Best Relationship Quotes and Advice on Love, Hate and Lust for Friends - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Best Relationship Quotes and Advice on Love, Hate and Lust for Friends

Best Relationship Quotes and Advice on Love, Hate and Lust for Friends

Relationship Quotes and Advice  on Love, Hate and Lust for Friends

Love is love be it as you take it. Love is sacrifice and something we should live to cherish. How do you experience love in time of hate? And when it becomes lust how do you feel about it?

It is time to share these messages to the one you love. You could inspire someone with these most beautiful words text messages about love, hate and lust. Inspirational Messages for Him, Her and Friends

Relationship Quotes About Love In Time Of Hate

[1]. Do people mistake love for weakness when it comes to relationship. Loving someone is not a weakness but rather a demonstration of the unconditional love that exists which was what redeemed mankind from our lost glory.

[2]. When you love, it should be unconditional and the one that is loved should see it as a privilege that such a person is worthy to be loved by another yet alive. 

[3]. The reason people let things be is for peace to reign and nothing else.

[3]. In this era of violence and misconduct, if you find the one who loves you without compromise, please do not kill the love with negative words that hurts.

[4]. Words are what build a relationship and the same is what destroys a relationship. It now depends on those involved in a relationship to know the type of words used in building their relationships.

[5]. When you keep on using negative words in your relationship, then for sure, you are making a way towards destroying that relationship rather than building it with the right kinds of words.

[6]. Love suffers no hurt even when a sacrifice has to be made to keep it alive. It is easy to hurt, but the wound is hard to heal.

[7]. Even when the wound is healed, the scar will always be there at some point to remind us of the wound.

[8]. As human, we have feelings which are what love needs to growth. And feelings are not built on hurting words but rather with words that glorifies the heart.

[9]. Let your words be that which is tender and pleasing to the ear. It should be that which elevate love and makes it a shining example for others to emulate. 

[10]. In overcoming hatred when we love, it is for us to learn how to appreciate the weak point of our significant other.

[11]. Help the one you love in prayer and supplication towards every noticeable wrong attitude. When you do this constantly, you will find out that they will overcome the hate in no time and you will be better for it.

[12]. Love is what covers the multitude of hatred. It is a command for us to love even when hatred is felt therein us.

[13]. When we show love in every moment of hatred, we would win the heart of the one we love with it.

[14]. It is not for us to reply hatred with hatred but rather to be caring. It is in our caring that the maturity in us is notice rather than behave the way the other person behaves.

[15]. We need to be guided by love because at the long run this is what will eventually help us in overcoming the spirit that brings about hatred for the one we love.

[16]. Love is all it takes and love is all that it will take for us to overcome hate.

[17]. Love the one you love when you have the conviction for it is in it you will win the heart of such a person and in so doing will destroy the hate that seems to dwell in your relationship. 

Relationship Advice about When Love Becomes Lust

Best Relationship Advice About When Love Becomes Lust

[18]. Love rules the world. What an awesome saying that defines the existence of the human race.

[19]. Love for sure is everything and love will forever be everything.

[20]. Love is it that makes us a living being. And without unconditional love, the value of our existence shall forever be a questionable character. 

[21]. Love when it is given out should be handled with the meekness of heart. It shouldn’t be what will bring us untold pains and regrets.

[22]. It is so sad when the bliss of love becomes an instrument of lust.

[23]. If there is something that kills the moral in our hearts, it is the lust that is found in love.

[24]. When you love; love for the sake of love and not to have any string attached to it.

[25]. Why should a scared vow be sacrifice on the altar of lust? Lust will do you no good. It is an avenue to kill the joy that true love brings.

[26]. Be careful of what you do when it has to do with love. Many for the sake of their selfish motive in love; have committed untold crimes that have sent others to their early graves.

[27]. Love was meant to be shared with those who understood the true value it brings.

[28]. Love was never meant to be taken for joke and as something that has no worth.

[29]. When you allow lust to rule your mind when you are in love, what you have done is to hurt the person that is you and also made the other person a victim of circumstances.

[30]. Love that is found in lust is never a true love but that which is selfish and seeks to fulfill it ego on the altar of selfishness.

[31]. When lust controls your mind, it makes it difficult for you to experience that which is real love.

[32]. In as much as lust keeps dwelling in your thought, your action might never bring anything reasonably good that will seek for the progress in the growth of another.

[33]. When it is lust that controls your mind, your thought will always seeks to make a victim of others in your cobweb of lustful desire.   

[34]. Love as it is, is what will cure the lust that seems to control your thoughts.

[35]. When you make up your mind to love, stays put and love.

[36]. Lusting will only lower your self-esteem and make no value of your real person.

[37]. Lust will destroy the esteem that is your greatness. It will make you lose your integrity and would also make you a victim of him that others will never value your trust.

[38]. When you love, do not allow it become lust. When love becomes lust, it leads to covetousness.

[39]. Love in covetousness will not let you have control over your life. It will make you live your life like you have no value and self-respect for others feeling.

[40]. When you have no value and self-respect for other people’s feeling, these might destroy the gift in you from manifesting.

[41]. If you want the best for your life, then learn to love without any iota of lust in you.

[42]. If the feeling of lust gets into you, rebuke such before it makes a damage of your person.

[43]. You are born with the greatness to love and be loved, do not allow lust make of you a victim of your own doing.

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