Naija Pidgin Love Messages for the Person Wey You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Naija Pidgin Love Messages for the Person Wey You Love

Naija Pidgin Love Messages for the Person Wey You Love

Best Nigeria Pidgin Love Messages for the Person Wey You Love

Naija Pidgin Love Messages For The Person Wey You Love

This na better Naija pidgin love messages for the person wey you love and the one wey dey give you joy. This one na sweet yori-yori romantic messages for your special sombodi. If you love Nigerian pidgin, this I love you messages in English na wetin you suppose sent to your sweet love.

Sometimes, we need not go the conversional way to express our love. If you blow too much grammar, your person may not take you so serious. Those little things wey no matter, na him dey make love sweet.

We get am for ground here; that better totori Naija romantic pidgin messages wey go make your person smile like say them win jackpot.

If you love your personal-person, that one need to hear this kind yori-yori message everyday. Abeg no use too much grammar confuse matter again. If you love your person, make you show love and come thank us later for how that person go dey take call your name now after you send am this our Naija pidgin love messages.

Naija Pidgin Love Messages For The Person Wey Dey Give You Joy

[1]. If I dream, na you alone I dey see. If I waka, na you alone I see for crowd. Now everything I do, na you alone I dey see.

[2]. Your love don hook me and nowhere I fit run to again. You don give me joy and peace of mind. Now all I want, na to stay with you forever.

[3]. Your appearance dey make me shiver. Your beauty dey  make me want to kolo. Now I no fit stay one day without thinking of you.

[4]. To the throne of your love I don fall for. Make your love guide me and give me the strength to love you forever.

[5]. I never believe say I go love someone till me find you. Now I dey grateful for your love. My dear, you go ever be my endless love.

[6]. You bring sunshine into my life. Now my life don get better. If no be your love, na so I for be like person wey the world don forget.

[7]. For a million time, if them say make I choose who I go love, I no go waste time to choose you.  Na you be the person wey give my life the meaning to love again.

[8]. Like early morning breeze, na so you blow my mind away. Now every time I think of you, words for my mouth no fit explain how I feel about you.

[9]. Your love be like cool breeze to my soul. Na so him dey calm me and make me long for you. You be the better breeze wey dey give me comfort.

[10]. You be like art work wey no body fit paint. If I try to paint your beauty, words go fail me. Truly, truly, Baba God be think of me when Him create you for me.

Yori-yori Messages For Your Better Sombodi

[11]. Your smiles fit make anybody heart do yori-yori. Your skin fit make any blind man see. Your love fit make any sick man well.

[12]. Like stars plenty for sky, na so my love for you go dey shine. That na my promise and na so I go keep am till my last day.

[13]. Since the day I find you, you don become everything good to me. Na you be my everything. For that I go do everything to make you stay with me forever.

[14]. Today, I make a vow to love you forever. Today I give you my love if you go let me be the person you go trust forever.

[15]. Every time I think of you, na so my heart dey happy. I wish say you see the smile from my heart, then you for understand my happiness.

[16]. I no need to search again. In you, I don find the angel I dey look for. You be my guidance angel.

[17]. I be think say you dey deceive me. But now, that na history since the day I found you. My life now no fit dey complete without you.

[18]. My world been dey too lonely but when you come into my life. You take the loneliness away and give me plenty peace of mind. That peace of mind, I value am pass anything.

[19]. With you, I don find new meaning to love. The meaning I find, dey inside you my sweet, shining and bright star.

[20]. My love, anywhere you dey, my love dey for you. Na you be the person wey dey make me happy any time I think of you.

Sweet Nigerian Pidgin Messages For Your Personal Person

[21]. Nothing go take your love away from me. As long as I dey see another day, na your love I go follow till the end.

[22]. Who fit take your love away from me. Abi na sickness or wetin people talk? I don decide for you and na so e go be forever.

[23]. Make them talk, make them say. That na their own palava. For me, na you be the one, my all and only one.

[24]. I not fit believe say na you be the song wey I dey sing. Na now I believe that Bob Marley song wey say if na love be this wey I dey feel.

[25]. How I for take believe say na you go be my everyday dream. Now wey you be the one, I bless the day I found you.

[25]. Small time wey I no see you, na so I dey miss you badly. Abeg, show face quick before loneliness kill me.

[27]. You be like angel wey dem send to brighten my day. Just to see you talk and smile, that na wetin dey bring joy and happiness to my heart.

[28]. My world, I want make you know say na you be my true love, my blessed angel, true friend and the person I dey die for.

[29]. Ever since I find you, you don turn my sorrow into joy, shame into laughter, weakness into strength. For your love, you go ever be my number one no matter wetin happen.

[30]. Wetin for make me resist this your love wey dey too pure. Your love don bless my heart and the thing wey I fit do, na to love you like you love me.

[31]. Na you be the very best wey them make for me. Our love go be like the union wey dem make for heaven. Make you no fear, na you be my final bus-stop.

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