Long Paragraphs for Him or Her Copy and Paste - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Long Paragraphs for Him or Her Copy and Paste

Long Paragraphs for Him or Her Copy and Paste

Best Long Paragraphs for Him or Her Copy and Paste

Looking out for; what do you say in a long paragraph with your special one, how do I write a long paragraph for her or him, how do you write a cute paragraph to your sweetheart or how much you mean to me paragraph for her or him? Then these heart melting paragraphs for him, long paragraphs for him copy and paste, long paragraphs for him copy and paste to make him cry, long paragraphs for him to make him smile, appreciation paragraph for my sweetheart, long paragraphs for her copy and paste, long paragraphs to copy and paste and cute paragraphs for him to wake up to copy and paste are some of the best words of sweet love you can send across to the one you love.

Sweet Long Paragraph For Him Or Her Copy And Paste Love Messages

There will always be a time that the one you love is not around. Those lonely moments when you felt the thoughts of their presence around you. Keeping up with that time, you realized how terrible it sounds missing someone so dear to your heart. The aura of that love is something that the heart finds so hard to describe. Here in thought, even if you are hurt by the feeling of missing the one you love, there you still feel the thoughtful moment of love that would make you wait for his or her return. It takes the dawn of a new day to sincerely come to terms with it that you can’t just do without the one you love. If you have ever felt this awesome moments of missing the one you love, this collection of lovely poetic messages of love is what you need to make their heart merry while waiting for their return.

[1]. Strange emotions of your love stealing through my veins. Yearn crib of your passion boiling through my blood. A want of you driving me insane. Nothing I want now, but you around my flesh.

[2]. Out of the blue, you slipped into my heart and captured my soul. Many a silent night, I had gaze into the stars imagining the image of you and what you possess. Now, I know that all I need is this strange love of yours that weakens me to your knees.

[3]. Can I behold your beauty again so my heart could live in want of you? You came like a miracle and took my heart away but when I thought I have you, you fade into my emotion and all I want is to see you again so I could live for you.

[4]. I sensed your beguilement but I couldn’t phantom what direction it came. Hidden for the time it was, but all I could do was smell it sweet savour. You held me spellbound and when you dropped your affection I was all a happier person. For right from the first day, I had knew, that this was all I wanted, your love.

[5]. Within the planet of my heart, you make a new horizon loomed. That horizon is your love that emanates like the dawn of a new day. It shone her glory in me and made me long to be enclose in your care.

[6]. Each time I look at you, the fire of passion kindled within the very marrow of my bone. This feeling is one that controls my imagination… it makes me go wild and only the sight of your love can take me to rest. Let that love come, let it take control over me, that I might be in your arms like a child that longs for a gentle sleep.

[7]. This is the secret of you that I habour within. That I will uphold your love and make it become the light that shines through my heart. That it will be the only thing I cherish till my days on earth are over.

[8]. I seek to resist you but when I found pleasure in your arm, I dreaded not neither what I have seen nor what has befallen me. In your arm I found a rest pillow that any soul who liveth can’t resist.

[9]. Off guard, the intoxicating aura of your presence drops my guard to the bottom. What an aura of air, your beauty radiates. It is a source of inspiration and undying treasure, that I shall ever long to have as my only console.

[10]. Sweet is your beauty; striking is your eyes, mesmerizing is your height and your creamy skin, a work of art to die for.

[11]. Play your harp in the throne of my heart; let her song be a tune to cupid that I shall ever be in praise of your love that gives me the strength to breathe again.

[12]. Sing me a love song but let it be the one made for me. Let your song send me to my sweetest dream. The dream of your love. That is all I want, that perfect dream of you that makes my heart beat 24/7.

[13]. You're my last love. For the things you have done to me, none else could ever do them. You have shown me the last and never will there be a need to seek another last but your love.

[14]. For the sake of love, I crave for you, that I might be loved by you till the end of time. Take my hand, hold me in embrace and love me with all that you have; that I might live and thank the Good Heaven for sending you my way.

