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Exclusive Love Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages for Relationship

Here are exclusive love text messages and inspirational romantic messages for couples in a relationship.

Best Exclusive Love Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages for Relationship

Daily exclusive romantic love messages are amazing beautiful messages you would love sending to your loved one.
The messages are inspiring, so romantic and something so unique that your loved one would always live to cherish. Love Touching Messages For Husband And Wife To Strengthen Your Relationship
Let Me Be The Song Your Sing And The Smile That Makes You Happy
[1]. Let me be your sun, moon and star. Your sun so I could shine in darkness. Your moon, so I could guide your path. Your star, so I could be your guidance angel.
[2]. If I can see you smile, then I would live to see another day. So smile for me so I would live for you.
[3]. Your smile is all I need to keep me alive. Smile and keep smiling. For I love you the more when you smile.
[4]. Why should I run away from love when within your comfort, I have come to find love and peace of mind? You have brought me joy and have given to me the reason to love again.
[5]. As long as the star twinkles, my love for you will never dim. As long as the sun rises, my love for you will never fade. As long as I live, my love for you will never die.
[6]. A little smile, a little care and an overdose of your love is all I need to live for to see another day.
[7]. I decided to count the stars and your love for me but after some minutes, I lost count. It was then I realized that your love for me is like the stars that are uncountable.
[8]. True love they say is in the beauty of the heart and not the outward appearance. Thank God I never judge from the outward, then I would have been blind to all the qualities that have made me long for you like never before.
[9]. Your presence spring surprises and your smile could melt the heart of a king. I look forward to your presence and smile. Sincerely, I had found the tonic to live and love you forever and that is your forever adorable smile.
[10]. I love your simple look. I adore your smile. Your simplicity will forever draw me to you. Now, I live each day admiring the beauty in you for real.
My Heart Is Thankful Of The Love We Share
[11]. I sincerely want to thank you for standing by me this far. You have shown to me that you are truly a GOD sent. I shall forever love you till the end. Just bear with me. It shall be well with us.
[12]. The reign of your might is like the dawn of a new day. The blossom of your glory is like the gathering of a million stars. The joy in you is like a song of praise to HEAVEN. Truly, you are a love personified.
[13]. Along the lane of life, there are good people you will meet and these people are those who will share your world. They will be there in your good time and bad time. I pray you are that person.
[14]. My thoughts are not lost to you. For in every ticking of clock, the thought of you flows like the river of joy that makes me live in want of you and your smile is like the tonic that could melt a king’s heart.
[15]. For all your patience, understanding and love for me, you are more than a million stars to me.
[16]. Comforted by your ever presence in times of despair, I am blessed for the gift of you. You have shown me the meaning of true love and now the rest of my days are thoughts in praise of your care.
[17]. I was lost but your love found me. My purpose for living was gone but you came and picked the broken piece that was my life. Now you have turned me into a master-piece. Forever, I would live to celebrate the love of you.
[18]. Let any zeal be put and let the world know that I have found my missing rib. That missing rib is you, love that gives me joy to smile.
[19]. I love you when you smile. It gives me joy to know that our love is for real and something worthy of continuous celebration.
[20]. The most beautiful thing I have discovered since I started loving you is that your love does not grow apart or fade away. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love
The Worth And Taste Of Your Love Endears You To Me
[21]. The value of my worth your love reveals to me. It has been the strength of glory that carries me from one level to another.
[22]. They thought I was crazy when I said I love you. Thank God I made that decision. Now I can tell who is actually crazy.
[23]. All I wish for is a moment with you. If I can have that moment with you, my life is made forever. Give me that moment and make my life a worthy place to live in.
[24]. Just a little smile, a taste of your love and care and I will forever be alright all the time.
[25]. At heart we are connected to love each other. Day in day out, we shall live in the embrace of our love that will guide and keep us as one.
[26]. What makes my life worth living for is your love. Since I have your love, I have gotten all and nothing I long for again but your love that has given me all.
[27]. Blessed to have you as my diamond. You have become the precious diamond that shore through my darkness.
[28]. In my darkest hour of the night, what I found to see through the night is your love that clears my darkness away.
