Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love

Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love

Best Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love

Love Text Messages For The One You Love

Sending sweet romantic love messages is one sure ways to build your relationship. Your love life is incomplete if you can’t spend time to express how you feel for that special person in your life. 

If you have found that special person, please do yourself well to express your love to him or her without any iota fear. It takes nothing away from you to show how real you care. Hey!, do not just say the words, but back it up with action. 

The moment your significant one got to know for sure that you mean every word you said; then be ready for a life time of love overflow. Meanwhile, here are some crafted unique sweet love messages to help express how you feel about the one you love.

Your Love Is Like The Song That I Sing

[1]. I have never thought you would be the song that I sing. But now I could feel the tune that Bob Marley sang – is this love, is this love that am feeling? Indeed it is your love that I am feeling. For you, it is love all the way.

[2]. How could I have known that you would become my everyday song? Now that you are the song that I sang, I bless the day I found you as my world.

[3]. How could your absent freeze my heart to surrender to loving you this way that I am feeling. I never knew I was missing you this much till you traveled on a journey.  Please comeback quickly my dear before loneliness got a better part of me.

[4]. You are like an angel send to brighten my day. Just sitting, talking and seeing you smile, brings so much joy and happiness into my life. I love you more when I see you smile in that unique way of yours.

[5]. I just want you to know that you are my sure love, a blessed angel, a true friend and the one I long for to be my true love forever. If there is one thing I shall always cherished, that for such is the love I found in you.

[6]. You are the one who turned my pains into joy, tears into laughter and weakness into strength. For all the things you meant to me, you will ever be my love no matter the test of time.

[7]. How could I resist this love of yours that is so pure and natural? Your love has blessed my heart with awesome feeling that is so hard to deny and now all I could do is to love you unconditionally just like our Saviour loves us.

Loving You Is All I Do

[8]. Our love shall forever be like a lasting union cast from above. All I am asking of you is to have no fear because you are the very best I know that was meant for me.

[9]. We are soulmates meant for a purpose. Please hold back no resistance because we are on a journey that is already blessed by our God for us to uphold.

[10]. If you can search through my mind then you will see that the feeling of you replenishes my thoughts. My dear, you are loved every minute of the day.

[11]. There is something about you that drives me crazy. That same thing has poisoned my mind to none else but you. If you care to know, that same thing is my love for you. I love you more than the way you could ever imagine.

[12]. What can be compared to you my lovely angel? None! For there is something about you that makes me feel like a King with a crown.

[13]. Just like the stars in the sky are uncountable, like the sand in the earth are uncountable, like a dream that come true, so is my love for you.

[14]. My love for you is like an ocean that would never dry. It shall be there forever like the rising of the morning sun. And like a guiding light, it shall guide me to my destination to live in love of you always.

My Burning Desire Is To Live And Love You Till The End

[15]. I was trapped in the ocean of love and made to find a landing shore but to no where my heart wanted to go but rather than be right there with you my one and only true love.

[16]. Like the rising of the morning dew, you calmed my heart; like sunrise, you brightens my day; like night fall, you protected me from every fears. And like love, you loved me so much that I want no other but you.

 [17]. Your love is like an ocean that never ends. It goes deeper and deeper and each time I looked to see the end, all I could see is a new kind of love that makes me want you more and more.

[18]. Everyday the singular thought of you sends sweet memories to renew my heart. Now I am comforted for I know I have found in you the love of my life.

[19]. Every single day you have become a greater part of me that I cannot do without. I love you more every minute of the day.

[20]. You took away my sleepless nights and brought sunshine into my life. You give me joy every time I think of you. You are a priceless treasure and a heart that cares.

[21]. You are the pillar that renews my strength. Every look into your eye gives me the strength of joy to love you the more like never before.

Every Passing Day Is A Testimony Of The Love I felt For You

[22]. Love of my life what else can I say? With every beat of my heart, I love you more than words could express. You are my sunshine, the very essence that makes me happy.

[23]. As the rain cast her gentle breeze to refresh the earth, so does my heart cast her warm tender loving care to refresh your life. You are loved every moment of the day.

[24]. Love of my life, one with a heart of gold, my epitome of pride and emblem of beauty. You are the like rose flower whose morning sunrise brightens my day.

[25]. Now trapped in your ocean of love, where else could I swim to; except your heart to discover the secret hidden inside your love.

[26]. Every passing day I see your love renewed in my heart to love you like never before and who am I not to yield to the love of you. Your love is so pure and real, that all I have is to love you without restriction.

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