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Powerful Deep Messages and Philosophical Thoughts about Life

Best Powerful Deep Quotes and Deep Philosophical Quotes about Life

Inspiring Quotes From Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Ben Carson, Lionel Messi, Steve Jobs and Tony Blair’s That Would Inspired You To Greatness
“I was raped at the age of 9.” – Oprah Winfrey. “I didn’t even complete my university education.” – Bill Gates. “In my childhood days, I stitched shoes.” – Abraham Lincoln. “I struggled academically through elementary school.” – Dr. Ben Carson. “I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training.” – Lionel Messi. “I used to sleep on the floor in friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money and getting weekly free meals at a local temple.” – Steve Jobs. “My teachers used to call me a failure.” – PM Tony Blair
I got these inspiring words sometimes ago that almost got some drop of tears out of my eyes from Whatsapp Connect’s Facebook page. Sincerely the moment I saw this post, I sat back and began to think and reason at the same time; asking myself if these people actually went through all that in life. If they actually went through this like they confessed, then it makes me wonder why people are worrying and just killing themselves over nothing. If these great men and women could withstand the humiliation, depression, despair, and the lowest self-esteem of the highest order, and still could make it to the top and become that which they desired to be in life, then we as humans have no excuses to fail. Unique Quotes on Life and Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles
“Despairs are the foot mat on which we build our success story.”  
Life is dynamic and I believe we all know. What actually makes it so is the worth of it. And this worth can only be gotten if we go through its many roads that are filled with thorns which prepare us ahead to actualize our dreams.
“There is no vision without despair and there is no victory without setbacks.”
We should have it at the back of our mind that nothing good comes easy. If you want it good, then be prepared to pay the price. Sincerely, if these great people whom the world still stand in salute of their courage could past through all these in their early life and still could make it to the top without allowing what they went through affect their mindset, then we who are passing through difficult times at the moment in our life’s, have no excuse or bundle of reasons to make life feel as if it is a bed of rose all through the time.
“Stand up and fight for your right no matter the frustration you are going through.”
For the benefit of doubt, we all know who these personalities are in our present world and the influence they carried in their respective field of human endeavours. On a lighter note, there is no need to further boost their ego, maybe you should take a little time online and do a search on Google for each of the mentioned names. Maybe a little proof of the outcome will convince you. For me, as I sat back to do a little deep research online about each of the personalities, I realized something that is so striking about each of them.
“Victory is achieved after passing through many rough roads without stopping to complain.”
Apart from reading about them and coming across some of them on our television set, if you could look beyond their appearance, you will sense what I saw. That striking attribute that defines every successful person. The very attributes the Bible recognized as the route one should take to achieve greatness. A look at that attribute is in Matthew (23:12) “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted”. It is good to humble yourself because humility is the key to success. When you are humble, you will ever be at peace with your enemy.
“Humility is the gateway to success.”
Taking a look at some of the notable Bible characters, we can see that what made them stand out is nothing but the spirit of humility. Abraham was humbled and God called him the father of all nations. Joseph, was humbled that he became a King in a strange land.  David was humble and God called him a man after His heart. Esther exhibits the spirit of humility and she was chosen among others to be the Queen.
“Humility is what opens everlasting doors to greatness.”
There is something of humility that connects with our faith to actualize our dreams, destiny and the purpose to which we were created. When a man is humble, you will find within him this undeniable faith that gives him the grace to face every challenge of life and walk through them without making it feel as if that is the end for him. Humility is what opens every closed door. When you walk with humility, you can never be stranded no matter what you are passing through.
“Difficult times were not designed to break you down totally but are designed as a testing ground to inspire you to greatness.”
So in every difficult time you experience, it should not make you give up but rather, kill the fear in you, rise up and face it squarely because what you stand up to, is what will make you tall and not what you sit down about. Imagine if these people had given up, would we have gotten men who are inspiring their generation to greatness? Let us say Bill Gates has given up; then there will be no Microsoft and the richest man in the world. And if Lionel Messi had given up, many would not be enjoying the beautiful game he gives to Barcelona. Imagine that Dr. Ben Cason had given up, then where would there be the gifted hand that leads the way to the first successful separation of sesame twins. And if Steve Jobs had done the same, today, there would be no Apple and the Ipads. And if Oprah Winfrey had done the same, what would have happened to the brand Oprah Winfrey Show? If Abraham Lincoln had given up in spite of the many times he failed, but till date, he is the most and would I say the best American President of all time. What of Tony Blair, the British has in him a Prime Ministers, Minister. In all, do not let the challenges of life make you forget your dreams.
“No matter the difficult time you are going through; never give up on your dreams.”
In life giving up when it is not conducive is like defeating yourself. The things we pass through in life are to toughen us and make us strong. It is to teach up the real lesson of life in progression. And when we give up, we kill our dreams and also in the process kill our purpose.  In order to save mankind, Our Saviour went through so much and in all that He went through, He never complained but He said Father forgives them for they know not what they are doing. If he had complained, then the purpose would have become defeated. He chooses to give it all it takes because that was the only option that could bring salvation to mankind and in extension the whole world.
“Complaining about your situation will give you no edge to push forward and make your dream a reality.”
Lastly, every life is to fulfill a purpose and the road to fulfilling that purpose is scattered with thorns. Thorns of difficulties, depression, hatred, backbiting, frustration and all other negative devices you can think of but the bottom line is we as individuals, who believe in their dreams, shouldn’t be afraid to give it all that we have gotten within us. I know people who may only see your physical appearance without looking at your inside and determining the gift and potentials within you. I know this may seem to discourage you, but for you, you shouldn’t be discouraged but rather to hold on to your faith. It is only yourself who knows you have it and it is your duty to hold on to it and never let anyone discourage you. People will talk, but be yourself. What you need to do is look up to Him who has given you the gift and humble yourself in place of authority. If you can be true to yourself and your Maker, then forever and at all times, you will always find the inspiration that will inspire you to greatness.
“Stand firm and you will overcome.”

