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Nigerian Pidgin Love SMS For The One You Love From Day One

These Nigerian pidgin love SMS for the one you love from day one are funny Nigerian love messages and hilarious nicknames for the one you love.

 Best Nigerian Pidgin Love SMS For The One You Love From Day One

We have here one of the best collections of Naija romantic pidgin english love Messages for him and her that you can send across to the one wey dey give you happiness. These we messages are the sweetest pidgin love story wey you fit give your personal person to let him and her know say na them be the number one person wey you dey think of every moment of the day.

Best Nigerian Pidgin Love SMS For The One You Love From Day One

Love assurance na better thing wey go give your person that sense of belonging. If you dey cherish your true love, make you come send this Naija Assurance Love SMS For The One You Love. Love dey for air, these Naija Beautiful Pidgin SMS For My Angel go make you person smile for you always.

[1]. My love I know say you want me because na you alone be the one I ever wanted. I dey look through your eyes and there I see the desire. Make I no lie, I want you like never before. And me know say you want me like I want you. My assurance be say, na you I go ever want till forever.

[2]. My baby, this love wey I get for you strong pass Olomo rock. Make you no make my liver start to fail me with this your small-small shakara ways o. For this our matter of love, you know say na you dey give me ginger. See as your love dey make me smile like say I win jackpot.

[3]. If you think say I lie wey I tell you say na you alone be my number one, make water carry me dey go. You no need think am, na you be the true love for me and my promise be say, this our love go dey here till the end.

[4]. You dey around or you no dey around, my love for you still be the same. Even if I dey miss you when you no dey around, my happiness be say I found the one wey dey give me joy. Na you be the person wey dey make love sweet me for belly. My better love, na you be me correct love.

[5]. When I dey search for love, my prayer be say make I find the person wey go understand me very well. Thank God I found you and come see as my heart dey jolly for the love wey you dey give me. You be better person and your love na I want make e be by my side everyday.

[6]. I dey give you this assurance say na you be my only true love. My wish be say we go live together in peace and harmony. I want make you know say my love for you na real. I dey love you die, you wey your way dey give me joy and peace of mind.

[7]. My hand dey my chest. I tell you say you be all that gives me joy. I still talk am if there is anything wey dey give me peace of mind, na the love wey you give me. I happy say na you be my true love. My prayer be say this our love go last forever.

[8]. Na me dey lucky pass to come get better sweetheart like you. You dey understand me well-well. See how our love dey flow go. For me the honour be say na you be the best person for this whole world wey I love like tomorrow no day.

[9]. You no only be the person that I love, you be my true friend. This our love na the thing wey I blessed the day I found you. For all the love we share, make better blessings rain upon you today and always.

[10]. I dey love you so much. You be my true role model. And this love wey I get for you na lifetime insurance. I dey here for you and you alone I want make e be my love. I pray we go live and grow old together.   

Pidgin English Love SMS Wishes And Quotes For Your Day One Love

If you want wish your yori-yori wey you dey miss better love wishes, you fit take this Pidgin English Love SMS Wishes And Quotes For Love take quote some better sweet for something love message wey go make am dey feel you for mind. Love is unique and if there is one thing that makes the heart merry, that na the love wey your person dey feel for you. Make you no dey shy, share this funny sweet naija love message for the person wey you love.

[11]. Nothing go take your love away from me. As long as I dey see another day, na your love I go follow till the end.

[12]. Who fit take your love away from me. Abi na sickness or wetin people talk? I don decide for you and na so e go be forever.

[13]. Make them talk, make them say. That na their own palava. For me, na you be the one, my all and only one.

[14]. I not fit believe say na you be the song wey I dey sing. Na now I believe Bob Marley song – is this love, is this love that am feeling.

[15]. How I for take believe say na you go be my everyday dream. Now wey you be the one, I bless the day I found you.

[16]. Small time wey I no see you, na so I dey miss you badly. Abbey, show face quick before loneliness kill me.

[17]. You be like angel wey dem send to brighten my day. Just to see you talk and smile, that na wetin dey bring joy and happiness to my soul.

[18]. My world, I want make you know say na you be my true love, my blessed angel, true friend and the person I dey die for.

[19]. Ever since I find you, you don turn my sorrow into joy, shame into laughter, weakness into strength. For your love, you will ever be my number one no matter what.

[20]. Wetin for make me resist your love wey dey too pure. Your love don bless my soul and wetin I fit do, na to love you like you have done to me.

[21]. Na you be the very best wey them make for me. Our love go be like union make in heaven. Make you no fear, na you be my final bus-stop.

Naija Beautiful Pidgin SMS For My Angel From Day One

Naija sabi the thing. This we country na better place for happy people. My correct country man, if you don find that better somebodi wey dey give you joy, this Beautiful Naija Pidgin SMS For My Angel na the messages wey you need to dey take woo your personal person for better loving.

