Sad Political Nature Poem: Bazaar - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sad Political Nature Poem: Bazaar

Sad Political Nature Poem: Bazaar

Political Nature Poem: Bazaar

Bad leadership is becoming a norm among our political landscape. Politicians want to loot the collective right of all citizens for their selfish motive.

This sad nature poem is a call for those in leadership positions to know that they wouldn’t be there forever. They should create impact rather than trying to destroy the very ladder that took them to the top.


Free for all fight
Only the privileged few partakes
In this wanton sharing of our collective asset
They have perfected an act
To milk us dry even if we are dying.

Free for all fight
Decent men have adopted the thuggery way
Our national cake they must share within the few
The masses let them go to hell
This cake is our right for life.

I looked and I wept
When I saw decent men fought for nothing 
They were elected to serve
They seek to enjoy themselves alone.

How do we survive?
When all their thought is to share all
Like Bazaar our nation they seek to auction
With no hope of restoring our lost glory.

Here we are in a nation of plenty
Held bond by the selfishness of a few cabals
Whose strength in their preoccupation are to loot all
Which their seven generation wouldn’t be able to fiddle away.

Nsikak Andrew 
3rd March, 2008 & 21st April, 2008

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