Daily Text Messages of Love and Romantic Love Messages for Couple - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Daily Text Messages of Love and Romantic Love Messages for Couple

Daily Text Messages of Love and Romantic Love Messages for Couple

Best Daily Text Messages of Love and Romantic Love Messages for Couple

The day you both waited patiently for has finally come. You have said ‘Yes’ for life. Time to build love and what you see is beyond your imagination. You never knew love was this amazingly sweet. You gave your all and in the beauty of it, you are experiencing the bliss that is beyond your control. 

It is time to keep it bubbling and how best to keep reminding one another of what brought you together if not the unique love which is so unconditional. Passionate Love Messages for Him and Heart Touching Love Messages for Husband

Most touching Love Messages: If There Is Anything In Life

We lovingly want to forever share in your joy that is why we are offering these seasonal words of love and inspiration to keep boosting your love life as you build the relationship of a lifetime that is worthy of emulation. Daily text messages of love and inspiration are something you need to share with the one you love.

[1]. Over my pride, I humble myself and choose you as the best thing in my life. You are the precious gift I have. Keep my love, it is real, that is all I have to give.

[2]. If the end comes for me now, I would rather glow in a smile for I know I live my life loving you till the very end.

[3]. For a lifelong time, I shall love you without doubt. I shall make you my number one and all that is to my life shall be a portion of my love for you.

[4]. I shall walk through life without any fear for in the many storms of life, your love has given me the strength to walk through life without any fear.

[5]. Words can’t express what you mean to me. Just know in your heart that I love you more than what any written word could explain.

[6]. The greatest miracle I have found is in loving you. For it has brought me healing that had made my life better for it.

[7]. A new dimension to my life, your love has given to me. It has taken away my shame and gives to me a heart of courage that makes me glad to live for you.

[8]. I will always be there for you. This is the vow I made to my heart the day you came into my life. I would always long to be here to love you today and forever.

[9]. Fun with tender love and caring, that is the bliss your love renders. I love this love of you that has given to me all the fun I needed in the world to make me glow in love of you always.

[10]. Never will there be any regret for loving you. Since you came into my life, I have found the joy that walks the street that is made of gold and that is your love for me.

Deep Love Messages: I Found Your Love Sparkle Like A Million Star

[11]. The night seems so long any time you are not here with me. You are my dream and every dream I have without you is like a nightmare to me.

[12]. Your love came with this perfection that none alive could fault. Heaven must have rested the day it created you. For you are prettier than the prettiest.

[13]. At my low state you found me. With all my limitations, you still make me your hero. Even when I couldn’t see beyond my imagination, you still lifted me up and made me see beyond them. For all the love you showered on me, you would always be my dear hero.

[14]. I lost one of my ribs and thought I would never find it but when I least expected it, I found it in you. You have become the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. To you will I cleave unto forever.

[15]. Your love has rescued me and saved my life from many troubles. If not for your love, then I would have found myself in wrong hands. Thank you for the love you bring, I would always be grateful for the love we share.

[16]. I am the luckiest person to have found you. You gave me luck and made my life worth living for. Like a million stars, my love for you will ever shine. It is a promise and so shall it be my dear.

[17]. Even in the dark of the night, I found your love sparkled like a million stars. This love of yours it is that have given to me all that I needed to make my life a living treasure for others to emulate.

[18]. Gently, your love guides me through many storms and now I am so glad that I made your love mine. For in the beauty of it have I found a new me that now live for the love that is ever yours.

[19]. My thoughts and emotions, longs for you. My mind is controlled by the power of your love.  All I do is complete when the thought of you feels my heart like the river of joy.

[20]. Dreaming of you and wishing to hear you say I love you in your unusual special way. That is all I need to hear and my life will forever be yours.

True Love Messages: Our Bond Is Strengthen By Your Love

[21]. Bond by your love, I am forever grateful for our union. This is what I prayed for and when I thought I lost hope it came my way and made me a new soul.

[22]. The way you are and the things you do, makes me love you. You are a perfect being the way you are and for the love in you, my heart is dedicated to loving you just the way you are.

[23]. I searched through my mind and found peace flowing like the river of joy. It is the love of you that gives me this peace with the joy that has made me whole.

[24]. The life wire to my soul is your love. If it is no more, then I am no more. I know you will never do such, for if you do, I will find no other world to live and be in love with.

[25]. I can’t believe that your love came to me and erased my fear. It took my shame away and gave me the hope to live for you.

[26]. If there is any reason for some madness in love, I am ready to pay the price as long as the cure is found in loving you.

[27]. If words can describe the feeling of love then I would have done that for ours. But since it cannot, I rather let my heart hold down the feeling of our love that has created a space to live in my heart.

[28]. I thought someone else would take your place but now, that is bye-gone. No one would ever take your place for your kind of love leaves no room for any replacement.

[29]. Though I have loved before but none can be compared to you. Sincerely I would do anything for your love that made me love you with all my heart.

[30]. No matter the length of time, I shall ever be there for you. For your love, the length of time makes no meaning to me.

