Heart Touching Words and Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Heart Touching Words and Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages

Heart Touching Words and Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages

Best Heart Touching Words and Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages

The one you love is the one you desire. As much as you are building a solid relationship, you can always take it to the next level if you sincerely care about that person.

Right within your heart, you might know the person you want to end up with. If your heart is still in doubt, there is a need to let that person know and if he or she understands, you can work things out and go your separate ways but still be friends. Remember, there is no need trying to force love when you know that, that is of no value to you.

Now if you know your relationship is heading to the top and you are sure of spending the rest of your life with that special somebody, these romantic messages are something that would be so cute to send to that special somebody. Heart Touching Love Messages For Husband

Sweet Heart Touching Words For The One You Love

[1]. Sweet melodies, the tune of your love sang. How this tune gladdens my heart and make me feel loved like I have never felt before.

[2]. What’s more, it pays to love and be loved. You love me that makes it pay to love you unconstitutionally. Even if you don’t love me, I shall forever love you.

[3]. Joy and gladness are my backbone all because you love me. I shall forever remain graceful because you have shown me love the way nor else have ever done.

[4]. Love they say hurts more than injury. But I seem to doubt that because your love even when it hurts, the thought of the time we share, heals every wound that would have hurt my soul.

[5]. If none among a million souls loved you, then know that I love you. If among a million soul love you then know that I am the one who loved you the most.

[6]. In my silent thought, the love of you controls my imagination. In my outward, the love of you still controls my imagination. Life without your love, I wonder how it might be.

[7]. Like candle light, you burn my heart with the passion of your love. Now I’m grateful that your flame consumes me for out of it, my heart is renewed to love you forever.

[8]. If not that you love me, I wouldn’t know the meaning of true love. You love me unconditionally and now I have the hope that love is real.

[9]. I wondered if this is me. For you bring out the real love in me. Now I’m a better person all because of your love.

[10]. Forever yours, I will be forever yours. You showed me tenderness and cared for me like your baby. Now your tender love has made me surrender my pride to the armory of your might. Heart Touching Love Messages For Wife

Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages For Someone Special

[11]. When you love me am like a child who make her face smile. When you kiss me I'm like someone who has found a hidden treasure.

[12]. With everything I have, I surrender to the power of your love. Let my soul taste not for in the arm of your love have I found a lasting love.

[13]. A better tomorrow has come because I found you. My days were worst but now they are a thing of the past because you came and cover my nakedness away.

[14]. Look into my heart if you can see then you will see the cares and the love I have for you. Nothing makes my heart complete than loving and caring for you.

[15]. Look into my eyes if you can’t see an eye that longs for your love, then make no mistake for the silent tears that drop from my eyes tell you how much I love you.

[16]. Can you spot the tears in my eyes? Look it’s right there from the day I fell for you. It has become a symbol that tells me I have surrendered my love to none else but you.

[17]. Love they say is like a butterfly that goes where it pleases. I thank God it came my way. For it to come, I would forever cherish and adore you.

[18]. Miracles will forever abound but the miracle of you is a rare gift that abound ones. Thank God it abounded my way for I’m so glad to have the miracle of you.

[19]. My all in one, I love you the way you are. For among the best it’s me among the least you choose. I love you for taking me the way I am.

[20]. By your side that is where I shall ever want to be. Even when I am not there, count it that I am there with you, body, spirit and soul. Love Messages For Husband And Wife

Best Sweetest Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love

Sweetest Romantic Text Messages For The One You Love

[21]. The fastest cure to my worry I got is loving you. Just for loving you, I’m perfect. You make me real and complete. Now I’m not afraid to say I love you more than you know.

[22]. This may sound stupid but it is true. Money might come easy by but love is hard to find. I might lose money and never care to find it but I can’t imagine losing your love and being sane again.

[23]. Your love knocks at my heart and I open it without any resistance because right from the first day, I knew you were the one made for me.

[24]. I heard a knock at my heart and I opened and found the bliss of your love. Now I have no doubt even if it knocks again, I will open and find you that was made for me.

[25]. If you feel I flattered you or lied to you. But time will bear me witness that right from the start, it was love I feel for you and now and ever, it’s that same love I feel for you.

[26]. I’m loyal to your love. In the morning, afternoon and night, it’s you I want to see. Every moment of my life, it’s your love I want.

[27]. Even if there is a price tag, your beauty is priceless. You’re a priceless treasure that will never fade away. The Good Lord might have created you without replacement.

[28]. Black they say is beautiful.  Thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you’re blessed among the blesseth.

[29]. The reign of your love is like the dawn of a new day. The blossom of your beauty is like the gathering of a million stars and the joy in you is like a song of praise to Heaven.

[30]. Where else would your love be safer than my heart. There would I make a place for you and let you blossom like a flower whose fragrance would comfort me. Short Beautiful Romantic Love Messages

Love Text Messages For Her From The Heart

[31]. Now I want you like air so I can breathe and live for your love that brings a peace of mind to my soul.

[32]. Your love made me see reality away from my reasoning. Your love reveals another hidden part of me that I never knew. Now I’m so blessed all because of your love.

[33]. Your affection is like the warm of a morning air. Your care is second to none. Your charisma is so infectious. Truly, you make me feel loved and wanted.

[34]. Your love has given me a new heart ever since you came into my life. Now I can’t have a heart without you. You’re my heart on which I live.

[35]. I held your hand and my heart got weaker. I looked into your eyes and tears filled my heart. See how your love has weakened my heart to surrender to none else but you.

[36]. You melt my heart with your smile, you set it on fire with your voice and then you kill me softly with your love. Now all I want is nothing but your love.

[37]. Life they say goes on but how could I imagine life without you. If for others life goes on, for me your love goes on, imagine life without you. How would it be? Empty!

[38]. The star, the moon, the sun none can be compared to your love. With your love, I can see the star, moon and sun. Above all, I can see myself when I see you.

[39]. Your love makes me live for you. Your love makes me cry for you. Your love makes me long for you. Your love wouldn’t let me breathe a day without you.

[40]. By the side of your love do I find my rest. By the side of your love do I also make my bed that I might lie and dream of nothing else but your love for me that is real. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Love Text Messages For Him From The Heart

[41]. They say love makes the world go round. I found your love and my world goes round. Now I can live round and round because your love makes my go round.

[42]. My dense, my armory, the wave of your love had scattered them. Now I succumbed to the alluring fantasies that your love proface.

[43]. You give me love; you give me freedom to express myself. Now I’m like an air that brings a peace of mind all because you love me with a freedom of mind.

[44]. You’re me, I ‘m yours, you’re a part of me, I’m a part of you. I’m your love, you’re my love. We were meant to be in love.

[45]. The way you’re makes me love you. Always be yourself for that is the only way you can make me love you the more.

[46]. In the throne of my heart, your love reigns. There her glory sparkles like a million stars. To make my way straight that I might thirst of none else but you, love of life.

[47]. Even though you are far away, I can still feel your presence right here with me. The thought of you is what comforts and keep me going.

[48]. My heart is made up of your love, far inside my soul, your love lives. It shall be there as long as I live that I will hold and cherish you till we part this world.

[49]. Your love is the last I could erase out of my heart. It came like a gentle dove and purify my soul with her meekness, then make me whole and took away all my doubts.

[50]. You have made me a star and now, I am not ashamed of loving you the way you are. You are a blessing, a rare gift to my soul. If this is love that I am feeling, then am in love.

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