Broken Heart Love Poems and Sad Sweet Romantic Poems for Your Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Broken Heart Love Poems and Sad Sweet Romantic Poems for Your Love

Broken Heart Love Poems and Sad Sweet Romantic Poems for Your Love

Best Broken Heart Love Poems and Sad Sweet Romantic Poems for Your Love

Poems About Love And Pain And Trust. So I found my heart roaming in thoughts for the love that was so far away. Well that love never was and never would be.

But sometimes you just smile knowing that your heart did travel so far reminiscing over the love that would never come to reality. Heart Touching Love Poetry And Love Romantic English Poems For Her

These messages are so sad and emotional. It is to build you up to face love anyhow it comes. I know if you are disappointed, you will be fine soon.

Heart Away

Roaming away in thoughts
Guessing away in wait
What a terrible situation this is.

Who can control the invisible?
Nor can dethrone the voice that the heart bears?
What’s a life that solutions aren’t at sight?

I saw my heart roaming in motion
My heart castigating in roaring thoughts
What is this that has befallen me?

To the throne of a foreign lands
It roams without any control
Here I am in thought but my heart is far away.

Nsikak Andrew
8th April, 2008

Sad Love Poems That Make You Cry. Have you ever gotten your hope dash in love? How do you feel at such moments? I know you might feel depressed and want to do a terrible thing to yourself. Best Heart Of Deceit Poems For Her And Poems On Deceit In Love

If you have gotten in such situations though there is a broken hope, but keep faith alive, you will overcome and soon your life shall be a testimony for others to emulate.

Broken Hope

For the night we spoke
Bubbles of rekindle passion
Threatened to set my soul ablaze.

For years of misadventure
Lost in the arm of a familiar stranger
Whose tricky thought was to soil your heart.

Nights in moment of silent pains
How you swallowed with meek cup of patience
Hoping our good Lord will turn things around.

Broken promises mixed with tricky thoughts
That was cooked with palatable wording
Which tides your heart to the bottom of his apron.

How did you manage those sour years?
Giving all that you have to give with no hope in return
Soiling your future in wait for the promise that never is.

Oh good Heaven!
Why do the good ones fall for the wrong ones?
Puzzle that the wind of life must interpret.

Nsikak Andrew 
20th February, 2007

Love Poems For Her. Your dear wife, your cute husband and your true love are people that should make you feel awesomely great.

When you find that special soulmate, do all it takes to rekindle love at every time. A daily romantic and love poems could do the magic if you care to send it out to that special one in your life. You are my soulmate is one romantic poem for you to share with your loved one.

Best You are My Soulmate

You Are My Soulmate

Love that was created as one
My shining star you have become
A soul mate that keeps my mind at peace
My blessing is equal to all.

Nights are your glory in splendor
Today as I lay down in bed
All I felt is the whisper of your voice
Telling me in silence that I am all you got.

Soul mate of my life time
Your breath is a song of joy in my heart
Each time I felt your breath
I see my world renewed to love you the more.

Thank you today and always
Even though fate brought us together
Now I know it was for a purpose
To fulfill our bond as soulmates.

Together in life I will always love you
Promising to be here for you at all times
As long as I found my feet to walk in faith
So I will keep my vows to you till the very end.

Nsikak Andrew 
8th February, 2017

Inspirational Love Poems For Sweetheart. Romantic poems would always make the one you love feel so special.

To make your love count, send this sweet romantic love poem to someone you love.

 What Your Love Means To Me

Your love touched my heart
And my mind rekindles like the smile of a new birth
See how you changed my world within seconds
And now I have found a treasure so dear to me.

I wished you knew what your love means to me
Such a gentle angel that has made my life flourished
To be the best that anyone can ever dream of
The very best I shall ever be to love you forever.

You mean so much to my life
My heart whose love endears me to shine
You never would know what you have done to me
But be rest assured that there are all for good.

My endless love that showers me with care
Your affections are incomparable to anything
You are to me what the true definition of love is
So gentle, so warm, too humble and of all so unconditional.

For loving me the way you do,
You have made my life so meaningful
For comforting me the way you do
You have made me a star others seek to emulate.

If I have to say it, then I will have to shout it loud
You mean so must to me, love that is my life
Each day without feeling the warm of your love
Is to me a terrible nightmare I wish never to have.

You are my world, the centre of my joy
You are the love who stole my heart away
You are the one I fall in love with
You are the one who makes so much meaning to me.

Nsikak Andrew
9th February, 2017

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