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Health, Beauty and Fitness Tips for WhatsApp Groups

 Health, Beauty and Fitness Tips to Share on WhatsApp Groups

Do you run a whatsapp group for healthy living. You can connect with the members of the group by sharing daily healthy tips they can follow to keep their spirit, body and soul healthy.

As members, it is of essence to look after your health. When you have an healthy body, you can go all out to achieve your set goals in life.

These health tips would go a long way to educate members of your whatsapp or facebook groups on the essence of having a healthy lifestyle.

Health Tips for Whatsapp Group Links
Here are some of the best health tips for you to share with members of your whatsapp group. You can also whatsapp these tips to your friends and loved ones.

14 body parts you often damage but ignore

[1]. Stomach.
[2]. Heart.
[3]. Kidney.
[4]. Gallbladder.
[5]. Small intestines.
[6]. Large intestines.
[7]. Lungs.
[8]. Liver.
[9]. Pancreas.
[10]. Eyes.
[11]. Brain.
[12]. Skin.
[13]. Vagina.
[14]. Testis.

[1]. You damage your STOMACH when you abuse aspirin and over-the-counter pain and fever medicines.
[2]. You damage your HEART when you eat too much salt and bad cholesterol.
[3]. You damage your KIDNEYS when you don't drink up to 10 glasses of water or 3L in a day.
[4]. You damage your GALLBLADDER when you don't sleep until 11 o'clock and don't wake up to the sunrise.
[5]. You damage your SMALL INTESTINE when you eat cold and stale food.
[6]. You damage your LARGE INTESTINE when you eat mainly fried and spicy food.
[7]. You damage your LUNGS when you inhale smoke, cigars, shisha, weed, polluted fumes and bidi.
[8]. You damage your LIVER when you eat stale nuts like groundnut, fried food, junk foods and drink heavy alcohol.
[9]. You damage your PANCREAS when you eat plenty of sweets and candies.
[10]. You damage your EYES when you sit in front of your computer or mobile phone screen with glares for hours every day, especially in the dark.
[11]. You damage your BRAIN (psychologically) when you dwell on negative thoughts predominantly.
[12]. You damage your SKIN when you bleach or fail to keep it clean and moisturized.
[13]. You damage your VAGINA when you douche or insert unsterile materials into it for pleasure.
[14]. You damage your TESTIS when you expose it to heat, causing low sperm production and infertility.
[15]. You damage your penis when  you don't have enough sex.

Take care of your body parts like you know you need them to live and function well. Body parts are not easily available. Those available are very expensive and probably can't be adjusted to fit into your system.

Keep your body parts healthy.

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