[29]. Every beat of my dream includes you. You’re my dream, my world and all that I live for.
[30]. Your love is the only wine that I taste. Any other wine without you is tasteless and worthless.
The Worth Of My Love For You Is Forever
[31]. Who says the world is complete? Without your love, the world for me is incomplete.
[32]. If seen is believing, your love is worth waiting for. Each time I see you, I long to wait for you all my life.
[33]. Something so deep inside. Something that makes me fall without any control nor reason – that is the love I have for you.
[34]. The night seems so long anytime you’re not here with me.
[35]. With you, I see clearly and my day is made whole. But without you, I am so blind that I see not of anything.
[36]. I wouldn’t ask for more than your love. For all I treasure and live for is nothing but your love.
[37]. Like a guiding star, your love guides me to my destination.
[38]. You are the apple of my eyes. Your love is so special that nothing can take its place.
[39]. Since a broken heart has no spare parts. I shall keep yours and cherish it like an egg. I will never break yours for if I do, it is my heart and mind I am breaking.

[40]. I may not have all the fine qualities that can make you die for, but I have one thing that equals them all and that will I give to you – my heart. Positive Motivational Words of Encouragement about Success in Life
Your Love Is My Heart And It Is All I Shall Always Cherish
[41]. You are so cute and so innocent that I wouldn’t want to let you go. I will hold that sincerity of you that my heart will forever love you till the end of this world.
[42]. I am so deeply in love with you that I barely can’t say it. It is the heart that knows but if I must say a word – I love you with every breath that I take.
[43]. Like a rainbow with many colours, so is your love. Your love came in many forms and each form came with a unique package that has change my life.
[44]. Like rain, your love shower on me. And ever since it does all the dirt in me it has purify and made whole.
[45]. The gift of you, is like the gift of life. Any gift without you is like a night without day. You’re and will ever be my precious gift.
[46]. Among a million stars, your name is written on them all. It will ever shine that the world will know that you’re a star made for me.
[47]. What will I do without your love? Your love is like the sun and moon. It comes in due season and each time it comes; I am so favoured beyond my reasoning.
[48].  My whole part is breathing because you live. And if you are gone, I shall never be alive again.
[49]. I thought flowers were the most beautiful thing but that is now bye-gone since the day I met you.
[50]. For a lifetime, I shall love you without doubt. I shall make you my number one and all that is to my life, shall be a portion of my love for you.
Your Love Is All I Shall Ever Long To Be Mind Forever
[51]. Any time you are not with me. My life is miserable and a hell of a place to live in.
[52]. Let my tears be the portion that upholds our love. Let it also be the joy that makes us live to love each other till the end.
[53]. The life wire of my soul is your love. If it is cut off, then I am finished. I know you will never, for if you do, I will find no other world to live nor love.
[54]. The sweetest thing that has ever happened to my life is the day you gave your love to me. Each time I look back, I will always cherish that day.
[55]. Thank God I found the courage to tell you how I feel. For I would never be experiencing this bliss that your love has given to me.
[56]. If love is not blind, then how could we see? For love to be real, it needs to be blind. I’m blind to any negative things that would diminish my love for you.
[57]. For what you are, I find no meaning to love you but for who you’re my love will forever be yours.
[58]. A little smile, a little care and an overdose of your love that is all I need to live for to see another day.
[59]. Sometimes I smile and dance in the closed door. The reason I smile and dance is you. You give me the reason each time I realized that all I have is you.
[60]. Throughout the dark nights, the thought of you engulfed my mind. All I do is stay awake and think of your love that makes me yours. Motivational And Inspirational Quotes To Help You Find Joy
You Are The Choice I Made And It Shall Always Be The Choice I Made
[61]. The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you, I have no doubt nor regret about it.
[62]. You blessed me when I thought I was out. You give me joy when I thought I was down and made me live when I thought I was off.
[63]. All I do is complete when the thought of you feels my heart.
[64]. I never knew I was missing you till your absence freezed my heart to surrender.  Please come back quickly before loneliness gets a better part of me.
[65]. Let the joy of the day be your favour and the joy of the night be your glory. May the love of GOD be your guiding light every moment of the day.
