Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems to My Wife - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems to My Wife

Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems to My Wife

Best Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems to My Wife

Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife. Indeed messages of love would always stand the test of time. It becomes real when it comes from the bottom of your heart. Here are Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife.

Let your wife know how much you feel about her. There is no need keeping it inside of your heart without expressing it for real.

If you feel like you lack what to say. Here are some unique happy anniversary love poems for her.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Poem. If you don’t celebrate your wife then who will? If it is the question of love, come on, sing her praise. The best way you can do this is to let her know how much she means to you. Sweet Valentine Day Love Wishes And Messages For Couples

The Stars All Sang Your Praise

I stared to the dark blue sky and smile
There the reflection of your face reign
I could see you through the dancing gray sun
How emotional, this feeling of you sprays.

My heart is comforted with hymns of a love song
This melody of yours towering like a celestial beauty
Are songs of praise I heard the wave sang in unison
How glad I am that it found me to make yours.

Love is a virtue and so is life a blessing
Indeed this blessing of you is a song to high Heavens
Songs of praise that celebrate the joy that is you
My one! My only! My love beyond comprehension.

Others may envy with pride without knowing the reason
But all I could do is smile in silent only if they knew
That the blessing of you is the same sent from above
To be a comforter, a guide and of all the love that lives forever.

My star, my one in a million, the joy that comforts my heart
How could there be you without me and me without you
Let the earth arise and the stars gathered in oneness
We shall sing to the heart whose love is so perfect.

Ours shall be a song of love found in togetherness
Celebrating the love of you that is awesome to behold
They wouldn’t be another you as long as the world still exist
You are to all a blessing and to me; you are more than a blessing.

My heart shall always live for you
My thoughts shall always sing your praise
Now let the moons also gather and the stars shine our ways
You will always be the perfect choice of love meant for me.

Nsikak Andrew

Best Happy Anniversary My Love Poem

Happy Anniversary My Love Poem. Share your joy together and make it blissful. If she is all that means a meaning to yourself, let her know how deeply you appreciate the love of her. The vow shouldn’t be broken. Keep this poem for her. Best Valentine’s Day Romantic Love Messages For Husband And Wife

Never Will There Be Another You

Let me be true to you
And to this love of ours that we share
If there is to be another me
Then for sure there will never be another you.

My heart is made up to be with you
To live for you no matter what they say
I know this love we feel is eternal
This I will live for no matter the weather.

Come close let me kiss you
This kissed from me is more than sensual
It is so deep that you might not understand
But be assured that it is a promise kept.

When I said I love you
I meant it from the bottom of my heart
These words to me is reassurance
That you will always be the one I love.

Never felt these are what you have heard
As fingers are difference, so are human
I am here to stay and live for us
If you still doubt; then know I am for real.

You have touched my heart with love so hard to resist
For you I want to be the very best forever
One who love you without holding back any restriction
Just for you I want to experience this joy of eternity.

Though others have tried in the past
There I found myself living in illusion
I knew something was just not working
But since the day I found you, there I found all.

Even though I am not good at comparing
But if I still have one other thing to say
You will always be my one and only
The very true love I will always call my own.

Nsikak Andrew

Best Happy Anniversary Poem To My Wife

Happy Anniversary Poem To My Wife. If she is your all in one, then she deserves all the special moments of joy from the depth of your heart. Make it funny but be very realistic. Share this anniversary poem with her and let her know that she is the real special one. Love Messages For Husband, Wife And The One You Love

My Life, My Joy, My Dear One

Journeying of two heart that begins as one
Ode to the love that lives forever
I have search with burden of pains
But right when I was to give up
There I found a perfect choice that is you.

Now come to think of it
Where were you when life for me was a bitter pill?
With every sweat it was like an inch away in delusion
Thank God I didn’t give up so easily
If I had, then there would be no story to tell.

My life was a mess with every drop of bitterness
I thought rescue for me was never a possibility
In my shame I cover myself with hatred
Thinking and waiting for the worst to happen
But at the brink of loss, an angel appeared.

My joy, my happiness, my hope,
Treasure that is beyond my desire
How in splendid awesomeness you crossed my mind
And now the story of a life is all worth telling
I am a better me for I found in you the love that cares.

You are the love I treasured
For your kind is a rare breed to find
You are a gift to me and our generation
Never will there be another you
My life, my joy, my dear one.

Nsikak Andrew

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