Between You And Your Destiny: The Road Map You Need To Take To Arrive At Your Destination In Life
“Never let anyone determine your destination in life. Take hold of your destiny. If one directs you, you might never get to your destination.”
Everyone created on this earth is for a purpose to fulfill destiny. And in fulfilling your destiny, you have to cross so many roads and rivers. The journey that began this road that we would undertake in life is from the moment we are born. Our birth should be of significant value to us because it is an indication that there is a measure of greatest value deposited inside of us that sincerely longs for the full manifestation of our destiny at its appointed time. Super Motivational Quotes and Messages for Success in Life
The progress of this greatness deposited inside of us is what needs to be guided as it would always manifest itself as we begin to grow. Sometimes, those around us might not be aware of it in order to guide us in the right direction. But the moment you begin to understand that person that is you then it is of essence that you begin to make the necessary projection that will enable you to guide yourself towards the actualization of your destiny.   
If you would still have this at the back of your mind then remember that no one holds the key to your destiny except you. What anyone can do is either to guide or motivate you through the process; that is if such a person has the genuine love, interest and the needed intention for you to grow. Even if anyone guides or motivates you through the process; it is your sole responsibility to make it a reality so as to fulfill your desired destiny in life.
In fulfilling your destiny, all you need to make that happen, is through the grace of God and also to believe in yourself no matter the challenges that might come your way. Challenges will surely come but it is the faith you have in God that will see you through all the challenges that might arise.
Challenges actually are not to weaken you but it is a process that would occur in which you should make use of it as a stepping stone towards fulfilling your destiny. Do not see challenges as those which should break you but rather that which you should withstand with a brave heart in order to have your victory.
When you give in to challenges, such will surely break you and make you lose focus in that which would profit you towards bringing about the fulfillment of your destiny. If you must fulfill your destiny, then do not give in to fear. Fear will make you lose balance and surely will not let you concentrate in whatsoever you set out to do. When you learn to defeat fear by constantly believing in yourself that there is no impossibility in achieving your dreams then you will find in it the courage to dare the impossible.
The moment you dare the impossible, there you can take any risk that would become rewarding to bring your desired dream to the actualization of your destiny. Brave up and face challenges so you could become victorious in all that you set out to achieve which will ever be a rewarding breakthrough in fulfilling your destiny.  