[66]. You are the apple of my eyes and the joy of my life. You give me hope and peace of mind. With your love, my soul will soar higher.
[67]. At first glance, I turned and found you. Right there, I knew you were the one I long to spend the rest of my life with.
[68]. You’re my world. The sweetest thing that I have ever known. All of my life, I have prayed for someone like you. Thank God I found you.
[69]. You give me hope and you give me joy. My dream has come true all because you love me. Now I can face the future knowing your love is there with me.
[70]. I have faced so many challenges in life but loving you is the simplest challenge I have ever faced. It came so naturally that I found myself yielding to you.
The Silent Tears Your Love Made Me Feel
[71]. Let me be your tears and the pillow you lay your head. Let me be your elevator so we will be ever uplifted to stay as one forever.
[72]. Silent tears watered my heart. It is the tears of your love. It makes me weep each time I feel the love you have for me.
[73]. Let my tears be the portion that upholds our love. Let it also be the joy that makes us live to love each other till the end.
[74]. Even if I am no more, I shall always remember that for my living to be complete, it takes the love of you to make to make it so.
[75]. What can I do without your love? Nothing I would rather do if your love doesn’t guide me through then I would walk in darkness without the love of you.
[76]. As I looked across the great river Niger Bridge as we drove passed it; all I could imagine was the love of you that has given me hope.
[77]. Your love is like the aura of alabaster oil. Her fragrance exhausts my soul and makes me long for you like I long for eternity.
[78]. Is there any word like I miss you? If YES, then am missing you for real.
[79]. Even though I might not see you all day, I am so grateful that a part of you is right here with me as a treasure that comforts me till you return.
[80]. The day I saw you, your beauty the dark couldn’t hide. Like a shining star, you shine through my soul and now I’m complete all because of your love. Inspirational Quotes About Believing In Yourself And Thought Provoking Quotes For Friends
My Heart Shall Always Long To Be Yours Forever
[81]. In silence, your love fills my heart. In the open, your love did the same. Now in silence and the open, all that is to my life is your love.
[82]. Love is not in any colour or the age. Love knows no border or boundary. It is the feeling of the heart. And I have got my heart to fill your love.
[83]. There upon the sky, open your eyes and look around for there you will see it written upon the sky “I love you, I love you, I really do”.
[84]. To love you brings me happiness. I would never trade that for any silver or gold but would rather trade it for you my one and only whose love gives me happiness.
[85]. If you were a drug, I did take an overdose because I can’t get enough of you.
[86]. I want you like I want eternity. I can’t do without you because you’re the endless love I live for.
[87]. Any pleasure without your love is trash. For my life to make a meaning all it needs to drive it forward is the pleasure of your love.
[88]. As long as the ocean wouldn’t run dry nor the rain ceases to fall, my love for you would ever be like the ocean and rain that never runs dry.
[89]. I heard the sweet scent of your fragrance and turned but it wasn’t you. Just a day without your presence fills my heart with the want of you.
[90]. In my heart, thoughts and dreams, you’re there. Where else haven’t you been? None! For all about me, you will always be there like my shining light.
My Love Is Forever Yours
[91]. Together, forever and for real. It was meant to be. You and I forever.
[92]. Somehow, somewhere I will be loving you forever. For you are the only that have made me because what I felt I would never.
[93]. I wish I knew that all you gave to me is the meaning of unconditional love. Now that I know, I will ever be right here with you forever.
[94]. If anything will ever change. My love for you will never change. It will be here now and forever.
[95]. Even if the time has ended. My love for you will never end. It is now, tomorrow and forever.
[96]. Forever I promise we will be as one and nothing will make our love a broken piece to gossip about.
[97]. I promise to live for you all my life. Forever this is the promise that will make me keep to you till the very end.
[98]. Love of my life, you’re the desire of my heart and nowhere could I run to without your love that had given to me all that I needed in love.
[99]. I did search around looking for a perfect heart that could beat like yours but throughout my search, none have I found except your that beat as mine.
[100]. You came when I needed love and took away the shame that was my life. Now I have found in you the love that would share my world.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Exclusive Love Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages for Relationship
Exclusive Love Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages for Relationship
Here are exclusive love text messages and inspirational romantic messages for couples in a relationship.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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