Nigeria Love Poems for Your Personal Person - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Nigeria Love Poems for Your Personal Person

Nigeria Love Poems for Your Personal Person

Best Nigeria Love Poems for Your Personal Person

Nigeria Love Poems For Your Personal Person. Love na correct matter. Make you enjoy these The Thing Wey I Dey Hide From You and Na Your Love I Dey Feel Nigeria Love Poems For Your Personal Person. Best Naija Pidgin Love And Romantic Poems For Your Special True Love 

Your personal person na the one wey dey give you joy. Na the person wey him love dey totori your head. This totori love poems for your personal person na to make her heart dey happy always for you.

We thought of you with some Naija flavored pidgin language and want you to take a funny romantic step to send these totori love poems to your correct person. Nature And Inspirational Poems For The People You Love

These romantic poems na better matter wey go make your person begin show you love like you never see am before.

The Thing Wey 
I Dey Hide From You

Something wey I dey hide inside my heart
Na the matter I want talk about today
This feeling of you nothing go fit stop am
I don try make him stop to worry my mind
But the more I dey try, na so I still dey see am.

This na love I know say I dey feel for you
For you I no go search for another again
Na you be the correct person wey I like
Better love wey go make me stop to search
And forever I want to live for you.

You make me fall in love like never before
If I sleep na you I want see for my dream
And if I wake up still na you I want to see
You steady me with all the things you do
This love wey you dey give me na final.

Today make I tell you one thing wey be true
This thing wey I don dey hide from you since
Na you be the Angle wey dey comfort my heart
And since wey I start to fall in love with you
The different don clear pass Seven-Up.

Nsikak Andrew

There is nothing wey fit make you feel better like the love of that special person you care about. When you feel loved, you have it at a go to do all it takes to make that love feel so special. If you have gotten that special person in your life, make you no play with am o. Abeg, send this romantic totori poem make your person feel happy like tomorrow no dey. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Na Your Love 
I Dey Feel

Na your love
I dey feel inside my heart
And the matter
No let me sleep for night
If you search my heart
Na your love dey reign
And if you think say na lie
Abeg look inside my eyes
Na there you go see
Say na true talk I dey talk.

I don search many places
But I never see the love
Wey be like your own
You correct no be lie I talk
Na your love dey give me joy
Everytime I think of you.

Na you be the person for me
And your love be the thing
Wey dey make me happy
You be better treasure
Wey I want keep forever.

Every morning you be
The first person wey I want see
Every afternoon you be
The Sun wey I want
Make him shine on me
Every evening, I want your love
Make him cool my heart
Everyday na you I want
Make him be my true love.

Nsikak Andrew

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