Heart Touching Love Poetry and Love Romantic English Poems for Her - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Heart Touching Love Poetry and Love Romantic English Poems for Her

Heart Touching Love Poetry and Love Romantic English Poems for Her

Best Heart Touching Love Poetry and Love Romantic English Poems for Her

Best Romantic Love Poems. Sometimes in search of love we make the journey which shouldn’t from the onset be. Love is blind though but we need to see far beyond it blindness.

Each disappointed story of love is meant for us to learn some valuable lessons of life. If you have ever made a disappointed journey for love, this road to nowhere is something you need to read. Breathtaking Romantic Poems And Short Lovely Poems For Love

Best Road to Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Bashing in the emporium of love
A journey to nowhere I made
The little that could have been
My hands saving how I wasted it
In search of that which might never be.

Silly, I felt my soul cried
How could you pain your heart this much?
Wondering in search of a treasure
That despises you as if without her
You will breathe none of another day.

How could you be this naïve?
When your eyes could see the signs
The very signs that reads the hearts
“I don’t want you to wish you would understand”.

Nsikak Andrew
18th March, 2008

Romantic Poems Of All Time. When you are disappointed by love, there is nothing you can do about it. You need your time to get back in focus.

You need to think back and see to it that you yield yourself out of those unfortunate circumstances.

Love would make you cry and at the same time make you wish why you ever love. But not to worry, that is the way love goes.

When you are disappointed, find in you the peace of mind to love again that is the only way you will get healed and move on with your life. Love Messages For Her And Romantic Messages For Him From The Heart

Best Provoke no more My Heart

Provoke No More My Heart

Provoke no more my heart to love
For in the heart of love deceit rules

The enigma for loving I now lack
The heart that breathe love has now fade away
Now I am a loner with thoughts that irritates love
It pains, for now, love makes no meaning to me.

Nsikak Andrew
17th January, 2008 & 20th January, 2008

Sweet Love Poems. The moment you begin to imagine lust thoughts. And the object of that thought comes with illusion. You waste your precious time imagining that which would never bring you any good.

If you have gotten a lost mind, come back home and begin to forsake such thoughts. It wouldn’t do you any good but rather would bring you a broken heart. Poems To Make Her Feel Special And Passionate Love Poems For Her

Best Lost Mindedness

Lost Mindedness

Mind lost in thoughts
Heart dripped in emotion
Thoughts provoked to react
Today the angel must be happy
For a lost star has come home to rest
For months she was lost to uncertainty
With lines of thoughts that piles
Gazing in breathe what an embodiment
Of hair that the body could care for.
Cruel in thoughts the mind perplex
With weak desire to dominate
That which is the free gift of nature
How the heart rejoice for a conqueror story
But the foolishness of illusion
Never keeps a reminder note of warming
For a night of flirt that seems right
Is an open passport to shame
Where her pride of honour
Are like the lilies leaf that fades away.

Nsikak Andrew
11th April, 2006, 5th December, 2007 & 18th January, 2008

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