Charming Text Messages for Her from the Heart - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Charming Text Messages for Her from the Heart

Charming Text Messages for Her from the Heart

Best Charming Text Messages for Her from the Heart

The one you love would always carry the charisma that you will always love. Having a charisma helps to make your love life come so unique. Your charisma would always endear you to all that comes around you. 
You want to be someone that has influence; then let yourself carry the charisma that others would always cherish. Charisma does not hide, it has a way of showing itself and making you the centre of attraction. Touching Love Messages to Make Him or Her Cry
Charming Text Messages for Her: The Charisma I Found In Loving You
You want to win love; then carry the charisma that can never be resisted. And if you have found the one you love with a unique charisma that you cherish, then take time to appreciate such a one. When you show appreciation, it makes you caring and such would always want to reciprocate that care.
[1]. Even if there is a price tag, your beauty is priceless. You are a priceless treasure that will never fade away. The Good Lord might have created you without replacement. And for the love of you, I thank God That I am the one you found to give your love.
[2]. Black they say is beautiful but I thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you are a blessing among the blessed. Indeed you are ever a blessing to my life. My love that is so perfect, I will always cherish the real person that is you. My priceless treasure that is love personified.
[3]. The reign of your love is like the dawn of a new day. The blossom of your beauty is like the gathering of a million stars and the joy in you is like a song of praise to the high Heaven. Your love is the beauty that blesses my heart and makes me smile from the bottom of my heart.
[4]. Where else would your love be safe than right here in my heart. There in my heart would I make a place for it to blossom like a flower whose fragrance would forever comfort my soul. Your love is my charisma; it blesses my day and gives me the heart to love you always.
[5]. Among the laws and theories that abound, I was asked to prove one theory I know and all I could prove was your love for me. Isn’t it so amazing that your love is worth proving? It is to me a centre of attraction and something that would always be worth to prove.
[6]. With your love I can walk a thousand miles and never grow weary. This is simply because you love me. And I found in the strength of your love to overcome any obstacle that would come my way.
[7]. Your beauty captivated me, your charisma mesmerized me and your love uplifted my heart. Now I can’t live a day without thinking of you. You are the joy of my heart, the very essence that I would always want to love.
You Are All That I Cherished
[8]. If there is anything I cherish about you, it is your smile and being yourself. Maybe happiness was created because of you. Your love makes my day. And of all, I love the way you love me unconditionally.
[9]. You came and turned my world around. You make me see hidden possibilities that are nuggets for success. Truly you are a rare gem and your love is hard to find. It is a treasure I will always cherish till the very end.
[10]. Your love made me see reality away from my reasoning. Your love reveals another hidden part of me that I never knew. Now I am so blessed all because of your love.
[11]. Your affection is like the warm of the morning air. Your care is second to none. Your charisma is so infectious. Truly, you make me feel loved and wanted.
[12]. Your love is so real. There is never a dull moment around you. If I am bored, one place I know I can find happiness is to be around you. You are a blessing to my soul.
[13]. Your love makes my life cheerful and my world beautiful. I am like a new born child with smiles that makes me glow with joy inside of me.
[14]. Your love has given me a new heart ever since you came into my life. Now I cannot have another heart without you. You are my heart that beat as one. Daily Inspirational Messages for Husband and Wife
My Love for You is Here to Stay

How amazing is it to make a promise that you know your heart will always keep no matter the length of time. Love requires making a sacrifice and what it takes to keep your relationship tight is what you should do. When you speak from your heart, it shows that you are a living human of honour. Real people make promises that they would ever keep no matter the challenges that might arise. 
When you make a promise, it shows how committed you are to your relationship. If you know you can’t keep a promise, then there is no need to make one. To be a man or woman of honour when making a promise, it is good to let instinct do the talking. Sweet Love Text Messages for the One You Love
Infatuation shouldn’t let you dive into making a promise you know right from your heart that you would never keep. For those who have a committed relationship and are experiencing the bliss, here are some awesome promises to help build and keep your love rocking.
Sweet Love Text Messages for Her: My Love For You Is Here To Stay
[16]. For the aura of air that blew and the air you breathe, my love shall forever be there with you to make you feel my presence now and always. Your love gives me the reason to love again.
[17]. The joy of you gladdens my heart. I feel loved when I see you. Nothing can take your place for the love of you; I am like a King with a crown. And my heart, you make the peace of your love reign with happiness.
[18]. The fastest cure to my worry I found in loving you. Just for loving you, I found myself perfect, real and complete. Now I am not afraid to say I love you more than you ever know. I love you and I sincerely will always do.
[19]. This may sound stupid but it is true. Money might come easy but true love is hard to find. I might lose money and never care about finding it but I can’t imagine losing your love and still be sane again.
[20]. When your love knocks at my heart, I open it without any resistance because right from the first day, I knew you were the only one made for me. And forever will always cherish the day we first met.
[21]. The sweetness of your love has built her nest around my heart. Like the web, it has entangled me roundabout and all I have to do is surrender to your sweet love. This love of you is so amazing that I found myself loving you just the way you are.
[22]. It took me time and sleepless nights to come to this reality that your love is not just one of those things that make no meaning but rather your love is real and I bless the day it came my way. It is your love that I found perfect to be mine today and always.
I Mean Every Words That I Say
[23]. If you feel I flattered or lied to you time will bear me witness. Right from the start, it was love I felt for you and now and ever, it is the same love I still feel for you. I mean every word of it when I say I love you.
[24]. I am loyal to your love. In the morning, afternoon and night, it is you I want to see. Every moment of my day, it is your love I want. And if there is still anything that I want, it is nothing but the love of you.
[25]. I heard a knock in my heart and I opened to found the bliss of your love. Now I have no doubt even if it knocks again, I will still open it because I know I will find your love that was made for me.
[26]. Today I declare my undying love for you. Ever since we met, you have become a pillar of strength to me and for that; you will forever be love every moment of the day.
[27]. I was made to love you and live for you. All I shall ever do is love you the way none else would ever do. This is my promise for as much as I do know; I was made to love you angel of my life.
[28]. Loving you comes so natural to me. I need no talebearer to foresee that you were created just for me. For every moment of my breath, I shall live to love you till the very end of time.
[29]. Ever since I met you, my dream is incomplete without you. You have become my dream and I long to behold the sweet memory of you. You are indeed a blessing that has helped me see possibilities where naturally I felt it wasn’t possible. Lovingly Romantic Messages
You Fill My Heart with the Love that is You

