Breathtaking Romantic Poems and Short Lovely Poems for Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Breathtaking Romantic Poems and Short Lovely Poems for Love

Breathtaking Romantic Poems and Short Lovely Poems for Love

Best Breathtaking Romantic Poems and  Short Lovely Poems for Love

Short lovely poems are so unique to the heart of the one that understood its true meaning. If there is one thing that is so romantic, then short lovely poems for love are one of the ideal things to send.

Do not wait until it is a special occasion before you make out romantic notes to celebrate your love interest. Every moment should come with special feelings which calls for your expression of the things that makes your heart happy. Romantic Love Poems From The Heart For Wife

Lovely Romantic Poems For Love. Send these short lovely romantic poems to the one you love and see how you would be so appreciated far beyond your imagination. Love Messages For Her And Romantic Messages For Him From The Heart

When I Heard You Sang

I came by your side and heard you sang.
Then I got my heart on glow,
All because of your melodious voice.
If you would sing to me a love song,
Then I shall long to live forever,
For your voice is like an apple fruit
That quenched my thirst.

I Felt Greatness In Your Love

Your love makes me feel greatness.
It brings me the desired joy
On whose throne I brave my thoughts.
You gave me love; you gave me peace of mind.
And now, all I am grateful for,
Is that you made me feel the essence of true love.

The Joy Of Loving You

Your love brings to me my hidden traits.
It gives to me my greatness,
And makes me see every possibility.
Your love is like a pure gold that brighten my day,
To be above my limited thoughts every moment of the day.

Tickle My Heart

Spark my heart,
With the beauty of your love.
Let her shining glory,
Draw me to your apron.
Make me live in want of you,
That I might glorify myself,
For your love that have given to me,
The peace of mind that blesses my day.

My Hidden Potentials

To the throne of your love,
I found my hidden potentials.
With every moment of loving you,
There within I discover my true self.
It is to your love I found my real me,
And forever I shall love you,
So my real me would keep on shining. 

Your Love Within My Heart

Within my heart,
Lies my hidden ideals,
But when your love came,
It brings out the best in me,
And made me face every day,
With the joy of a new challenge.
I found you and found,
The boldness of heart,
To make my dream come true.

My Heart, Your Love

My heart grows weak,
Each time I see you past.
There in my heart,
I long to have you as my angel.
And now that I have you,
My day is complete,
All because you love me.

The Way You Love

I fell in love the day I saw you.
For the way you talk and the way you walk,
Weaken my heart to long for you,
Till I win this battle that is my love for you.

You Wooed My Heart

Self-sacrifice wooed my soul.
And to the throne of your love,
Those risks must be taken.
To win a love that is as scarce as yours,
The heart has to go the extra mile.
Thank God I went through them.
Now I have the courage to love you forever.

Deed Inside My Heart

Deep inside of me,
I know how much I am thinking of you.
If all I could do is think of you.
Then my heart is satisfied,
For the thought of you,
Satisfies my heart to want you the more.

Romantic Pidgin Love Poems In English Language 

Best I Blessed My Days

I Blessed My Days

Love of your nature is so rare.
Type of your kind is so scarce,
But in spite of the rare,
And scarce nature of your kind,
I bless every moment of my day,
For being the luckiest person to find you.

The Place Of My Love

Your love is a pleasure palace.
It accommodates my soul,
With the treasure that is you.
Everything I wanted,
Your love has given them to me.
Now I can’t think of another place to be,
Than your heart; the palace of my love.

I Dread The Day

I dread the day coming.
The day we would be apart.
I lost breath thinking of that moment.
But ever shall I be comforted,
For even if we’re apart,
Your love shall keep me safe,
Till I found you in my arms again.

I Would Miss You

I wouldn’t go for too long.
For I know your thought,
Just like mine would be miserable.
Even though I have to go,
I shall keep a memory of you alive,
Till I come back to show you,
How must I miss you.

The Stars In The Sky

Stars in the sky,
Beautify your alluring beauty.
Just like the moon,
Cover your gracious beauty.
You’re a mark to behold,
Just like your beauty,
Is a mark to adore.
You’re graciously built,
That none can resist your beauty.

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