[15]. Thought of you ran in my heart and pronounced to my soul, the words that defile my thinking. These words are words of love, covered in the secret of my emotion. It says love her, keep her and cherish her. These I will do to you. To keep the promise of my heart forever.

[16]. Entangled and smoked the wave of a dark cloud. Piecing like the bow of an arrow. That is the fierce strive that your love had taken to penetrate my heart. Now, I had no cover, for the wound that flooded my soul is the fierce joy that your love brings.

[17]. Gripped by your love, where could I turn to? Like a fish, hooked to your hook, I could only spring left and right but with no escape route. Since I am hooked to you, and the pleasure I found brings me peace of mind, let me rest in your love that I would be yours all through the time.

[18]. Let the rain fall and thunder strikes. Let the sea raw and the ocean overflow her boundaries. Even if the earth would end in this very minute. My promise to love you. Nothing of a kind can damp my heart from it except one thing. If I die today, One wish I would ever have is to see you before I close my eyes.

[19]. I thought love wasn’t jealous till I loved you and became jealous of you. If love is that jealousy, then I have found jealousy in loving you. If neither right nor wrong, my love for you will always be the same.

[20]. Let the blood that boiled from my soul be the replicate of love of yours that I yearn for. Let this fire that consumes my soul, be that of your love that I craved for. Let love of you, that I feel be the one I wanted now and ever.

[21]. Your love makes me want you now and ever. Your love makes me live for you now and ever. Your love makes me go a day in thought of you forever.

[22]. To you, I want to live with you alone. To you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. To you, I want to love and cherish till the end of time.

[23]. I seek not for others to possess you but that I might wrest you away from their grip. For the love of you I shall ever live to do this. For the attention you bring and the love you bear, that I will live to protect ever since I found love in you.

[24]. Your love is worth fighting for; her adoring prowess is worth dying for. If this is something to die for, I would rather choose your love. For her, I am dying for.

[25]. From the depth of passion, my love cries for your reign. Let you hold me that I might breathe in victory for the love that you have given to me. I had found your love and I held it, the sweetness of it, had given me the desire to want you all my life.

[26]. Let the sunshine on our love. And the star twinkles too on it. Let each rejoice, just like we do. For love had found our wings worthy to fly upon. Let it fly and take us to her abiding place, that this love of hers given to us will be a thing of joy to our soul.

[27]. Hopelessly have I fallen in love with you and all I need is that you love me in return. If you keep your love away from me, I shall be like a flower planted in a desert but if you love me, I shall be like a tree planted by the river side.

[28]. Love me that I will glow for you. Hold me that I will live for you. Take me that I will die for you.

[29]. To my heart, your love created a wound with the desire that stirred. I have never felt this way till you came and eloped with my heart. Now, anytime I think of you, my heart skip and dread surrendering to your love.

[30]. To the soul of your heart, had I made my love a path of height to guide your thoughts. Let it be a shining light that brings all the good fortune you seek. Let it bless your days and shame your enemies that you will know that my love of you is the charm that brings you good luck.

Cute Long Paragraph Lovely Messages Of Love

Funny how it sounds, those poetic romantic words that make the heart feel so special. Many would send out gifts during the Christmas festive period but I bet you, the best gift is having the one who shares your world. If you have gotten that amazing person, you need to bless the day you found such. Time for a lovely love life, a little love quote wouldn’t do any harm if it is straight from the heart. Appreciation time, just share your thank you messages of love with these sweet romantic poetic messages to let the one you love know that you truly care. 

[31]. Your love enriches my life with the many potent blessings that it bears. I had found comfort in your love and for the rest of my life, this love of yours I would ever want to live for.

[32]. What is love without you? What is life without you? If you weren’t here for me, there would have been nothing to live for. You make me live and for you, I will live for.

[33]. With love, all my heart yearns for you. Here I am seeking to be your one and only. This is what my heart felt that it shall love you just the way you have given your love to me.

[34]. Doubtless is my love for you. Erase that doubt out of your soul, for if you can see through my heart, you will realize that all I ever wanted in totality is the passion that your love burns.

[35]. I stand here with pride in my face and announce to the North, East, South and West that I have found my treasure. That treasure is you, one who had loved me without a fault.