[22]. If I dream, na you alone I dey see. If I waka, na you alone I see for crowd. Now everything I do, na you alone I dey see.

[23]. Your love don hook me and no where I fit run to again. You don give me joy and peace of mind. Now all I want, na to stay with you forever.

[24]. Your appearance dey make me shiver. Your beauty dey  make me want kolo. Now I no fit stay one day without thinking of you.

[25]. To the throne of your love I don fall for. Make your love guide me and give me the strength to love you forever.

[26]. I never believe say I go love someone till me find you. Now I dey grateful for your love. My dear, you go ever be my endless love.

[27]. You bring sunshine into my life. Now my life don get better. If no be your love, na so I for be like person wey the world don forget.

[28]. For a million time, if them say make I choose who I go love, I no go waste time to choose you.  Na you be the person wey give my life the meaning to love again.

[29]. Like early morning breeze, na so you blow my heart away. Now every time I think of you, words for my mouth no fit explain how I feel about you.

[30]. Your love be like cool breeze to my heart. Na so him dey calm me and make me long for you. You be the better breeze wey dey give me comfort.

[31]. You be like art work wey no body fit paint. If I try to paint your beauty, words go fail me. Truly, truly, Baba God be think of me when Him create you for me.

Funny Naija Text Messages For Your Personal Person

I decided to go scoop for trouble online and guess where my wahala carry me go. Nairaland! That site be like market place. Truly, that na one place wey you go fit go online go laugh away you sorrow and still dey normal. Infact make I kukuma talk am finish. Nairalanders don kolo. Them don crazy finish. The matter remain make them remove cloth for body enter market. Abeg na joke I dey joke o before them come for me o.

Sincerely you guys at Nairaland are the very best. You dey give us joy full ground. If you want to go have a good laugh and forget your sorrow is Nairaland forum post and comments. Their treats na second to none. That na bottom pot, if you sabi how good food dey taste for belly.

Seriously, this Funny Text Messages You Can Send To Your Loved Ones wey I scoop from Nairaland go make your person come back for more. Abeg my better people make you see am here.

[32]. Everyone, except me, wants to become a millionaire. I want to become a billionaire.

[33]. I'm so sorry for not telling you this before. You ought to know how smart, cute, witty, sweet, charming, alluring and wonderful you are!... I didn't know I've influenced you that much!

[34]. Others say life is unfair. Well, it's true. Others are jealous of you. And they really should be. Wanna know why? Hmmm… coz you have a cute text mate like me.

[35]. Newsflash: Police are looking for a suspect who's smart, sexy, witty and very gorgeous. They've already eliminated you from the list of suspects. Where do you think I should hide?

[36]. If I were to make a dictionary: CUTE=you; SWEET=you; THOUGHTFUL=you; GOOD LOOKING=you; GORGEOUS=you; LIAR=me!

[37]. Those innocent eyes... Those kissable lips... A great smile... The perfect walk... Smoothest talk... Absolutely gorgeous... That's enough bout me. How about you?

[38]. When he was five years old, he wanted to become a lawyer. Now that he is a lawyer, he acts like a five-years old.

[39]. The only person who can make her smile is a dentist.

[40]. Looks may capture the eyes but it's the personality that captures the heart. And, I have both.

[41]. When you feel that nobody loves you, that nobody cares, when all you can do is cry and walk away because everyone is against you, then you are the weakest link. Goodbye!

[42]. Someday you may lose your hair, you may lose your teeth, your money and even lose your mind. But one thing you will never lose - your good looks, coz you can never lose what you don't have!

[43]. Why do we sleep? Because we need to take a break from texting. Have a nice dream while texting.

[44]. How can you know if a person is cute? First, he or she has a poor memory. Second - umn... I forgot na!

[45]. Our friendship means a lot to me, that if we were the last people on a sinking ship and there's only one life vest, I'll..uhm.. ah.. eh..I'm gonna miss you for sure!

[46]. Reporter: How does it feel to become a millionaire? Millionaire: Sad, because I am not a billionaire.

[47]. While walking down the street, I heard an old man say "I've been in love with the same woman for almost 50 years now." I was touched until I heard him say "I wish she knew."

[48]. I may not be your PEPSI choice of the new generation; I may not be your COKE, only the real thing; or your NIDO, world's no. 1 but I can be your REXONA I won't let you down.

[49]. If you are alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. If you need money, wait for your salary.

[50]. No matter how sad, no matter how sick, I feel better just thinking of you... But I'm happier each time I send you a message 'coz I know I'll be disturbing you!

[51]. If they say "Good looks could kill", then please don't look at me! I don't wanna see you die!

[52]. I read on the newspaper that sending text messages causes a radiation that is cancerous. That's why I have decided to stop - to stop reading newspapers.

