Love Messages and Missing You my Love Quotes for Someone Special - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Love Messages and Missing You my Love Quotes for Someone Special

Love Messages and Missing You my Love Quotes for Someone Special

Best Love Messages and Missing You my Love Quotes for Someone Special

When the one you love is always on your mind; you will always feel the need to make him or her happy. Experience love with these romantic love messages and missing you my love quotes for the one you truly love.

Say something special and always make your love count. We have got you covered with these messages of love that would make the one you love always love to be around you all the time.

If you are missing someone special in your life, come on, send these sweetest messages of love to express how you feel about that special person in your life. Best Motivational Words Of Advice On How To Treat Your Man Or Woman Right

You Are Always On My Mind

[1]. My mind is always burning and my heart is always pumping each time you come my way.

[2]. Your love makes my heart burn and makes my blood pump for you.

[3]. To your love a charm is placed in my heart. Yours have charmed me with her beauty and now am not the same without the charm of you.

[4]. Your love is a wonder; it speared through my heart and placed a mark that forever no one can erase except you.

[5]. Every moment, your love brings a smile to my face. When I think of you, I feel your love.

[6]. I held your hand and my heart went weak. I looked into your eyes and tears filled my heart. See how your love has weakened my heart to surrender to you.

[7]. Your love is like a waterfall, it never stops. Your love is like a million stars, it never fades. Your love is like life, it never ends.

[8]. I can see the world because you love me. I can see the rainbow because you care for me. I can see love because you’re there for me.

[9]. The star, moon and sun none can be compared to your love. With your love, I can see the star, moon and sun. Above all, I can see myself when I see you.

[10]. Take me hand, take my breath and let it succumb to your love. You love me the way none else have done and now my heart melt’s anytime I see you.

The Gift Of Your Love Makes Me Special

[11]. Time and occasion does not matter to me as long as I have gotten you and no time nor occasion can replace nor take you away from me.

[12]. When my mood is down, all I do is think of the good times we shared and am back on my feet so strong and so energized.

[13]. If I could forget all the basic spelling in the world, I wouldn’t forget LOVE. The thought of you makes it a remembrance that I carry in my heart.

[14]. So nice to find the love that is so sweet as yours. In all its ramification, if there is anything sweeter, the origin will ever be trace to your love.

[15]. Who can break the bound of our love? They will only waste their time for our love is not what can be broken rather it is made from above.

[16]. What the heart sees, the eyes might not see. If it was the eye, I would have missed your love. Since it is the heart, I rather would not miss this love of yours.

[17]. Everything I wanted in love, I have found them in you. You’re my all, a perfect love that fades not.

[18]. You give me love and the freedom to express myself. Now I’m like an air that brings a peace of mind all because you love me with a freedom of mind.

[19]. You’re like the breath I take, you’re the smile I have, you’re the love I can’t do without.

You Are The One I Shall Always Love

[20]. You’re me, I'm yours, you’re a part of me, I’m a part of you. I’m your love, you’re my love. We were meant to be in love till the end of time.

[21]. The way you’re, makes me love you. Always be yourself for that is the only way you can make me love you the more.

[22]. In the throne of my heart, your love reigns. There her glory sparkles like a million stars to brighten my days and make me thirst of none else but you.

[23]. To love they say involves taking risks. Your love is worth taking a million risks. Those risks I would ever want to take as long as you love and care for me.

[24]. Who could love me the way you do, take my desire higher the way you do and do to me all that you have done. None have I found but you alone.

[25]. Hide me in the wing of your love and let me fly with you to the land where your love reigns. There I will be by your side to make our love come true.

[26]. If there is anything I cherish about you, it’s your smile and being yourself. Maybe happiness was created all because of you.

[27]. You have made me a star and now, I am not ashamed of loving you the way you are. You are a blessing and a rare gift to my soul.

[28]. Everyday I woke up, the first thing on my mind is you, every time I go to sleep; the last thing on my mind is you. You're everything I think of.

[29]. Let my soul thirst for you and my love be satisfied in you. Let my dream and thoughts find favour in your heart that I will live to love you till the end.

[30]. Like the dawn of a new day, let my soul awake for you. Like the breath of new life, let the love of you renew my strength that I will live to ever love you.

Something About You Is What Makes Me Special

[31]. Nothing can take your love away from me. If it is life, I shall live and love you till the end even if it is death, your love will go with me to the world beyond.

[32]. Let my love wake you up and may her joy fill your heart. Let it make you smile with a hidden peace of mind and make you feel the warm of God’s grace.

[33]. To your love is where my heart belongs. I follow my heart that I will find this love of yours hidden inside my heart.

