Romantic Love Poems from the Heart for Wife - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Romantic Love Poems from the Heart for Wife

Romantic Love Poems from the Heart for Wife

Best Romantic Love Poems from the Heart for Wife

Some romantic love poems keep the heart merry making. And when you send it across to your dear wife, it makes her feel the essence of someone loving her for real.

Dear husband, do yourself a favour, send sweet romantic love poems from the heart to your wife and see how the relationship goes. Breathtaking Romantic Poems And Short Lovely Poems For Love

We have some messages here to make your wife and the one you specially feel for keep loving you for real. “Tender Love”, “Avenue de amour”, “My Heart Beats For Her”, “This Dream”, “Tears For Love”, “I Remember The Day”, “Alone Here In My Lonely World”, “Fadeless Treasure”, “Nature Work Of Art”, “Tick And Fleshy”, “The Word Words”, “The Love Ballads”, “In Coded Admiration”, “Kiss Of Passion”.

Tender Love

In “Sparkle Love”
“You came like a lit of the candle”
Spread around the mountain like a looming sun
But here in “Tender Love”
You spring like a tendered pasture
That pours like waterfall from a refreshing stream.

Tendered love with tendered passion,
Emerged with your alluring power
Like you did in “Sparkle Love”,
And took me on a trip to your wonder land,
Where emotion controls the drop of breath.

Teach me to swim in your never ending ocean of love
Where two hearts shall forever beat as one.
May I share in your alluring journey to create our fantasy?
That heaven’s gate shall forever adore our dotted lines.

Nsikak Andrew
25th October, 2006 & 8th January, 2007

Avenue de amour

Down the avenue of love were cupid reigns
I sang a song that the heart rejoiceth
“Love have found me and I have found love”
Love clothe in the majesty of royalty.

Down avenue de amour
Her gentleness have swept my feet
Gladdening my soul to sing
“Love is the answer to every hate that we bears”.

Down this avenue of love
A cool soul have been found
That who values a worth.

Nsikak Andrew
29th January, 2008 & 18th January, 2008

My Heart Beats For Her

My heart beats for her
My mind drums for her
Her whose world I seek to conqueror.

My heart longs for her
My mind yearns for her
Her whose life I seek to possess.

My heart breath for her
My mind live for her

My heart, my mind
Can’t live a day without her
Her who makes my world complete.

Nsikak Andrew
29th January, 2008

This Dream

Spark my heart
With the beauty of your loving
Cast the spell that dethrone my braveness
This dream, I wouldn’t let go.

Dot my heart
With the strings of your lines
Let the rhythm slows me down to ponder
This dream, I wouldn’t let go.

This dream, O! This dream
My heart harbours her like a cherish treasure
Never in a haste would I let her go
This dream O! This dream is you.

Nsikak Andrew
18th February, 2008

Tears For Love

With no care in the world
I see it drops freely
Hot and gentle it came
That it seeks not to be controlled.

What is going on?
I couldn’t question my heart
But there it was
Flowing like no end to come.

How could this be?
Questions that answers couldn’t find
It has roll out
Who could put her back?

It drops… how it drops…
That which yearns to be loved
It drops…
That the heart felt her pain in questions.

Don’t you know what the heart feels?
When it loves, it drops tears
Tears that no hand of time could turn.

Tears for love,
That’s what I came to share
Tears for love
That’s the message I bring
Tears for love,
Have you ever love
That tears drop down your eyes?

Nsikak Andrew
17th December, 2004, 18th February, 2008 & 4th March, 2008

I Remember The Day

I remember the day to which I saw you
The day you walked with a lonely thought.

I remember the day to which I halted you
The day I sang the sweet tune of love.

I remember the day to which my friend saw you
The day he begged that I should exchange you for him.

I remember the day to which I held your hand
The day I wish never to let you go.

I remember the day to which I kissed your lips
The day my heart roams like a wild wind.

I remember the day to which I scent your swell smell,
The day your fragrance rules the air with romantic pleasures.

I remember the day to which we made L.O.V.E.
The day you took the shame of my nakedness away.

I remember the day to which you cry
The day you weaken my heart to surrender.

The remember the day to which I would have vowed
The day you ran out on me with tears.

I remember the day to which I saw you again
The day I wondered “could things ever be the same again”?