[53]. Why do I miss you? Because you make me smile. You are so kind. You are so sweet. You are very funny. And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. That's why.

[54]. When you are in love, you wish you were married. When you are married, you wish you were in love.

[55]. The rain makes all things beautiful, the grass and flowers too. But if rain really makes all things beautiful, why doesn't it rain on you?

[56]. Whenever I hear people say something bad about you, like when they say that you are not cute enough, I would always come to your defense and say "She's trying to be one naman a!"

[57]. I hate blackout. Never mind the arson, never mind TV and stereo, never mind the internet. But if I could not recharge my cell phone so I could keep texting, that's another point. I hate blackout.

[58]. Every time I hold her hand, I feel like holding my cheek. She always slaps me on the face.

[59]. Learn to appreciate art," I told my girlfriend. She said, "How could I appreciate you, then?"

[60]. You've got sex appeal, you've got style, you've got intelligence, and you've got class. You've got the face and you've got the body but I've got the wrong number… Sorry!

[61]. We hate others for imitating us. We are irritated by their attitude.

[62]. Try some of this and know that your relationship is unstable.

[63]. My better friends, them don warm you and na beg I dey beg una, if you try send this kind message to your personal person, wetin you see, make you use your hand carry am. Me I no dey o! 

[64]. The matter no finish for there, as I say make I complete the laugh wey the messages dey give me na there again I come see another treat, wey them carry from tellyouall. Choi which kind 250 Romantic Nicknames For Your Loved Ones be this. Nairalanders no go kill somebodi. Oya now, let’s go there and laugh some more.

Halirious Romantic Nicknames For Your Loved Ones

Give your snookums a new romantic nickname? Below is a list of 250 of the most popular romantic nicknames! From Lover Boy to Sweety Cakes, we've got you covered! Don't Forget: When choosing a nickname for your partner, make sure it has some special meaning for the two of you.

All Mine
Angel Baby
Angel Bunny
Angel Eyes
Angel Face
Angel Girl
Baby Angel
Baby Bear
Baby Boo
Baby Cakes
Baby Doll
Baby Doodle
Baby Face
Baby Girl
Baby Love
Bad Kitty
Big Daddy
Big Guy
Big Kitty
Blue Eyes
Boo Bear
Boogie Bear
Boy Toy
Bright Eyes
Brown Sugar
Captain Underpants
Care Bear
Cherry Pie
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Drop
Cool Breeze
Cuddle Bear
Cuddle Bug
Cuddle Bunny
Cuddle Cakes
Cuppy Cake
Cutie Pie
Dearest One
Deep Waters
Doll Face
Doodle Bug
Gummie Bear
Honey Bear
Honey Bee
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunny
Honey Buns
Honey Lamb
Honey Lips
Honey Love
Honey Muffin
Honey Pie
Honey Plum
Hot Honey
Hot Mama
Hot Stuff
Hubby Wubby
Kit Kat
Lady Bug
Lemon Drop
Little Kinky
Little Mama
Little Monkey
Little Muppet
Love Angel
Love Bear
Love Bug
Love Heart
Love Muffin
Love Nugget
Love Sponge
Lover Boy
Lover Bunny
Lovey Dovey
Mi Amor
My Angel
My Beloved
My Buttercup
My Heart
My King
My Lion
My Love
My Lovely
My Queen
Papa Bear
Passion Fruit
Pookie Bear
Precious Angel
Precious Princess
Pretty Lady
Prince Charming
Red Rose
Sex Kitten
Sex Machine
Sex Muffin
Sexy Bear
Sexy Kitten
Sexy Lady
Sexy Legs
Sexy Pie
Sexy Sweet Thang
Smoochie Poo
Snow Bunny
Snow Pea
Snuggle Bear
Snuggle Bug
Snuggle Bunny
Snuggle Pooh
Sparky Star
Stud Muffin
Sugar Babe
Sugar Bear
Sugar Biscuit
Sugar Britches
Sugar Buns
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Free
Sugar Lips
Sugar Mama
Sugar Muffin
Sugar Pants
Sugar Pie
Sugar Pumpkin
Sweet Baby
Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Kitten
Sweet Lover
Sweet Pea
Sweet Peach
Sweet Stuff
Sweet Tart
Sweetie Pie
Sweety Cakes
Teddy Bear
Tootsie Roll
Twinkle Toes
Wuggle Bear
Yummy Bear

What's your favorite romantic nickname? Add to the list and let us know your favorites!

Mine is Babe!


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Nigerian Pidgin Love SMS For The One You Love From Day One
Nigerian Pidgin Love SMS For The One You Love From Day One
These Nigerian pidgin love SMS for the one you love from day one are funny Nigerian love messages and hilarious nicknames for the one you love.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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