[34]. One and all desire you but to me you gave your love. I may not merit it but am worthy of it. To you I will adore as my one and only.

[35]. I woke up and found a silent smile radiating through my lips. My face lightened with an inner joy that only my secret thought knew the origin.

[36]. When I am down and need someone to lift me up, I know in the image of you, have I found that special person whose love guided and lifted me up.

[37]. When the story of my life shall be written down, no chapter will be complete without making mention of how your love and care has made me.

[38]. Even if the world ends today, I shall not weep but be happy for I know at the end of it all, I have found that perfect will that was meant for me.

[39]. Every minute, every hour and everyday I have found joy within my heart that I could sing the praise of your wondrous love day in, day out.

[40]. My love, Heaven bless you for me. You have become a blessing for all your love and care. I will ever live to value you till the end of time.

You Will Always Be The Best Among Equal

[41]. Why I did it, I might not know. But I just have to do it for love. If loving you means doing the things I have done, then I want to keep doing them for you.

[42]. My love, you're the best among equals. None can contest the throng of my heart except you that I have given it unto.

[43]. Chariot of my soul, let the glory of your love reign in my heart. There I have given to you the authority to be the one whose key opens my heart.

[44]. How beautiful you are that my soul is comforted to have you as my own. I shall ever live in gladness for the beauty of you has given me the reason to do so.

[45]. I was made to love you and live for you. All I will ever do is love you the way none else will ever do. All because I was made to love and live for you.

[46]. I need no talebearer to foresee that you were created just for me. For every moment of my life, I shall live to love you till I breathe my last.

[47]. Every moment of the day, all I do is think of you. Right now, it’s the thought of you that gives me joy. For your love, I’m the happiest person on earth.

[48]. I searched for true love and found it in you. You have made me discover that in all the adversities of life, your love is all I need to overcome them all.

[49]. A part of me is gone to the love that you showed to me. Now, the whole of me, have I surrender to you. Take me and love me the way you want.

[50]. A day without hearing your voice is like living in deafness. I want to hear your voice every minute of the day so I can live to love you everyday. Exclusive Love Text Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages of Love for Relationship

Best Let Me Love You the Way My Heart Feels

Let Me Love You The Way My Heart Feels

[51]. Nothing in life gives me joy and peace of mind as being around you. Loving you gives me all and I long to be with you the rest of my life.

[52]. When none seems to care and all deserted me, you were there for me. For you, I promise to stand by you if that is all I will ever live for.

[53]. Every dawn of the day, your love had become the pillar I could stand, live and die for. All I want to do is make that promise a reality.

[54]. Your love gives meaning to my life. Your love renewed and gave me the reason to love again. My heart, soul and body, will ever live to love you.

[55]. Nothing makes meaning to my life than your love. Your love is all I need to make my life anew.

[56]. If I would live, it’s for your love and if I would die, it’s for your love. All I would ever live and die for, is your love. I love you.

[57]. The sweetest thing that has ever happened to my life, is the day you gave your love to me. Each day, I look back, I will ever live to cherish that day.

[58]. When you hear the wind blow and the rain drops, do not panic. For it’s me blowing through the wind and dropping through the rain to comfort you.

[59]. When I see you smile, I can live for another day. Your smile is all I need to keep me alive. Smile and keep smiling. For I love you the more when you smile.

[60]. Thank God money is not everything. If money was everything, I would have none to buy your love. I love you for you’re priceless.

Your Love Is Priceless To Me

[61]. My life was empty till I found you. Now it is filled with all the sweet things you did for me. I’m glad you took the emptiness in me and it with your love.

[62]. Nothing will take your love away from me or separate me from loving you. I will love you as long as I live. It’s my vow and so shall it be.

[63]. The tear in my eyes is nothing but the feeling of my love for you. I shed this tear that you will realize that my love for you is unconditional.

[64]. If there is one thing that is impossible, it’s staying without you. I can’t stay a day without you. You’re a part of me I can’t stay without.

[65]. You’re incomparable and I will love you for being the one and only who have gotten a full control of my heart.

[66]. People live to forget certain things they have passed through in life. But I can’t live to forget you. Each day I live, I will live to think of you.

[67]. If I write your name in the sky, sea or wall, the wind, storm or rain will take them away. One place I know it will remain is my heart where it shall be forever.

[68]. I found you and need not search further again. You’re my love, my hope and destiny. You’re the one I love and will ever live for.

[69]. I want to be the sun when you’re up and your moon when you go to sleep. Let me be your dream so you can dream of none else but me your love.

[70]. Why should I run away from love when within your comfort, I have found love and peace of mind. You've given me the reason to love again. Sweetest My Love Text Messages For Your Soulmate

You Are My Lost But Found Rib

[71]. I lost one of my ribs and never thought I would find it but when I least expected, I found it in you. You have become my lost rib and to you will I cleave unto.

