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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Help You Find Joy

Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Help You Find Joy

Joy is an inestimable thing that flows from the heart. When you have joy, you have everything. But incidentally, Joel 1:[9-12], talks about how joy is withered away from the sons of men. And Romans [8:1] admonished us that, “[There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit”. Joy is it that would make us walk in the Spirit.

When we walk not after flesh, we would always experience the joy that comes with living a purposeful life. Psalm [67:5] said, “Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee”. We as His creation, need to praise our Maker because there is something about praise that brings abundance of joy to our heart. Inspirational Quotes About Believing In Yourself And Thought Provoking Quotes For Friends

The word of God in John [4:24] said, “God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship [him] in spirit and in truth”. In adoration we should worship Him. When you worship Him, you invite His presence into your life. It is the heart that is filled with joy that would always give thanks no matter the circumstances which surrounds such a person.

Let your heart have a song just like Isaiah [30:29] cautioned. “Ye shall have a song, as in the night [when] a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the mighty One of Israel”.

The song that comes from our heart should come with gratitude and joy. When you worship God with joy in your heart, He would always make your life a beautiful pasture that blossoms day in day out.

To keep a heart that comes with joy, here are some inspirational and motivational messages of love that you can send to your loved ones to inspire them to greatness.

Spiritual Quotes About Joy

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. – Isaiah 12:3 [KJV]

[1]. A great future begins when you realize that you are created for greatness. And what creates this attitude is the joy within your heart. If you should lack anything, do not allow yourself to lack the joy of God in your life.

[2]. The moment you lost touch with joy, you would lose touch with life. Joy is the connecting light that ushered in the presence of God. It is what would always help you to shine in every situation of life you found yourself. Beautiful Friendship Quotes For Your Friends And Words Of Encouragement About True Friendship

[3]. A victory song would always come through from the heart that has joy as its birth right. Always make your heart diligent to the things of God for right there you will experience unspeakable joy. 

[4]. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit. It is what will make you glow with pride. Joy is as important as breathing is to living. When you lack joy, you become a sad human.

[5]. Anyone who lacks joy might not be able to remember anything. Such a person would lack the motivation to accomplish his rightful purpose in life.

[6]. Joy is spiritual food that would fertilize your life to blossom. Positive Quotes Everyday And Words Of Inspiration For Today For Friends

[7]. When you are sad inside, your attitude towards anything in life would show it. But when joy is in your hand, destiny is fulfilled.

Simple Joy Quotes

O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. For the LORD [is] a great God, and a great King above all gods. In his hand [are] the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills [is] his also. The sea [is] his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry[land.] O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. – Psalm 95:1-16 [KJV]

[8]. The moment you allow yourself to break down, joy is taken away from you. Guide your heart to be strong at all times; it is what will make you live a life of victory no matter the circumstances.

[9]. Joy gives birth to praise. It is what would always make the heart merrier.

[10]. Never say what you wouldn’t do. When you are joyful, you would have an insight into heavenly revelations concerning your life.

[11]. Do not let anything pull you down; there is always a place for you at the top. And that is if you let thanksgiving be a part of your daily living.

[12]. When there is no revelation, joy is not in place. And when this is not, there will never be a revolution.

[13]. Until you have an insight, you might never see the inside. And what you can’t see in God, you can’t get it from God. Daily Motivational Quotes About Leadership Principles You Can Learn From An Eagle And Other Principles You Can Adopt To Change Your Life For The Better

[14]. When you maintain your joy in God, you wouldn’t lack the light of God in your life.

Best Inspirational Quotes about Life and Happiness

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Happiness

The meat offering and the drink offering is cut off from the house of the LORD; the priests, the LORD’S ministers, mourn. The field is wasted, the land mourneth; for the corn is wasted: the new wine is dried up, the oil languisheth. Be ye ashamed, O ye husbandmen; howl, O ye vinedressers, for the wheat and for the barley; because the harvest of the field is perished. The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, [even] all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men. – Joel 1:9-12[KJV]

[15]. Don’t say it can’t be done, if God says it can be done, then take it so. Joy will always make you see possibilities where others see failure.

[16]. When you are not joyful, you can’t be fruitful. Joy is the link to everything a man can get from God.

[17]. The fullness of joy is what brings pleasure forever. And God’s divine presence in the life of a man is what makes the difference.

[18]. When you are full of joy, you invoke the presence of God. And where the presence of God is, there is liberty.

[19]. You need to be joyful to make a headway in life. When you are sorrowful, you form around you a wall of self-pity and that could make someone repulse you.

[20]. Joy is a thing of the mind. When you are joyful, it can’t be hidden. Joy does a lot of good tiding to the heart. If you have joy, you have everything. Inspirational Quotes About Believing In Yourself And Thought Provoking Quotes For Friends

[21]. A grateful heart has joy as its backbone and radiates a peace of mind. If you lack joy within your heart, you would live a pitiable life. Make joy your friend and see how glorious your life would become.

Motivational Quotes About Joy In Little Things

The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise [child] shall have joy of him. – Proverbs 23:24 [KJV]

[22]. When you are disappointed about life break forth into songs of joy. You would know not to be disappointed even if disappointed the moment you live a life of worship.

[23]. Do not withhold your heart from joy. Joy comes with happiness. It is what you need to overcome every challenge of life.

[24]. When deceit rules your heart, you imagine evil things. But where joy rules, you would always be a source of blessing to people around you.

[25]. Let your heart rejoice in every labour you find yourself to do. When you are happy inwardly, you would always see possibilities that would take you to the next level.

[26]. Every word from the heart of men that has ever blessed humanity where spoken at their moment of happiness. If you want to make an impact, let joy be your friend in guiding your utterances.

[27]. It is the joy of every child to make their parents happy. And when one brought sorrow, definitely such a parent would never find happiness. Inspirational Quotes About Fulfilling Destiny And Reaching Your Destination In Life

[28]. In all you do, put a smile on the faces of people you meet. When you make people happy they in turn will make you happy but if you do otherwise, just be ready for the unpleasant consequences that might come your way.

[29]. A wise child brings joy to his parents. And that joy is what keeps them alive. When as a child all you bring is shame, you make them live a life of unhappiness which is not healthy to their well-being.

[30]. Lack of joy brings vexation to our Spirit. It reduces our desire to see good in others and makes us feel as if the world is against us. But when you let joy flow through your heart, hatred would never have a place within your thought.

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