Funny Naija Pidgin Text Messages to Send to Your Friends

Funny Text Messages for Friends

If you run any Whatsapp group, you will understand that you need to keep your audience busy by posting new content that would make them want to stay in your group.

If it is whatsapp, facebook or any other social media group, you need to be creative to achieve your aim of forming that group.

And if it is your friends that you have in your group or you want to send daily, weekly or monthly messages, you can make them laugh with these funny messages to share with friends on whatsapp, facebook or any other social media handle.

Funny Text Messages to Send to Friends

Let your friends feel these funny text messages that you can send to their mobile phones. It is good to make someone laugh. You know laughing is a medicine to the heart. LOL!


[1]. If you didn't kill earthworms with salt.

[2]. If you didn't play rubber band.

[3]. If you never bathe in the rain.

[4]. If nobody told you about India vs Nigeria 99-1.

[5]. If you did not sleep on the couch and woke up on the bed.

[6]. If you didn't throw your milk teeth on the roof for lizards to take it and give you new ones.

[7]. If you didn't just wash your legs and hands instead of bathing before going to school.

[8]. If you didn't act film inside uncompleted buildings or under the bed with friends.

[9]. If you have never flew a kite.

[10]. If you didn't use your two legs to build houses with sands.

[11]. If you never wrote your name on a paper and insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it.

[12]. If you didn't close the fridge door really slowly and see when the light went off.

[13]. If you never waved at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter.

[14]. If you haven't heard of ghosts that stay under mango trees at night.

[15]. If you never drove a single car tyre with a stick and call it a car.

[16]. If you never mix garri and sugar in your pocket and eat it while walking on the street.

[17]. If you never did Mama and Papa play e.g cooking leaf and sand without fire.

[18]. If you didn't play table soccer with bottle covers.

...then I guess your childhood was not fun!...

Do you know it is not, jangilova epo motor? it is JINGLE OVER LIKE A MOTOR! I bet you don't know. don't be shy. I didn't know either until I grew up. sure 99.9% of Nigeria adult doesn't know the nursery rhyme "sandalili sandalili" is actually
"standard living, standard living".

I know you are singing it now again, smiles...

Confess you are guilty? hahahahaha!

Funny Messages for Friends on Whatsapp

Lol! Let your friends on whatsapp see this and have the best of laughing.  

[1]. Imagine going to hell with a tattoo that says "the devil is a liar" 

 You don't need to be told that your fire is going to be different 

[2]. I still don't understand some girls. 3days in a relationship you already need N5000 urgently is that the registration fee?

Please, can someone answer the above question for me, am asking for a friend o?

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