Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Best Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Love Messages For Husband, Wife And The One You Love

Passion creates love. And when it comes from the heart of someone you love, it makes it easier to express love. Dear beloved husband and the amazingly wonderful wife, take a look at these messages, it sincerely would help make your love grow.

You Are My Lover, My Soulmate

Love they say knows no age, boundary nor barrier. That love is your kind and I am so glad that it found me worthy to be yours.

If love is not blind, then how could we see? For love to be real, it needs to be blind. I’m blind to any negative thing that would diminish my love for you.

I decided to count the stars and your love for me but after some minutes, I lost count. It was then I knew that your love for me is like the stars that are uncountable.

If money was to buy love, I would have sold all I have and still do not have enough to buy yours. But since life is a free gift of nature, I’m grateful that it found me to give yours.

To love you brings me happiness. I would never trade that for any silver or gold but would rather trade it for you my one and only whose live gives me happiness.

I look into your eyes, I found love. I look into your heart, I found love. I look into you I found me and the love you have for me.

The magic in your eyes and the love of you, I found no word to explain them. All I could say is that it tells a story of your love that will never fade no matter the time and season.

Let a million souls gather and still within the crowd, I will find you. You’re like an unhidden treasure that none else could find except me that was meant for you.

My eyes could only see but my heart shall forever behold your love. For there it shall be as long as I live to breathe another day.

Even if all the soul on earth glances through, they will be blind to see the priceless worth of your love. Your love is priceless and to it, I shall live for the rest of my life.

You Are My True Romantic Love

The day I saw you, I knew I had found my soulmate. Ever since that single encounter have changed my life for good. Now, I live each day dreaming of none else but you.

Your love is so tenderly, so lovely and so accommodating. It’s the best among equals. Nothing anyone would say. I have found the true meaning of love and that meaning is your love for me.

True love they say is in the beauty of the heart not the outward appearance. Thank God I never judge from the outward, then I would have been blind to all the qualities that have made me long for you like never before.

They say true love thinks of another and denied itself some comfort. Now I know why your love is so adorable. It thinks of me and some will I ever do for you.

Your love gives me the reason to smile from the depth of my heart. If there is one thing I will rather live for, it’s your undying love that has made me what I am today.

Your present spring’s surprises and your smile could melt a king’s heart. I look forward to your present and smile. Sincerely, I had found the tonic to live and love you forever.

Your love pleases and wants to see the best in others. It’s the best any soul could dream of. Thank God, it came my way. Forever, I will live to cherish it as long as I breathe.

Your love over looks my weaknesses and took me as I am. I’m so blessed that I found you who cares for me. I would ever be there to give you the same back in return.

If a book was to be judged by its cover, then, one would have failed to realize that within, a different story is told. Thank God I never did. If I had, then I would be living in regret of not knowing the true meaning of love that I had found in you.

You blew and left a sweet memory in my soul. Now all I want is that memory of you that I will live and behold it till the end of time.

I Appreciate The Love We Share

Pretty love, you came with this perfection that none alive would fault. Heaven must have rested the day it created you. For you’re prettier than the prettiest.

When I close my eyes all I see is your beauty and when I opened my eyes, all I see is your beauty. You’re more than the most beautiful thing that has ever walked through the surface of the earth.

Let me testify of your love that I will live to sing her praise. Your love had blessed me with all her beauty and now, all I live for is you, your love and nothing else.

To you I make this vow that I will live and love you to the end. I shall forever keep my vow because your love has given me the heart to live and love you till the end.

The wing of your love has covered my shame and nakedness away. How I walk with such a joy in my heart that I have a love that has given all that I wanted.

There upon the sky, open your eyes and look around for there you will see it written among the sky “I love you, I love you, I really do”.

Every second, every minute, every hour and every day. My life is incomplete without you. You make my day worth living for.

The Lord saw my low state and brought me you. Now I can live the rest of my days with deep joy in my heart knowing that out of my low esteem, I have found the heart made for me.

Her love is like a river of joy. It flows with kindness and resurrected my soul with the love to live and love you forever.

Every day, I’m lifted by your love. Your care has destroyed the very doubt in me. You have given to me which is hard to resist and that is your tender loving care.

Heart Touching Is Your Love

In the arm of your love do I find comfort. You opened your arm and welcome me with an open hand. There I have found rest to my worried mind and there shall I stay forever.

I search through my mind and found peace flowing like the river of joy. It’s the love of you that gives me this peace with the joy that has made me whole.

Spark my heart with the beauty of your love. Let her shining glory draw me to your apron. Make me live in want of you that I might glorify myself for your love that gives me peace.

Your love is like the aura of alabaster oil. Her fragrance exhausts my soul and makes me long for you like eternity.

You came and turned my thoughts around. You make me see reality away from my reasoning. Now you make me see hidden possibilities that are nuggets for success. You are a rare gem.

My thoughts are not lost to you. For in every ticking of the clock, the thought of you flows like a river of joy and your smile is like the tonic that could melt a king’s heart.

I look toward the great river Niger Bridge and all that is on my mind is your love. I love you more than words can explain. Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life.

I lost one of my ribs and never knew I would find it but when I least expected it, I found it in you. You have become my lost rib and you will I cleave unto forever.

Every moment of the day, you bring me joy so hard to explain. Imagine how life would be without the tender touch of your love. Sincerely am so bless all because of you.

Through this moment of trails, I found your love to draw strength from. Who could love me the way you do. I know of none else but you. Thanks a million for loving me.

You Are My Beloved True Love

I am not blind to your tender love and care. If there is one thing I would rather live for is to love you till the end. Your love has given me strength to live for.

The story of my life will never be complete without a mention of your love, care and understanding. Each chapter will ever tell the story of your love that has made me be the best.

Sometimes I smile and sometimes I dance in close door. The reason I smile and dance is you. You give me a reason to smile and dance each time I realize that all I have is you.

I looked into the sky and all I see is your pretty smile. I’m so amazed how your smile could melt my heart. You are a perfect smile that makes my world go round.

In this season of love, let love from the bottom of my heart feels your life with rewarding grace to live and love with all the joy that comes with it power.

Missing you is one word I can’t explain. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you and each time I miss you this way, I know how my heart feels. I wish I can explain it. I miss you.

For your patience, understanding and love, you are more than a million stars to me.

The story of my life will never be complete without a mention of your love, care and understanding. Each chapter will tell the story of hope you make me even when I have lost hope of ever loving again.

Joy of my heart, keeper of my dream, incomparable creation, one made for me. I behold your beauty and long to live forever. You have given me all and now all I do is live for you.

I love you more than the stars in the sky. If you can count the stars, then you can count my love for you. If you can’t then know that I will always love you till the very end.

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