[36]. Like an alluring glance, your love entered my subconscious. Now every dream I have, and every breath I take is the imagination of all that you have done for me. There is love, affection and care. This is what I live for as I love you to the end.

[37]. To your love will my heart return. There it shall stay and build her rest that every taste of pleasure diluted in passion will be our emotional embrace as we celebrate our love with tenderness of cares.

[38]. A sane soul can’t resist the lure of your love. Every touch of your breath is like the wild wave of a turbulent sea. The wave of breeziness it rolls is one fierce comfort that the heart seeks to tame. I had found your fierce set of love, her pain had given me joy and to her emporium I bashed as long as I live.

[39]. For your love, I am now a better person. The dream I have, I see their realities coming like the dawn of a new day. I am glad I found you, for all the life I wanted to live, your love had brought me to them. Your love is my life.

[40]. You spread your net and I found myself captured in your trap. What capture? Is it your net or the nature you spread the net?  Something I see that trapped me in – that look of you and the love it frees. I was trapped into you that I would discover what makes your net thick.

[41]. I heard the phrase, “head over heels in love”. I couldn’t envisage her true colour till I fell for you. Now, I have fallen head over heels in love with you.

[42]. That stunning looks, that captivating smile, there is the fascination that knocks me off. Your look is a blessing, your smile is a blessing and your love is eternal.

[43]. I shall not be taken in by your fierce attitude. But puncture it with kind words of love. I shall not be doubted by all that is to your aggression. For to win love, you must adopt a meek heart. So in the meekness of heart, will I follow all of your words that I might win the desire of my heart that is your love.

[44]. You took my breath away. And make me seek adventure in the gaze of your breath. Like a goddess, you make me seek to worship your beauty. One born with pleasure that seeks for the hand to treasure. Let me be your hero that I will give to you that which money can’t buy.

[45]. How could I let you belong to another? How could love so blind me that I know not of your inner strength but bashed at your outer look? Now that I see love through your inner self. I can’t deceive myself that all I want is you.

[46]. To you I will be all you want me to be. To you I will live for as long as I breathe. To you I will be your one and only. All these I will do for love. Take my hand and love me, that my vow for your love will ever be doted in lines.

[47].  Your love is like a flourishing city that creates her wealth. Benear the bottom of your heart, the hidden treasure of your love is found. It takes patience to dick her bountiful blessing. In patience I will dick that I will unveil this love of yours that is pure.
[48]. The venom of desire consumes me wildly, that I know not of when I surrender my ego to the throne of your love. Let it be that I took the step even if guided by your hand, I still glad that I did that, so I could discover the colour hidden inside your love.

[49]. Pleasure in pain, my heart roared to possess you. Even though you consume the imagination of me, I shall be comforted that all I went through was to taste the very turbulent water that love passes.

[50]. My lips dry with thirst that seeks to be wet by the water of your love. Let me drink from the cup of your heart that I might thirst for nothing but that which is the scarce treasure of your love that I seek for.

[51]. How could love always behave in a manner that brings surprises. Who will ever think that I could find love with just a stole of glances? Love had gotten me with her hook – that love is yours. Hook line and sinker have I fallen for you.

[52]. Seize me in your arms, hold me in your breath and let me feel all that is to your strength. Make me a hero in your arms, that I might sing your praise in love.

[53]. The ripening of your love, longs to be savoured, I held no breath again as I gaze into your pretty face. There my heart drops. What beauty you’re and what figure you carry? You’re a piece, my heart yearns for.

[54]. Lead me not astray in the arm of your love but let me find favour in the grace of your embrace. Make me a better person. For the hearts that love bears, I am so innocent. Lead me to this throne I dream of that I might bless the rest of my days for knowing you.

[55]. Let suspense not be my birth or my breath. Let me not shade secret tears or weep opening in want of that which I can’t express. If what I taste is the true meaning of love, then your suspense has created a love portion in my soul.

[56]. The rest of the world fades away when I am in your arms. The world means nothing to me as long as I feel the warmth of your tender kisses. Let the earth burn, all I care is the love I found in you.

