Inspirational and Love Quotes to Share with Friends on Social Media - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Inspirational and Love Quotes to Share with Friends on Social Media

Inspirational and Love Quotes to Share with Friends on Social Media

Best Inspirational and Love Quotes to Share with Friends on Social Media

Messages of inspiration that come with love thoughts to inspire the heart and soul of the one you love. Why not go ahead to share these encouraging messages to those that matter to your life.

Inspirational And Love Quotes To Share With Friends On Social Media

Inspire someone, you have got it here for those you care about. Share these motivational quotes with your loved one. Tenderly Love Messages

[1]. We All Have An Enemy

If you see the light of every morning, do not think you are free from the eyes of those who want to see you go down. Even if you are a man pleaser, they are those who just hate you for nothing.

~The boost you need to get to your success, is the enemies attitude embedded in their hate.~

The worst of it all is that the enemies are those around you. Those you trust and can give your last dime to see that they make a value out of their lives.

As bad as this may sound like I said, an enemy has a role to play in your pathway to success. When an enemy keep-hating; that is when you have the zeal to strive towards achieving your goal.

Your aim in overcoming the enemies' hates; is to stay focused. When you are focus, nothing can distract your mind from making your dream come true.

[2]. Love In Time Of Hate

Why do people mistake love for weakness when it comes to relationships?

~The reason people let things be is for peace to reign and nothing else~.

In this era of violence and misconduct, if you find the one who loves you without compromise, please do not kill the love with negative hurting words.

Love suffers no hurt even when a sacrifice has to be made to keep it alive. It is easy to hurt, but the wound is hard to heal. Even when it heals, the scar will always be there at some point to remind us of the wound.

As humans, we have feelings which are what love needs to grow.

Learn how to appreciate the weak point of your significant other. Also help him/her in prayer and supplication towards every noticeable wrong attitude. When you do this constantly, you will find out that they will overcome it in no time and you will be better for it. 

[3]. Admit Your Fault

There is no one alive that has no fault. Imperfection can only be made perfect through our fault.

~What you considered a fault to one is a blessing to another.~

When we learn to take responsibility for our faults, that is only when we can humble ourselves to make an amend.

Do not live like you know it all. When you feel you have it all, people will shy away from correcting any fault you have. With your safe righteousness, you might be heading towards destruction without knowing.

When you are wrong, admit it to yourself and seek for possible ways out of that situation. The era of covering up our faults is over.

Be open. That is the only way to free your mind from unwanted nerves arising condition which might be detrimental to your health.

Health is wealth, always have that in mind.

[4]. Before You Pull The Trigger

Before you criticize, pause and look back on your life. Ask yourself if your motive for criticizing is constructive or not. When your motive is not constructive, it is better to forget criticizing except if you don’t have conscience. 

~Criticism is like pulling the trigger. It either kills or leaves the person hurt for life.~

It is so sad that some people’s day time job is to criticize and make a mess of other people’s life. Maybe they derive joy in seeing to it that their criticism hurt others. When you hurt the feelings of others with your wrong choice of words, what actually have you derived?

Next time when you think of criticizing, remember that when you point one finger at a person, the remaining four are still pointing back at you.

A word for the wise is enough.

[5]. When Love Becomes Lust

Love should be handled with the meekness of heart. It shouldn’t be what will bring us untold pains. It is so sad when the bliss of love becomes an instrument of lust.

~When you love; love for the sake of love and not to have any string attached.~

If I may ask, why should a sacred vow be sacrificed on the altar of lust? Lust will do you no good. It is an avenue to kill the joy that true love brings.

We should be careful of what we do when it has to do with love. Many for the sake of their selfish motive in love; have committed untold crimes that have sent others to their early graves.

When you make up your mind to love, stay put and love. Lusting will only lower your self esteem and make no value of your real person. I rest my case.

[6]. Keep On Digging

Every moment has its reward. The bottom line of every struggle is never to quit. When you keep on digging, you will in the process discover the tunnel that leads to your breakthrough.

~If you doubt your thought, please do not doubt your instinct.~

When you dig, never you have it in mind to quit. Quitters are losers you know. When you dig; be persistent and take a cue in the school of patience. 

Whatever you do, have faith. Faith is the key to unlock your fears and self doubt. When you wake up every morning, proclaim to yourself, “I will make it no matter the circumstances that surround me”.

When you keep faith with your words, you will have what you say.Give a toast to your success.

[7]. Learn To Show Appreciation

Those who show appreciation never lack and their lives are filled with an unusual aura of laughter that makes them a cornerstone of treasure which others want to emulate.

~The best way to win any stony heart is to show appreciation for every little gift that comes your way.~

If your desire is to live in an all-round happiness, then learn to show gratitude for that which you have and that which others gave to you.

People appreciate those who show appreciation to them for what they have done. When you show appreciation, you make the other person want to do more.

Show appreciation, show appreciation and make your life a household of treasure.

[8]. Wake Up With Love

Smile if that is all you can do anytime you wake up. Say sweet things to yourself to boost your day anytime you feel the brightness of a morning sun.

~Waking up with bitterness is one way to kill your spirit for that day.~

Life is beautiful anytime we see the dawn of a new day. No matter the situation at hand, thank God for His little mercies. Remember, many are gone. And if they could have done anything to see another day, they would have.

If you are alive, there is nothing to kill yourself about with unnecessary bitterness.  Complaining will never bring about any change in your circumstances.

What will make you a hero is to brave up every morning and face every day with undulated love in your heart. 

[9]. Never You Think Poor

The money might not be in your pocket. You may not have the nicest things around. People might mock you and call you names for what they seem not to understand.

They may even call you poor. Just smile and reject it immediately. It is not for you to join them in mocking yourself if you have a goal to achieve in life.

If you study the lives of successful people, you will realize that they never called themselves poor nor thought poor even when the circumstances around them at the start spelled everything POOR.

~When you think poor, act poor, reason poor, then you should not expect to become rich.~

Live your life to fulfill purpose. These entails that you should never limit yourself with a poor man’s mentality. See yourself as the best at every moment of time. When your reasoning is in line with positive thoughts, you will get there when others fail.

[10]. When Friends Become Foxes

Who is a friend and who is a fox? If you may ask, I would rather say a friend is a trusted fox. In every life’s many lessons, you have trusted friends to learn its true nature either good or bad.

~When a friend becomes a fox, it is born out of envy or lack of understanding the true nature of friendship.~

When setting out to make friends, have it in mind that it is very rare to escape the betrayals of friends when the time arises. Making friends shouldn’t be a problem but you have to choose who you are making friends with.

A friend you should know can become your fox at any time. The fault can either be from either party. The true nature of friendship was meant to be for companionship.

If you are not finding companionship in a friend, it is good as quitting before that friend becomes your fox. Friendship is not by force.

[11]. Learn To Say No With Love

They say for peace to reign in the home and in a relationship, you have to do the bidding of your spouse’s.

Sometimes, I say it is not always good to do their bidding considering the situation at hand at that moment. You need time to reason out before doing any bidding.

Do not be under pressure to do any bidding. But when putting out that straight face to say NO, do it with love.

Take time to make an explanation. Explain to your significant other the reason behind your action. To do this, I say do it with love.

Sometimes, it may be hard to understand at first but if you most live with peace of mind, it is not everything you say YES to.

Love can be blind but you need the light of reasoning to see it through. Listen and learn. Do not act foolishly and have yourself to blame and regret later.

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