Love Messages for Her and Romantic Messages for Him from the Heart - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Love Messages for Her and Romantic Messages for Him from the Heart

Love Messages for Her and Romantic Messages for Him from the Heart

Best Love Messages for Her and Romantic Messages for Him from the Heart

Love could make you feel crazy. That is cool if sincerely you love from the bottom of your heart. Feel free to express your heart to the one you love.

There is no harm in showing how deeply you feel for that special person in your life.

Messages so romantic for the heart, these love messages would do the magic in your relationship.

Heart Touching Love Messages and Sweetest Romantic Quotes For Your Sweetheart 

[1]. Like a wild fire your love entered my heart and burned every doubt and fear that was in me.

[2]. You burned my heart with the power of your love – now the scar I carry is the sign of the power that your love gave.

[3]. I am in love and let the whole world hear me. The architect of my love is you, the joy that have given me the heart to love.

[4]. The unity of the heart comes under the embrace of love. When you love me, I could feel the unity of love in your tender way of loving me.

[5]. The very way we act and do things are the testimonies to the love that we share.

[6]. Every time I looked into each other’s eyes, I could see the fire of love burning. There I know the tenderness of it would bring the unity that calms our soul.

[7]. Your love is so bright with the light that overcomes my darkness. You came and took away my loneliness. Now I am so happy to have you as my true love.

[8]. I shall ever sing of your love even in darkness. When I do, I see brightness overshadow every darkness that has engulfed my mind not to love you.

[9]. In young and in old, the language the body understood to live younger is love. I found yours and am so young that I feel like living forever.

[10]. My love, water my feet with the shower of your love. Let her abiding power uplift me to my zenith. I shall live to tell of her story that has made me what I am. Inspirational Quotes About Criticism And Overcoming Challenges Of Life

Romantic Love Messages For Your Loved One When You Are Apart

[11]. The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you, I have no doubt nor regret about it.

[12]. When I saw the smile on your lips and the joy in your face, then my heart was satisfy to know that you are the only one made for me.

[13]. You came to me like an angel and turned my world around with your love. Now my heart will ever capture that blissful moment when we met.

[14]. Fate played a wonderful trick on me and gave you me. Now I am the best person around all because fate decided to send you me.

[15]. Season after season, love is the fruit that satisfies the heart. Yours have satisfied me and I will ever be there to eat from the bosom of your love and cares.

[16]. Your love is worth waiting and hoping for. I shall hope and wait for I see a brighter future in the heart of your love that you have given to me.

[17]. Never go in search of love, open your heart to love for when you do, love will find you. That was all I did and yours found me.

[18]. Love will find you when you open up your heart. Don't close it even when you’re hurt. If you open your heart to love, then love will find you.

[19]. It is better you die than stay without love. Thank God you make me discover love. Now I live and live again all because I found your love to live for.

[20]. Life without love will wither away and love without sacrifice will die a premature death. Yours have made sacrifices that made me know it was meant to stay. Romantic Love Quotes For Relationship And Friendship For The One You Love

Best Sincere Heart Touching Love Messages for Your Sweetheart

Sincere Heart Touching Love Messages For Your Sweetheart

[21]. Your love and honey, which is the sweetest? Yours it is – sweeter than honey.

[22]. I opened my arms and the bliss of your love took control. In my heart, I saw the blessing it shower on me. I love this love of yours that is so cute to be with.

[23]. The energy to life is love. Yours have found me and the energy to carry on has it given to me to live and love you with all the energy it has given to me.

[24]. When I am down, I shall look to you, for there I have found the energy to be stronger every minute of the day.

[25]. Ever heard of love growing old or dying? If love doesn’t grow old nor die, I have found that in yours and forever will click to it all day long.

[26]. I think of the greatest refreshment in life and all I could think of is your love. Best Relationship Quotes And Advice On Love, Hate And Lust For Friends

[27]. Your unconditional love has given me the perfect refreshment that has nourished my soul and body.

[28]. Durable fire that burned my heart. That is the power of your love. It touches down on me and now my heart can’t do without you.

[29]. To your love a charm is placed in my heart. Yours have charmed me with the beauty of your love and now am not the same without the charm of you.

[30]. Your love is a wonder, it spears through my heart and place a mark that forever no one can erase except you through the beauty of your love.

[31]. Every moment, your love brings a smile to my face. When I think of you, I feel your love that gives me the heart to smile in secret and in open.

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