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Lovingly Romantic Messages

Best Lovingly Romantic Messages

Lovingly Romantic Messages

1.    Your alluring appearance mesmerized me, your towering beauty elevated my soul and your love, drives me insane. Now I can’t stay a day without your love.

2.    I am hooked to the pleasure that you bear. That sensual pleasure that had made me recounts my days. Now I can’t dream of none else but you.

3.    To the throne of your love I have fallen. Let me be guided in the alluring beauty that your love possesses that I might taste of none else but your love that had made me strong.

4.    When I love you and you seem not to care, all I would do is to love you the more. More and more would I love you for I can’t imagine loving someone else but you.

5.    Bring me your love that I might be strong. Give me your heart that I might be energized. Give me your love that I might never want. For all I need is your love.

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6.    Your word is like a charm that weakens my heart. Anytime I heard your voice, I succumb. For in the power of your love, I make my bed with emotion to be there for you and always.

7.    Your love stirs my desire and makes me want you the more. I thought I could only have you for a day but now I know I want you forever.

8.    If love is a spell, then yours have casted one on me. Ever since I saw you, a spell has been casted on me. That spell is your love that I can’t do without.

9.    My mind is preoccupied with your thought where your love has gain control over me. Now all I do is think about you.

10.    To the WILL of your love I surrender that I might discover the secret hidden in your love. You came, you showed me love and now all I want is you as my one and only.

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