Short Love Poems for Husband, Wife and the One You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Short Love Poems for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Short Love Poems for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Best Short Love Poems for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Lots of short romantic love poems to make your day so romantic for the special person in your life. Go on and try sending these messages of love our to the one your love. Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

Here are the best short love poems for husband, wife and the one you love.  “At A Corner In My Heart”, “Valentine Love”, “Your Love In My Eye”, “You Are Marked For Success”, “Illusion”, “The Tonic To True Love”, “Love Thoughts Within My Heart”, “Alone In A Lonely World”, “My Dream, My World”, “Are You The One?”, “Dotted Agreement”, “Little Love Note”, “Feeling Of You”, “I Long For You”, “Fooling For Love”, “Words Fail My Lips”, “Time Is All We Need”.

At A Corner In My Heart

At the corner of my wardrobe
Hung your picture
Each time I look at your smiling face
It tells me that someone out there
Gives a care about me.
Thanks for the caring cares.

Nsikak Andrew
3rd May, 2006

Valentine Love

Cloud of peace,
Spread with love
Silent thoughts,
Blowing messages of love
I open my heart to wish my love
Happy Valentine!
May the joy of Val,
Keep our hearts as one.

Nsikak Andrew
14th February, 2007

Your Love In My Eye

Cast this sleep away from my eyes
Let my heart reminisce
For the love in you
Brings sunshine into my life.
Priceless treasure,
Heart that cares…
That’s what you are.

Nsikak Andrew
15th February, 2007

You Are Marked For Success

Limitlessly shall the desire
Of your heart be fulfill.
Endlessly shall divine favour locate you.
Smile you are mark for success.

Nsikak Andrew
17th March, 2017


A walk to a café,
Seated on a PC, with a face-cap,
Was an angel.
Alone in her world she was busy
Wonder what she was doing!
A turn, a pause and my heart drop
For I see an angel
Years have passed since I saw her
But the memory of her hunts me
A day, a dream, a longing for her
To set a table for two.

Nsikak Andrew
4th April, 2007

The Tonic To True Love

Tight words,
Strong feeling,
That’s the tonic our heart needs
To survive the storms for love.

I found you
And found the perfect tonic
That cures my heart for real.

Nsikak Andrew
7th May, 2007

Love Thoughts Within My Heart

You bring me joy
For in my heart,
You deposited
The heart to love.
If loving is a crime
Let me be the one
Who stole your heart
For a keep.
Oh!, How I yearn
For your loving CARES.

Nsikak Andrew
17th May, 2007

Alone In A Lonely World

Alone in a lonely night,
Thoughts of you control my imagination.

Alone in a lonely dream land,
All I see is your pretty face.

Alone in my lonely world,
I wish for your love to forever be MINE!

Nsikak Andrew
4th June, 2007

My Dream, My World

Tapped by sound that awoke me,
Sweet smile glow my lips,
Day has awoken in her shinning glory,
Wet pasture blossom in their freshness,
Happy be I, for in my dream all I saw was you.

Nsikak Andrew
8th June, 2007

Are You The One?

So lonely am I
So confused do I
Thoughts of you
Is like the river of joy
that flows.
Are you the one?
I keep asking.

Nsikak Andrew
11th July, 2007

Dotted Agreement

In totality I agreed to surrender
My undying love for you
To be guided in your arms
With the tenderness that you brings.

Nsikak Andrew
11th July, 2007

Little Love Note

I shall forever respect you
Though I might be the wrong one
Trying to win the heart of a good girl.
You make me have

A rethink over my life.
Will we really be?
Do I really deserve you?
Maybe, just maybe, maybe not…

Nsikak Andrew
2nd September, 2007

Feeling Of You

Who are you
That takes my sleep away
From out of the blue you came
Without a second thought
With lost in thoughts guessing
Is this for real?

Nsikak Andrew
11th October, 2007

I Long For You

Woman of my dream,
The joy of my heart,
Days thoughts are incomplete without you
My heart is at peace for knowing you
Long for the day I would hold you in my arms.

Nsikak Andrew
19th September, 2007

Fooling For Love

You hurt me when you play me for a fool
Even if we all play the fool
Our degree of fooling
Are a rod that chastised our being
Why did this to the man you said you love?

Nsikak Andrew
28th October, 2007

Words Fail My Lips

Words fail my lips
For I now feel like a discarded pot
At the corner of a thatched hut
I long for a deep smile but…
Tears drops my eyes
What’s a life worth?
If all that is to it
Is deceit and never
That unconditional love
Which is all it takes
To make life worth living.

Nsikak Andrew
20th December, 2007

Time Is All We Need

Time is precious
Time is to everything
Under the sun.
Time is reunion
Time is never enough
Time is our chance
To show we CARE!

Nsikak Andrew
20th December, 2007

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