Sweetest Love You Messages: My World Change The Day I Met You

[31]. With you not in my life, my whole world will fall apart. I could go crazy with just the thought that you are not with me. Keep me in your mine and love me forever. For my heart lives to be yours forever.

[32]. With you, there is no mountain I wouldn’t climb. With your love, there is no place I wouldn’t reach. With you and your love, then the world belongs to me.

[33]. Who says the world is complete? Without your love, the whole world for me is incomplete. Your love makes my world complete. Deep Inspirational Messages and Quotes to Motivate a Friend for Success

[34]. Your love is so cute and so innocent that I wouldn’t want to let you go. I shall hold on to this sincerity of your love that my heart will forever love you till the end.

[35]. When you smile I am at peace and when you love me, I am the world’s creation.

[36]. Along the path of life, there are good people you will meet and these people are those who will share your world. Truly you are that person.

[37]. Your love came and took away my pains. Now I am so glad that I followed my heart to discover this hidden love of yours that has made me feel the joy of finding true love in you.

[38]. I shall sing to the sky of your love. I shall announce to the earth your cares. I shall tell my generation that upon my lifetime, I found a love that has given me all and that love is you.

 [39]. I adore everything about you. 24 hours of the day, your love is what makes my heart happy and the joy that comes with it is what has given me the reason to love you with all my heart.

[40]. Each time I am in the dream land, all I think of is your love. Your love gives me hope and a peace of mind that makes me love you every minute of the day.

Romantic Love Messages : Your Love Is The Treasure House That Makes My Life Happy

[41]. My love for you is like a treasure without estimation and the worth of your value is like a priceless tag. Forever you are an incomparable jewel whose value will never fade.

[42]. Your love gives to me all that I desire. Truly your love is a gift that I will ever live to treasure.

[43]. Even if there is a price tag, the beauty of you is priceless. You are a priceless treasure that never will fade away. The Good Lord might have created you without any replacement.

[44]. I would not ask for more than your love. For all I treasure and live for is nothing but your love.

[45]. My all in one; my treasured house of favour. Each time I look into your eyes; I need not complain because you are all that I have; my true and only true love.

[46]. All I dream of is that love of yours that took away my darkness and gave to me a brand new world without darkness to live in.

[47]. The mere presence of you, weakens my heart to surrender. You came in a special way and took my heart away. Now, all I live for is that ever presence of yours that makes my heart shiver for your love.

[48]. Completely have I loved you and continually shall I do. For the love that is as pure and bright as yours, shall ever be the one I would live for till the end.

[49]. Each time I hold your hand; my heart gets engulfed in the beauty of your love and makes me gaze for breath. If this is what your love brings, then I am satisfied in loving you.

[50]. So faithful is your love that it has blessed me with her faithfulness. I am so blessed to find the love that is as faithful as yours. Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love

I Blessed the Day I Found You as My World

Love Text Messages: I Blessed The Day I Found You As My World

[51]. Ever since I met you, you have become everything good to me. You are like my father, mother, brother, sister and friend. For you anything I will do to hold you close to my heart forever.

[52]. I thought it was impossible to love wholeheartedly but since I found you, not only have I loved you wholeheartedly but with every breath that I take.

[53]. No age is a barrier to love. Old or young, love is the driving force that binds us together as one. I discovered love when I found you and age to me is what makes our love stronger.

[54]. Love above everything is present everywhere and yours I found in me. This love of you will keep today and forever.

[55]. Your love overlooked my weaknesses and took me as I am. I am so blessed that I found you who cares for me just the way I am.

[56]. Love that grows from the heart they say is a perfect love. I found yours and my heart is at peace with my soul.

[57]. Your love is eternal with the pleasure of paradise engraved in it. I shall ever live for your love that I might forever experience the eternal bliss that is you.

[58]. If I was to live today as my last day on earth, only one word will I long to hear; that you love me. It is them I shall have an everlasting peace to rest forever.

[59]. The only thing that can make my heart shiver is your love. It came without warning and took my heart away. I have learned that to get my heart back is to love you without ceasing.

[60]. Those sweet for nothing words you whispered into my ear has turned to a bubble that now controls my heart and imagination. I shall always love you my bubble of love that makes my heart complete.

Charming Text Messages: Your Love Gives Me The Wing To Fly

[61]. If your love was meant for money, I would have none to buy but since it is priceless, I can walk the surface of the earth knowing it has found me to make her price tag.

[62]. Every time you whisper those magical words – “I love you”, my whole world comes alive. I long to hear those words that ever make me want to stick with you forever.

[63]. I shall walk through life without any fear for in the many storms of life, your love have given me hope to walk through life without any fear. Best Motivational Quotes and Sayings to Cheer Up a Friend after a Tough Day

[64]. Wings were made to fly while love was meant to live. In my heart would your love live as long as you give me the wings to fly.

[65]. If your love was to be sold, I would have walked the world with no money to buy it. But since it is a free gift of nature, I am so glad to have yours as mine.

[66]. If I could paint the colour of love, then I would have painted you. But since love grows in the heart, there I have painted a true picture of your love that never fades.