If you are not in love with your relationship, then how are you going to make it work? What you seem not to have any passion for, the genuine heart to build such a relationship would never be there. There is no need to pretend about feeling love when right within your heart, you seem not to be interested. 
Getting what you want with a selfish motive within a relationship would never do you any good but rather would make you live in regret. When you set out to love, make sure you are committed to making your relationship work. The moment you find joy, then you are in a step towards finding happiness. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems in English Language for the One You Love
A cheerful heart is the one that finds pleasure in all that it does. To make this happen, you need to build your relationship with love and understanding. When this is done, you will find your heart filled with joy and so much love to go with it. If you care, come along and fill your relationship with these kind hearted sweet romantic love messages for that special person in your life.
Sweetest I Love You Messages for Her: You Fill My Heart With The Love That Is You
[30]. Like candle light, your love burns my heart with passion.  Now I am grateful that the flame it brings renewed my heart to love you forever. Your love is the candle light that lights my path.
[31]. If not that you love me, I would not have known the meaning of true love. You love me unconditionally and now I have come to know that love is real. Yes love is real and that I found in loving you just the want you do love me in return.
[32]. I wondered if this is me. Truly, your love brings out the best in me and now, I am a better person all because you love me. You have brought out the magical touch in me and have given me the happiness that words would never find it bearing to describe.
[33]. Forever yours, I would ever be. You showed me tenderness and care. Now your tender love has made me surrender my pride to the armory of your might. Take hold of this love that I have given to you and love me the way none else would ever do.
[34]. When you love me, I am like a child with smiles on my face. When you kiss me I am like someone who has found a hidden treasure and for me, that hidden treasure is you my love, my paradise.
[35]. With everything I have, I surrender to the power of your love. Let my soul thirst not; for in the arm of your love, I have found a lasting love on which I am comforted for a lifetime.
[36]. A better tomorrow has come because I found you. My days were worse but now there are the things of the past because you came and covered my nakedness away and in all showed to me that love could truly worth it meaning.
Thank You For Driving Away The Emptiness In My World
[37]. The emptiness in my heart, you fill with your love. Now I can feel the energy to face every storm that comes my way. You are indeed the epitome of pride that anyone would seek to cherish all day long.
[38]. Look into my eyes if you can see through it then you will see the cares and the love I have for you. Nothing makes my heart complete than loving and caring for you. You steady and complete me with all the love that I found in loving you.
[39]. Look into my eyes if you can’t see the heart that longs for your love, then make no mistake for the silent tears that drop from my eyes tell you how much I love you. I love you and would always do no matter the storms of love that comes our way. It is my promise and assurance and so shall it be my love.
[40]. I shall ever be yours as long as you love me. And even if you don’t, I shall forever cherish the wonderful moment we share. I know you love me and for me, I will always love you, my one and very true love.
[41]. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known the meaning of true love. If it weren’t for your care, I wouldn’t have known what comfort is. For you, I now have a peace of mind and above all the love that has blessed my day with every good thing in life.
[42]. If you can see through my heart, then you will know how much I miss you. If you can see through my eyes, then you will know how much I long for you. If you can see through me, then you will know how much I love you.
[43]. By your side that is where I would rather want to be. Even when I am not there, count it that I am always there with you, body, spirit and soul. For with you, there is never a dull moment but true fun all the way.
The Tenderness I Found In Loving You
[44]. Here in my heart, your love has built her castle and planted her rose flowers. I promise to water the flowers and look after the castle so my reward will be the gift of you.
[45]. Tenderly you took me in your arms and the feelings I felt can never be explained. I long to be in your arms because I have found the paradise to my soul. You are indeed a blessing to my life. Thank you for this tenderness of your love; it is all I need to feel the essence of falling in love.
[46]. Though miracles shall forever abound but the miracle of you is a rare gift that abound ones. Thank God it abounds on my way for I am so glad to have this miracle of you. Best Relationship Advice and Quotes on How to Make a Man Happy
[47]. My all in one, I love you the way you are. For among the best, it is me among the least you choose. I love you for taking me the way I am. And for this love of ours, I pray for it to last for eternity.
[48]. Can you spot the tears in my eyes? Look, it's right there from the day I fell for you. It has become a symbol that tells me I have surrendered my love to neither else but you. Let out love keep flowing with joy; it is one thing I cherish and that I will always do. Your love is so tender and it gives me the heart to want to love you forever.
[49]. Look through my heart and see through my eyes. If you can spot the differences there you will know how much I love you. I love you beyond what words could express. You are indeed the tenderness I found in loving someone like you.

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