[57]. Let your love take a place in my heart. And her power subdues everything that seeks to hold me back. Let your love make a hole in my heart, that all I need to see through you, is that same spot.

[58]. I thought love was a forbidden fruit till I taste the passion of you and almost drown in the pleasure that your tenderness brings. Now that I have gotten my fixed, my days are a treasure when I sight your presence.

[59]. I burned to see you and feel the aura of your love. I long with a blue eye within my socket to feel the gaze that my breath has become. I thrill for the sake that your love will hold me to calm like a cold wave in the night.

[60]. Surprise sparks her content in the image of your love. Why can’t I find a finger or clue to predict your love? You excite me with surprises, create suspense in my soul and with the awe of pleasure you set my marrow to burn. If love resides in suspense, then you have got a hold on me.

Long Paragraphs Words Of Love Messages For Her

Love is truly a very romantic and deep feeling. It is something that would make you do strange things just to show that you care. If you are in love with that special person in your life, this Words Of Poetic Love Messages For Her comes with its poetic love messages that would melt the heart of the one you love and make her long to stay with you forever. Go ahead and share these love words of poetic messages with her. She deserves all the attention.  

[61]. You make my head spin with fierce excitement. You make me burn with desire. All for love, you make me count my breath till the dawn of a new day.

[62]. How pleasant was the night you took me in your arms. How fulfilling the morning that I awoke in your arms. And how blessed is the day that your smile held me spellbound. Then how tendered it is to remember all the love you have shown to me.

[63]. How could I fall hopelessly in love, how could I let down my guard? How could I, but, what could I have done, when the feeling of you had destroyed every doubt in me and set me to your throne that I would be yours as you please.

[64]. I lose my will to the sweet alluring words that your love proface. I comforted my soul in the words that you spoke. Each of your words is like honey to my soul. It blesses me, it loves me and I could do nothing but love you back in return.

[65]. Gathering of rain that drops her cold in the throne of my heart. How would I overcome her fierce battle that makes my heart shiver? Cry not, I heard my soul said, for the love that is hers shall comfort you with the warmth of her cares that has the grace to tame your coldness.

[66]. I caught a glimpse of your beauty and my soul adores your kindness depicted in the colour of your aura. You’re graciously a light that could sparkle my soul. You won me over immediately and for love, I can’t resist wanting you for life.
[67]. Your love makes me go weak on the knees. It gives me a heart that beats for you. It makes me succumb to you like a honey would taste in the heart of a merry maker.

[68]. Like a lit candle, I await the appearance of your love. Let that light, brighten the hidden beauty in you and bring to heart the love that you harbour. For love, I shall be your shining light that warms your heart with pleasant pleases.

[69]. Like a mirror, the very image of you reflexes in my heart. There you held me down and thrilled me with desire. And all I could do is adore the simplicity that is this essence of your love.

[70]. I shall live in want of you. I shall die still in want of you. Nothing makes me compete like your love that is so bold and daring. I love this love, it is all I need. Love me till I love no more.

[71]. I can think of nothing but you, I can dream of nothing but you. I can’t be for anyone but you. For you, I shall be your all in all. For love had found me in you.

[72]. More of you I want that I will live. Every bit of you I desire that I might be alive to worship your elegant. You’re and will ever be the object of desire that I ever will possess.

[73]. Touch by your words and life maketh a meaning. How innocent are your words, that my heart is craved to your love without any ponder. You take a part of me away. Those words of yours are the reason I breathe again.

[74]. Let me be flattered by your words. And let the pride of my ego, dissolved like a melting iron. Let me live and worship your alluring words that have captured my soul with all the sweetness that is your love.

[75]. Like the cloud, your love shone in many colours. It wowed me with pleasure that I began to ponder in thought what colour this is. I feel love when I look into the cloud. And I feel you when my heart thinks of love.

[76]. My heart sang a chorus of love. To you, my heart sang her song. Love that is what it sang. You make me love; you make me right and to you my song of love will ever be.

