Cute Lovely Text Messages to Keep Your Relationship Closer

Best Cute Lovely Text Messages to Keep Your Relationship Closer

Falling in love with the one you love is something that is so special. And making each day something to remember is that which should go on daily.

Do you care about your friendship? If sincerely you care, we have here the messages to help boost your relationship. Text Messages To Make Him Or Her Love You From The Heart 

Lovely Romantic Text Messages For Keeping Relationships Closer

[1]. You’re the only one so dear and close to my heart. You’re the only one who makes my world complete and go round.

[2]. You’re the only person who gives peace to my soul. For your love, I am here to stay and to love you forever.

[3]. Time and occasion does not matter to me as long as I have got you and no time nor occasion can replace nor take you away from me.

[4]. When my mood is down, all I do is think of the good time we share and am back on my feet so strong and so energized with the strength that your love brings.

[5]. The gift of your love makes me special. My world is complete when you whisper those sweet words into my ear that makes me feel on top of the world.

[6]. If I would forget all the basic spelling of words, I wouldn’t forget LOVE because the thought of you makes it a remembrance that I carry in my heart.

[7]. So nice to find someone like you. In all its ramification, if there is anything sweeter, the origin will ever be traced to your love. I am glad to be a custodian of it.

[8]. Who can break the bound of our love? Let no one waste his time trying because ours can not be broken or separated but rather it is made from above.

[9]. What the heart sees, the eyes might not see. If it was the eye, then I would have missed seeing you. But since it is the heart, I am glad I followed my heart.

[10]. When the heart speaks, all the body needs is to obey. My heart speaks of your love and every part of me has obeyed her judgment which is to love you. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Sweet Love Text Messages, Love Quotes And Cute Relationship Love Messages 

[11]. Music they say is the food of love. And seeing your love sang a song to my heart, I have found the music that satisfy my soul.

[12]. The most beautiful thing I have discovered since I started loving you is that your love does not grow apart nor fade away.

[13]. Beautiful dreams I started having since I fell in love with you. Your love has made my dream come true and forever will I keep dreaming of you.

[14]. Though we are two, we have one heart. The beauty of it is that the word one plus one is equal to one and never two, this our love had made so.

[15]. If love was a photograph, I would have taken you but since it is a feeling of the heart, then still I have taken you whose photograph is right here in my heart.

[16]. Though you whispered into my ear, it is my soul that feels the outcome. That single whisper of your word has opened my heart to love you like never before.

[17]. Though you kiss my lips, but it is my soul that longs for your kisses. When you kiss me, I am like a tree planted by the river side which knew no dryness.

[18]. The value of your worth, your love reveals to me. It has been the strength that carries me along from one level to another.

[19]. Love was made because of us. Love also exists because of us and love shall ever live because of us.

[20]. Love is patient, kind, long suffering, thinks of others and never itself. All these qualities have I seen in the way you love me. Heart Touching Words And Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages

Best Super Simple Text Messages that Keep a Relationship Together

Super Simple Text Messages That Keep A Relationship Together

[21]. The remedy I found to love, is to love more. I shall forever love you the more if that is all it takes to love you more.

[22]. If words can describe the feeling of love then I would have done that for ours. But since it can’t, I rather let my heart hold down the feeling of you forever.

[23]. The way you’re and the things you do, makes me love you. I love you the way you’re and for the love in you, my heart is dedicated to loving you.

[24]. The life wire of my soul is your love. If it is cut off, then I am finished. I know you will never, for if you do, I will find no other world to live nor love.

[25]. Bound by your love, I am forever grateful for our union. This is what I prayed for and when I thought I had lost hope it came my way and changed my world.

[26]. My world lacks expression till your love came in. Now; it can express itself without any limit. I value your love that came in and turned my life around.

[27]. When you said you love me, I never believed it till I saw you made some sacrifices and took some actions that have defined your kind of love.

[28]. For the first time in my life, I felt the way I have never felt before. It was then I knew it was for real. This special feeling is my love for you.

[29]. What could ever be without love? The world was created because of love. Adam and Eve were created because of love. Love is all and yours is mine.

[30]. Though I have been in love before, something keeps telling me I wasn’t loved. But since you came my way, I have no doubt that I have found true love.

[31]. I put my trust in your love. I will not be afraid to love you with my whole heart. Just promise that you will be my one and only and I will be yours forever.

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