You don marry ooo. Congratulations!

[20]. This one you remember us today wetin you forget.

[21]. If people see you as you fine like this, dem go think say you get money for pocket.

[22]. Omo you done fat oo he better past that time you be like stock fish. This cloth fine ooo but you for try manage iron am small. Some people get style of insult no be small.

[23]. And you like this your new shoe o, e fit you die.

[24]. You're enjoying ooo, see fat.

[25]. This your cloth fine oooo, but if you see the original one, you go like am.

[26]. So na you fine like this for picture, you dey photogenic.

[27]. After exams, this one wey your fine face dey like this, e be like say your expo no enter today abi you no see where to copy. You dey mad so I no dey read.

[28]. You don de fresh and you don de fat oooo what's the secret na.  If person tell me this thing I dey smile outside but inwardly na to swear for am.

[29]. As I see dat cloth I don know say na you.

[30]. Baba for the girls.

[31]. Your body is smelling like fufu, shey you chop fufu ni.

[32]. With all due respect. Omo the kind disrespect wey dey follow that comment na blast.

[33]. Sister your trousers don stain for back, abi na red paint.

[34]. Go and marry your age mate have giving birth.

[35]. Are you okey?. This particular question don end so many relationships.

[36]. You don dey upgrade oh.

[37]. This one you said you are not hungry today, its like you ate at home.

[38]. You like this your shirt ooo.

[39]. See belle. At last, you look sexy.

[40]. How far nah! Especially from your younger ones.

[41]. Go and buy your own.

[42]. When you go home for holidays and someone sees what and say wow you don grow small boy of yesterday.

[43]. This your shoe is so fine, I priced it in the market the other day and they told me 7k. My friend who asked you!

[44]. Ah ah bro,you don buy new cloth? This one fine o. You buy am for okrika? How much you buy am? Them wan know if I buy am N200.

[45]. This one way you wear fine cloth today, abi na Christmas be this or you rub bank yesterday?

[46]. This your makeup make you fine today no be small ooo.

[47]. You are not looking bad. Simply means, you are not looking good oh but it's not bad either.

[48]. You look like person today. You don dey fat ooo.

[49]. This one you dress to kill so. Hope all is well.

[50]. See as you fine like baby pig, mostly said in the north.

[51]. You well so?

[52]. Your voice sounds like bigman.

[53]. You look 'like' a gentleman.

[54]. Your hair is nice today ooo.

[55]. That your cloth fine but you for iron the neck.

[56]. You look so different today. Are you going somewhere?

[57]. You are always beautiful on makeup.

[58]. Your son is so cute, who e resemble?

[59]. How old are you again?

[60]. You get gentle face, if person see you now dem go think say you gentle and calm but dem no go know say you be werey.

[61]. You're so fine in this your picture.

[62]. I know you with your special love for porridge beans, that was why I served you with an extra plate.

[63]. You're photogenic.

[64]. This cloth always make you look handsome.

[65]. You get sense so.

[66]. This your belle ehnnn. You don get belle.

[67]. You and this your wig nah 5 and 6.

[68]. This one wey you wear better shirt today. Hope it is well ba.

[69]. You too like this your shirt oh.

[70]. This your shoe is fine. I guess original one will be more fine.

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