Poems to Make Her Feel Special and Passionate Love Poems for Her - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Poems to Make Her Feel Special and Passionate Love Poems for Her

Poems to Make Her Feel Special and Passionate Love Poems for Her

Best Poems to Make Her Feel Special and Passionate Love Poems for Her

Short lovely poems would always be real. If you want to capture the heart of the one you love, then these passionate lovely romantic poems are the real deal.

We want to share in your love story; if you feel this is possible, then these short lovely love poems are for you to share with the one you love. Breathtaking Romantic Poems And Short Lovely Poems For Love

Short Lovely Romantic Poems Her. These amazingly short romantic love poems if you would go ahead to share them would no doubt make the one you love glow with envy to keep and protect your love till the very end of time. Love Messages For Her And Romantic Messages For Him From The Heart

Best I Long for You

I Long For You

I lived for you,
I long for you,
I dream because of you.
You’re the fantasy I wanted,
And to all of my desire,
You’re the one who made it happen.

I Want You

You wooed me,
From every direction,
That you have.
Every line of my thought,
Is now consumed,
By the desire of you.
I want you, I need you,
And none else I wanted but you.

Captain Of My Heart

None else I wanted but you,
True captain of my heart.
Take your reign,
In the throne of my heart,
And sail me to the island of your love,
That I shall reign with you forever.

The Day I Found You

The present and past,
Lose their meaning,
The day I found your love.
Nothing anyone would say,
That could take your love away from me.
When I look at the past and face the future,
All I remember is your love that is there for me.

All I Need Is Your Love

Your tendered word burns with passion.
It consumes my soul with alluring desire,
That craves for a lasting touch of your love.
Your love found me then consumed my soul.
All I need is still your love to set me free.

To You That I Love

To you I truly loved,
With every breath that I take.
To you I live for,
With every dream that I have.
And to your love,
Shall I ever find as long as I live.

Your Love Is All I Need

No obstacle
Can wither my love for you.
From the beginning
It was all I needed and to the end,
Your love will ever be what I needed.
Nothing would take your place
For your love I live for today and always.

The Hidden Secret Of Your Love

Your love whisks my heart away.
To wherever you go,
There I will follow that I might discover,
The hidden secret that overwhelms,
My heart to want your love forever.

As Long As I Have Your Love

I care not what anyone might think,
As far as I have your love.
Let anyone say whatever they like,
For you will I keep my love,
And to you will I love till the end of time.

You Are The One I Love

Lo and behold, I have fallen,
Fallen to the bravery of your heart.
You came to me without any fear,
And stole my heart away.
The only treasure I have,
Is now in your full possession.
Take it, keep it and love me,
As I live to love you back in return.

Heart Touching Words And Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages

Best in Your Arms

In Your Arms

In your arm would I want,
To spend the rest of my life.
Keep on loving me the way you do,
And I shall have no option than,
To surrender my heart to you,
That you might take me,
To the throne of your love forever.

My Yearning Passion 

I bring to you the throne of my heart.
Let my soul drank from the cup of your love,
That I might thirst of nothing else,
But the yearning passion that comes with your love.

My Sweet Love

Come to me the sweetest of them all.
Let my love be your hero.
Let it guide you to the land of wonder.
And let us live in want of each other,
That we might exploit this secret,
The hidden secret that has bound us as one.

You Took Away My Loneliness

I was dying of loneliness,
Till you came my way.
I couldn’t trust any soul,
Till you open your heart to me.
Now your love has taken away my loneliness,
And opened my heart to love again.

All I Want Is Your Love

To your love would I,
Be eternally grateful to.
For you filled my vacuum,
With the treasure of your love.
Now I want no more,
But that taste of your love,
That is so sweet but hard to resist.

You Weaken My Heart

You weaken my heart with your eyes,
And wounded my soul with your love.
You make me gaze through the air,
In want of your sweet smelling scent.
Now I am addicted to your undying love,
Like a bee attracted to a pollen grain.

Your Love Burns My Heart

Your love burns,
Like a fire in the mountain,
Then what happen,
When you’re as cold as the sea?
I longed to be in both embrace,
Where I could thirst of both desires,
That would quench my shivered heart.

You Are Chosen

You’re chosen among the lots,
To make me happy.
You’re chosen to give me joy.
You’re chosen to make me yearn,
For none else but you.
You’re chosen that I might be alive,
Just to love you the way you’re.

Let Your Love Be The Song I Sing

Dance with me, the love of my life.
Let your love be the only song that I sing.
You came in a strange way,
And took every fear that my heart habour.
Now I live for you and the love,
That you have given to me.

Your Love

There is something to live for;
That is your love.
There is something to die for;
That same is your love.
All that is to live and die for,
Is the undying presence of your love.

The Coming Of Your Love

The antidotes to my loneliness,
The coming of your love heals.
The passion that elope me for years,
The coming of your love still heals.
You bring me love that heals my loneliness.
Now your love is the cure that I long for,
Every moment of my life.

What You Have Done To My Heart

I have ran and longed to escape,
The passion that burns inside of me,
But each look into your eyes,
And each time I come close to you,
I can’t fancy out myself.
Now to you have I fallen,
Take me the way you want,
And love me the way you wished.

Give Me Love

Give me freedom,
Give me pleasure,
Give me passion,
And let my heart be filled,
With the desire of your love.
Give me joy,
Give me peace,
And give me love,
That I might live,
At the feet of your love,
To love you with every,
Beat of my heart.

The Charm Of Your Love

The charm and grace,
That your love embodies,
Is second to none.
Your look is heavenly scent.
Who would look at you,
And wouldn’t confess,
To the beauty that is you.
I look into you,
And I knew what my heart felt.
Love of you that is what I felt.

The Beauty Of You

Your beauty and charm dazzled my heart.
It makes me yearn for your touch.
You set my heart on fire
And all I need is the beauty of you
To help quench the fire that burns,
My heart all because of your love.

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