How To Let Your Light So Shine That Men Would See And What To Identify With You
“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” – Chinua Achebe
Actually, I do not want to dwell on the life of a man who has given to us and the yet unborn generation what to ponder about for the rest of our life if ever we come across the collections of his literary works. At 82, Chinua Achebe is gone, gone with a mark that lives on the sand of time.
At that age, should he be mourned or celebrated? Many would call for either ways depending on how you look at it. But actually I would say celebration for he lives a life of fulfillment and had live something for us to celebrate about. Best Love and Inspirational Messages
“Life is a journey, a journey that would bring us to an end. Our end is, we should determine from the very beginning.”
Like they say, it is not how long you live that matters but how well it is. And how many lives you have impacted positively. Another is for you to fulfill the purpose to which you were created for. Life is all about fulfillment of purpose and we all are created to fulfill our God given purpose here on earth. In order to fulfill that purpose, it is our sole responsibility to discover that purpose. Sometimes, people might help us discover our purpose but it is our duty to nurture it to its fulfillment. It is paramount to note that living a life without fulfilling purpose is like living without existing.
“Everyone can live but not all exist.”
To exist means to embody the process of living in order to fulfill purpose. Sincerely, existing gives us the drive to strive with passion within us with the sole aim to fulfill our God given purpose. This we would discover through what we have passion for. What you have passion for, is what gives you the needed drive to make that a reality. Achebe got a scholarship to study Medicine, but his passion for creative writing made him change to the Art. And at a youthful age he gave us the most literally translated novel in the world from an African writer – Things Fall Apart.    
God’s given purpose for man like He said in the book of Genesis was to subdue the earth. “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis (1:27 KJV).
We were to actualize our dream on earth before our time. In all men, God has given us the potential to make our purpose a fulfillment. Now it is our sole responsibility to achieve that purpose and make it come to fulfillment. If we fail, we have not only failed our Maker but ourselves too. And when you fail, you can never be happy with all that is around you.
There is a big need to strive in all that is within us to make our dream come true. We shouldn’t live as if we have all the time in the world to achieve that which is our given purpose.
“Strive within you with all you have got to make your dream a reality.”
We should realize that the earth we are in is like a marketplace that we have only come to trade and when the night comes, we should be ready even if we are not prepared to go back home.
Every man was created for a purpose and as we live, we should endeavour to always put this at the back of our mind to live a valuable treasure that will positively affect other people's lives on the sand of time.
Great men think of what to discover and give to their yet unborn generation to benefit from and not living like they have all the time at hand. For us to fulfill purpose, we should think of using our God given talents to benefit the human race.
“It is when you fulfill a purpose that is when you would be valued.”
There is no great or little talent; we all have ours in the little measure we can accommodate. And using it to achieve greatness no matter how little we feel about it should be our uttermost desire.
“No matter how little you feel you are, never despise the gift within you.”  
Whatever you find your hand to do, do it well and be exceptional at it. It is through this, that you would be noted for and in there would your greatness arise. We should let our light so shine because at the first instant, our creation was for us to showcase our given talent which is a free gift from our Creator.
If we discover our talent and make it shine, then our reward would be a joy not only to us but to all and our Maker who admonished us in Matthew (5:16), “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.      

How the Word of God Would Teach Us His Ways and Made Our Life worth Living
Man on its own has fallen but the grace of God is what makes man to still feel the love of God. Tenderness is the love of God that it accepts any man who recognizes His grace.
“The ways of the Lord are not the ways of man. We can only be guided by His ways to make our life His likeness.”
Except we are taught by His ways, we would only walk in our own ways. Our ways are never a guaranteed route to the right paths but rather, that which seems to lead us to destruction. For us to walk in His ways, we need to come before Him with our bareness and ask with a heart full of supplication. We need to ask that our thoughts be guided in His word for out of them shall our days be made fat. The word of God is real. It is all we need to make our lives real. Daily Text Messages of Love and Romantic Love Messages for Couple
When we ask, all we get is wisdom and understanding which is what we need to teach us the ways to walk with the Lord and have a better understanding to deal with the issues of life.
“Issues of life surely come in different ways. It is for us to stand by the sure words that will teach us to have a teachable heart.”
This will enable us to meditate and keep His words within the bosom of our heart which is what will make our days a blessing for others to emulate. Learn to accept the reality of life. No matter the strength of a man, he needs the grace of His Maker to make his life worth living. If you ignore the grace of God in your life, be ready to live in disgrace. This is not rocket science; it is only the fool that says there is not God. Believe in Him and you will live in peace.
When His words teach us with a heart of humility, it will make our words to be seasoned with pleasant ointment which shall draw men unto Him. Our purpose is to draw men unto him and the only way to draw inspiration to accomplish this is to keep within us the meditation of His words. His words that come to us should be an everyday portion that teaches us His wise counsels for this we need to live a better life for all. When the word teaches us to understand the deep things of life, it will give us the mind to utter fair judgment and never to twist the right in place of wrong.
“It is when men lack the word that is when they become victims of their own doing.”
We all need to be taught of His ways if actually we want to make our way right. To make our ways right, we need the counsel embedded in His words.
“The word is our guide to daily living. It helps us to live right and we can only live right if we walk by His ways which are in the word.”
Teach us your words that it will teach us your ways. Let the guidance of the Holy Spirit dwell in us. If we have the words, we have you and when the Holy Spirit teaches us, there, we will forever be closer to you than we ever expected. The word of the Lord is light, a guiding light to our soul. Let us seek His words within our life; that we might live to glorify His name.

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