I remember the day to which…
The day…

Nsikak Andrew
7th March, 2008 & 12th March, 2008

Alone Here 
In My Lonely World

Alone here in my lonely world
Thoughts of you control my imagination
Woman whose words are true
She is that I trusted to a fault.

Alone here I sat,
With thoughts that awoken your glory
Woman who took my shame away
With that meekness of her silent touch.

Alone here I walk
With lonely thought that roar
Woman whose thought consumed me like wild fire.

Alone here I sleep,
Thoughts of you calm me like a gentle breeze
Woman whose love gave me a peace of mind.

Alone here in my lonely world
I could see a brighter light
Light that guides the path of two stars
Two stars that might become as one.

Nsikak Andrew
18th March, 2008

Fadeless Treasure

Yours after her reign
Yet the traces of her beauty reigns
Who would compete with her?
One created after a rested day.

She has been
And she has seen them all
Now she can tell
These secrets that keeps her age.

What are these secrets?
I peeped into her thoughts
With the imagination of an instinct mind
I could tell the answer within a glance.

I was born with a smile,
I have a heart that knows no hatred,
Then I live my life for all
These I heard the secret voice whispered.

Nsikak Andrew
3rd April, 2008

Nature Work Of Art

Crested in the wall of my heart
Is a perfect work of art beyond description
Monaliza was painted
But here is “Mona” beyond the “Liza”

A perfect work of art crested from above.
Words are so hard to search
That which befits here alluring beauty
Lips in glory of praise
Legs in shame of the Campbell’s
Hips that dethrone the J-Lo’s
Body any right sense could die for.

My nature work of art
Rest in my deeper most thought
Let the beauty of you refresh me
Like the blossom of a morning rose
For I shall rest in thought of you
Till the day we might walk down the aisle
To say I do, my nature work of art.

Nsikak Andrew
16th October, 2007 & 18th May, 2008

Tick And Fleshy

Tick and fleshy
Her body aglow in mass of flesh
Tall and heavy
In mass of pride she carries herself
Bold and sexy
In glamorous praise she define her style
Big and trendy
Imagination of the brain can’t ignore her naturalness.

A gift to humanity, black that is beautiful
With the right flesh and curve at their perfect places
She defines who an African beauty should be.

Who would fault those gifts from nature?
For there are not a make believe
That is described in sheer confusion as
Broomstick, rail stick, pencil thing…
But a rare gift an African man
Would take home as a wife.

Nsikak Andrew
12th February, 2008 & 19th May, 2008

The Word Words

Can your soul hear those words?
Words spoken from your heart
For it came like an angel
With no blaspheming clues to ponder.

I heard those words
And my heart gladdened
I heard those words
And my heart opened.

Fragrances of those words
Mesmerized me like a love song
You made promises of care
Vows that would rethink a soul.

I tripped, I trembled
I freeze, I surrendered
But now I know
That words from the mouth
Are not the same like words from the heart.

Nsikak Andrew

The Love Ballads

Love bites
Love hurts
Love stains.

When it bites
It keeps a wound
For remembrance.

When it hurts
It makes provision
For healing.

When it stains
It leaves a long time smell
Of invisible desire.

Nsikak Andrew

In Coded Admiration

Peeled in coded tune
With an innocent surface
That drew no suspicion
Clash of two hearts now seeks
To find their way home.

In coded tune
They seek their admiration
Like the interpretation of a sign language
Their imagination are coded
Waiting for the day of harvest to come.

Let this secrecy avails
And the tucked of her tune coded
For we shall walk in this guided secrecy
Till the throne of the Most High prevails
Whether to be or not to be!

 Nsikak Andrew

Kiss Of Passion

Motion in tears
Craving for that touch
Whose tenderness
Escalate the mind.

Hold back
Feel her cry
Spearing through
Like the wails of the ocean.

The mind is defeated
Her amour bearer
Weaken to defeat
Just by that touch.

What touch could this be?
Whose rain showers
Like the dew of an iceberg.

Taste her undying paradise
And feels your mind glow
Like an hidden treasure
That forever will be cherished.

I had tasted her juiciness
And knows her blameless worth
Now I understand this secret
That flows like the river of joy.

Nsikak Andrew

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