Best Heart of Deceit Poems for Her and Poems on Deceit in Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Best Heart of Deceit Poems for Her and Poems on Deceit in Love

Best Heart of Deceit Poems for Her and Poems on Deceit in Love

Heart of Deceit Poems for Her and Poems on Deceit in Love

Poems About Deception. When you find terror in love, how do you handle such a situation? There are people who will come into your life and you feel like not living again.

In such situations how are you going to handle them when you realize at the same time, you can’t live without their trouble. Beautiful Poetry Love Poems In English And Deep Romantic Poems For Love

There is nothing to fear in love even though love goes the way it does. Realize that these things might happen and where it does, find within you a happy heart that would never allow any negative thought to destroy your person.

You can stay put if you feel you can change things but where you realize you can’t, it is to talk things out and where the other person can’t see reasons with you, advice yourself on what next to you.

Best I Shall be a Terror for Your Love

I Shall Be A Terror For Your Love

I shall be a mask covered in mystery
I shall be a thought provoked by your heart
Till you dare in suspense to cry.

I shall be a roar in your deepest thought
Castigating your being like the lost of breathe
I shall be a torment to your soul
Breathing valour that must awaken your midnight sleep.

I shall be mad with wicked thoughts,
Thoughts that will reduce your ego to nothing
And make you beg for your right
Like a suspect that committed no crime.

I shall be a terror to your soul
Yes I shall be your wicked thoughts
I shall be your hate-love till you realize
That a Friday that seems good is known on a Wednesday.

Nsikak Andrew
19th June, 2008

Poems On Deceit In Love. In love you would always find deceit. Some it might be intentional and some it might not be.

There are so many reasons that make deceit become a part of love. And if you have gotten this in your relationship, it shouldn’t make you feel love is just one of those things.

When your heart finds pains for the reason of love, it should be that which should make you stronger and build you up to face the challenges of life. Nigeria Love Poems For Your Personal Person

The heart of deceit would always find its way to the heart that love and when such is found within your love interest, it is time to gather yourself up and make a meaning of your life instead of dwelling in pains and making a mess of your life.

Best Heart of Deceit

Heart Of Deceit

Her lines seem to cease
And those words
That could make a soul rethink fades 
Now the heart wondered in shame
If it has hurt a soul with her thought.

Now my thoughts roam
The line of words seem to cease
I sat here in the dark
With eyes fixed to the sky with questions
What is a love worth
When the heart of deceit rules her?

Nsikak Andrew
12th March, 2008 & 29th April, 2008

Poem About Deceit And Lies. Tickle my heart and let it give a smile that would always make love proud to live right inside our heart.

Sometimes our heart inspite of it toughness goes emotional and this for sure makes us human. Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

If the one you love, makes your heart beat, for sure this is love you are feeling. And if you send this heartfelt love poem to him or her, you wouldn’t be wrong if you do.

Best Heart Beat

Heart Beat

Save me the heat,
And give me the beat,
Let my heart tingle
For my heartbeat twinkle.

Save me the tension
And give me the action
Let my heart mingle
For my heartbeat yearns.

Save me the embarrassment
And give me the enlargement
Let my heart fraternize
For my heartbeat liquidates.

Save me the emotion
And give me the motion
Let my heart journey
For my heartbeat wearies.

Save me the heart
And give me the life
Let my heart live
For my heartbeat vibrates.

Save me,
Free me,
And let me be.

Nsikak Andrew
18th September, 2008

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