[72]. The love of you is like the drop of rain. It showered through my soul and purified me with all the goodness I needed to become a better person.

[73]. I can’t imagine that love could find me in my bare state of mind. Your love found me and ever since I’m grateful to your love that has made me yours.

[74]. As long as the star twinkles or the sun shines, my love for you will never die or fade away and as long as I live, my love for you will never die.

[75]. Every time I see you, I feel this warmth and peace of mind. Your love is peace and to it will I live for as long as I find this peace of mind that it brings.

[76]. The flame inside my heart is all the desire of you. When I saw you, I heard this flame burns. It’s nothing else but my love for you that burns like a flame.

[77]. The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one. And ever since, the feeling is still fresh in my heart. This feeling will ever be there as long as I live.

[78]. To love you always and to be by your side is the promise I made. Staying with you to the very end is a promise that is unchangeable.

[79]. My love for you is like a treasure without estimation. Forever you’re an incomparable jewel whose value will never fade away.

[80]. Without your love, I would rather dream of not living. But with your love, I will forever live even when I am gone.

You Make Me Feel The Need To Love Again

[81]. If loving you means to be blind then let me be blind as long as I can see none else but you.

[82]. I decided to count the stars and your love for me but I lost count. It was then I realized that your love for me is like the stars that are uncountable.

[83]. If money was to buy love, I would have sold all I have and still have none to buy. But since it is a free gift of nature, I’m grateful that it found me as yours.

[84]. To love you brings me happiness. I would never trade that for any silver or gold but would rather trade it for you whose love gives me happiness.

[85]. If not love, how would I have appreciated you? I’m glad the world was created for love and within that creation, I have found my love and that love is you.

[86]. Love without you is like a journey to nowhere. But love with you, is like a journey to somewhere. I found your love and found my journey to paradise.

[87]. I looked into your eyes, I found love. I look into your heart, I found love. I look into you, I found me and the love you have for me.

[88]. The magic in your eyes and the love of you, I found no word to explain them. All I could say is that it tells a story of your love that will never fade.

[89]. If a million souls gather within the crowd, I will find you. You’re like an unhidden treasure that none else could find except me that was meant for you.

[90]. My eyes could only see but my heart will forever behold your love. There it shall be as long as I live to see another day.

Your Love Is My Lost But Found Soulmate

[91]. The day I saw you, I knew I had found my soulmate. Ever since, that single encounter has changed my life for good. Now, I blessed the day I found you.

[92]. Your love is so tenderly, lovely and accommodating. It’s the best among equals. Nothing anyone would say. I have found the true meaning of love in you.

[93]. True love they say is in the beauty of the heart. Thank God I didn't judge from the outward, then I would have been blind to find your love.

[94]. Your love gives me the reason to smile. If there is one thing I will rather live for, it’s your undying love that has made me what I am today.

[95]. Your present spring’s surprises and your smile could melt a king’s heart. Truly, I had found the tonic to live and love you forever. That is your smile.

[96]. Your love pleases and wants to see the best in others. It’s the best anyone could dream of. Thank God, it came my way. Forever, I will live to cherish it.

[97]. Your love overlooks my weaknesses and takes me as I am. I’m so blessed that I found you who cares for me just the way I am.

[98]. If a book was to be judged by its cover, then, one would have failed to realize the true story. Thank God I never did for I would never have found you.

[99]. Like a wind, you came and blew my mind away. Now I want no other wind but yours that it will blew and calm me to live and love you till the end.

[100]. You blew and left a sweet memory in my soul. Now all I want is that memory of you that I will live and behold it till the very end. Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

Thank You For This Love Of Yours That Made Me Perfect

[101]. Your love came with this perfection that none alive would fault. Heaven must have rested the day it created you. For you’re prettier than the prettiest.

[102]. When I close my eyes all I see is your beauty and when I open my eyes, all I still see is your beauty. You’re so beautiful and I adore you for that.

[103]. You’re like a perfect work of art to behold. Your true value money can’t buy. You’re priceless and a treasure that will never be replaced.

[104]. Let me testify of your love that I will live to sing her praise. Your love had blessed me with all her beauty, now, all I live for is you and your love.

[105]. To every soul, there is a soulmate. You have become the soulmate I live for. Thank God I found you and now, I can’t live a day without you.

[106]. To you I make this vow that I will live and love you to the end. I shall forever keep my vow because your love has given me the heart to live and love you.

[107]. Every passing day, your love has become my renewing strength. I shall ever live in that strength that I will renew my soul to loving you till the very end. 

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