[77]. I have never loved anyone as I love you. I have never melted for anyone the way I do for you. I have never heard my heart beat with shivered coldness the way it does for your love.

[78]. My heart is right beside you. Just like my love is all around you. You give me the reason to love. And for you, I will love the rest of my life.

[79]. The sight of you, took my breath away. And the feeling of your love, weakens me with pleasure. To your love, have I found my admiration that I would stay with you and love you unconditionally.

[80]. To the alluring fantasy of your love I took a sip. Let me drink from the sweetness of your care that had opened my heart like the birth of a rose flower. Your love has given me life and renewed my spirit to love none else but you.

[81]. Your love has made me young at heart. It makes me look like a sweet sixteen on her first kiss. It had lightened my heart and makes me complete with this youthfulness that craves for you.

[82]. The glow of fire that lights out of your love, lights my heart with pleasurable imagination of you. You came my way with love and changed everything about me. Now the light of your love keeps me anew.

[83]. I would never let it die, but let the world know that once upon my life, the love of you came my way and turned my world around. You make me a better person and erase all my sorrows away with the love you give.

[84]. I can’t imagine people walking through this earth without falling in love. How did they feel? The best that could happen to anyone is to fall in love. Thank God you made me experience this bliss. To you I will always be grateful to for the love you shown to me.

[85]. Love would come, but never will your kind. Yours is faultless and perfect. Yours make my world go round. Yours is it that makes me complete. And your s only, I could die for. Love you with every breath that I take.

[86]. Like a vibrant colour, your love stood out from the crowd. Anyone who looks would notice it. Thank God I looked beyond and found your amazing aura. Now, I am so happy that I found you before another could steal you away from me.

[87]. Your love is like a star. It is neither dim nor aged. It shone and erased every darkness. I am fascinated by your love for it has brightened my day and give me a new hope and life.

[88]. Your love is like a glittering object that shines beyond our comprehension. It shore my way and took all of my pain away. Now, I can live and proclaim your reign as long as you live and love me.

[89]. Light of my heart, keeper of my soul. Your love glittered around me like gold. And for that, I feel fulfilled. You love me and make me one, for that, I am all yours.

[90]. Hear to the throne of my heart, there within my soul, you make me live for you. I shall let none have my crown for you it shall rightfully belong to. For love I will do this, just because you love me.

[91]. That look in your eyes that looks so enticing with love that her fire burns within my marrow. I am alive because the touch of it sets me free. And your love is that enticing fire that I can’t do without.

[92]. Love that makes my heart pound anytime it thinks of you. Love that makes my knee bend anytime you embrace me. I am allure to this love of yours and I seek my victory in her that I would be yours as long as you make me real.

[93]. Let not my heart be restless, but find pleasure in your presence. Let not your absence cause me sleepless nights but a heart that yearns for your love. Let me be there for you as one whose soul, your love has touch with her magical whims.

[94]. My love for you is more dear than life. My heart for you is more precious than gold. My longing for you is more real than death. I could live and die for you only if you shall give me the whole of your love in return.

[95]. How could your love lay siege to my heart? How could it be the only breath that I take? How could I live and the reason for it is you? How could I love you this way and yet I lack a word to say.

[96]. I seek not to be locked in self-pity but to be aglow in the throne of your love. I shall let my ego be dissolved in the arm of your contagious touch. And my love shore in the brightness of your face that I would find favour to be that whom you love without reserve.

[97]. I let my guard down for the sake of your love. I let my ego destroy her pride; all that I will be yours. I see life now, from the eye of your love. I strive to be perfect because the value of your love has made see that there is nothing to life.

[98]. Deeply in love have I fallen for you. Thoughts to retrieve myself make no meaning to me. I found in you all that I ever needed, the sincere and true love I have ever long for.

[99]. To your love my feet got swept off. And the tenderness that it relishes feels in my everyday thoughts like the smell of a rose flower. Nothing can do me well than the love you showed to me. I’m a new being all because you care.

[100]. Among a million stars I saw, yours was the outstanding. Among the million crowds I saw, yours was the difference. Wherever you’re, you standout. And that makes me love you differently.

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