Tenderly Love Messages - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Tenderly Love Messages

Tenderly Love Messages

Best Tenderly Love Messages

Tenderly Love Messages

1.    I cherished our bond of love and the way you make me feel. Your love has become my pillar of strength and I thank God that none else took my love away but you.

2.    Your love gives me confidence. It intoxicates me with desire and makes me feel sensual. I am elevated all because you love me.

3.    People asked me the secret of my charm and I said it is the love I found in you. For loving me, you give me the charm that opened my heart to love others.

4.    Your love makes me more alluring. It gives me confidence beyond my imagination. Now I see myself stronger all because you showed me the meaning of love.

5.    The aura of your love baths me with desire. It elevated me to the high heaven. Now I want you every minute of the day so I could feel the essence of your love forever.

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6.    You’re worth a million to me. Nothing can take your love away from me. When I needed love, you where there to give me one and now, I can’t imagine building my world without you.

7.    I see the world through your eye. I see love through your heart. I see me through your care. I see life through your tender actions.

8.    You set my imagination on fire. You burn my heart with love. You make me blind to none else but you. Now all I can see is you and your love.

9.    Your love arouse my desire and make me live in want of you. Now I need you like never before so I can love you like never before.

10.    The reign of your love arouse my heart. The melody of your voice weakens my soul. Now I’m indebted to loving you that I might have a peace of mind forever.

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