[67]. If love is a person then I have seen that person whose love has given to me the power to shout for joy. That person if you should know is you.

[68]. I tried to define love and got lost in her aura. If there is any true meaning of love, yours is a perfect example to behold.

[69]. The beauty of your love sparkled my heart and made her shining glory draw me to you. Now I live in want of your love forever.

[70]. Along the path of life, there are good people you will meet and these people are those who will share your world. Truly you are that person that was made to share my word.

Sweet Love Messages: Romantic Love Quotes For Your Dear Love

 [71]. Your awesome kinds of love have I tasted and now could tell the true meaning of love. Your love shall forever live and grow inside my heart.

[72]. If love is a feeling, then I have found that feeling in you. Your love gives me the feeling that makes me live for you.

[73]. To you have I fallen in love with. And if I had to do it again, I shall do the same over and over. If there is anyone I would rather fall for, it is you that have given to me the meaning of unconditional love.

[74]. If ever I knew the meaning of true love, it is because of you. For the way you love me, I now know the meaning of true love that resides inside of us.

[75]. I tried to define love and got lost along the way. If there is any true meaning of love, yours is a perfect example of it.

[76]. They say true love thinks of another and denies itself some comfort. Now I know why your love is so adorable. It thinks of me and the same will I ever do for you.

[77]. You are like a perfect work of art to behold. Your true value money cannot buy. You are priceless and a treasure that can never be replaced.

[78]. Our bond is strengthened by the aura of your love. You give the same and I do the same and our life has become a treasured house for us to treasure and live for.

[79]. If love was a photograph, I would take you but since it is a feeling of the heart, I have taken you whose picture is right here in the centre of my heart as one to love and cherished all my life.

[80]. Where heroes are found, I could beat my chest as one. For your love has made me a hero. I am now like a King with a crown all because of your love.

Lovely Text Messages: The World Is Round So Is Your Love

[81]. I can see the world because you love me. I can see the rainbow because you care for me. I can feel true love because you are there for me.

[82]. Even if the world ends today, I shall never weep but forever be happy for I know at the end of it all, I have found that perfect love that was meant for me. And your love is that was meant for me.

[83]. Your love is like the life wire to my soul. If that is removed, then I know it is gone. But I know you would never do that, for if you do, I shall find no other world to call my own.

[84]. My connection to life is through your love. If you take your love away from me, then you have disconnected all that gives my heart the joy to live for another day.

[85]. With you, there is no mountain I wouldn’t climb. With your love, there is no place I wouldn’t reach. With you and your love, then I know the world is mine.

[86]. My whole world changed the day you kissed me. I thought I saw paradise when you embraced me. Now I find peace all around me since the day you gave your love to me. Best Motivational Words of Advice on How to Treat Your Man or Woman Right

[87]. If the whole world changes, my love for you will still remain the same. For loving you, I have found a perfect world to live in.

[88]. In every hardest hour of my life, I found in your love the strength to carry on. You have given me love that has given me strength and for the joy of your love, I have found the strength to face another day.

[89]. I held your hand and my heart grew weaker. I looked into your eyes and tears of joy filled my heart. Now see how your love has weakened my heart to surrender to none else but you.

[90]. Heart that beats as one, your love makes my heart beat as one. Your love heals my wounded heart and brings to me a new hope. Now, all I want to live for is your kind of love and nothing else.

Charming Love Text Messages: The Tender Fun I Found In Loving You

[91]. Love doesn’t love because it wants to be loved. Love, loves because it has found someone to love. You are that person I have found to love.

[92]. I am the proudest soul to be alive all because you love me. I will forever be alive as long as I found your love to go by my side.

[93]. Let the gossip cover the town and some cry over spilled milk. I would only laugh, for what others thought impossible, have we found the comfort to share – that is our love for each other.

[94]. The passion that is me is found in your love. I will ever love you that I would ever find my passion in you.

[95]. Every addition to my life, comes from the fact that I found love in you. You have made me become the envy of my friends and for the love of you, I am so grateful for it.

[96]. My dream is big because I have found a bigger dream in you. Together forever with our love by our side, we will touch the sky together to actualize our dreams and purpose in life.

[97]. Some more and more that is the spicy that had kept me in loving you cause when I thought I can’t love you more, I found myself loving you some more.

[98]. Even if it was a taboo, my heart would still love you for nothing can take your love away from me. Loving you is the sweetest taboo I loved to love. You are my sweetest love taboo.

[99]. If love is a person then I have seen the person whose love has given me the power to shout for joy. That person if you may know is you.

[100]. Though we are two, we have one heart. The beauty of it all is that the word one plus one for us is equal to one and never two. Our love is a case in study that will continue to prove it.

[101]. Even if your love tarries that shall make my heart become stronger to wait for you because in you I found that which is all I needs in love.

[102]. I am moved by your words and now all I want is to hear your voice so my heart would keep living for you.

[103]. The tender fun I found in loving you is all that brings happiness to my life. Your love is perfect for me and it is something that would always make my heart a happy one for all to see.

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