Best Sweet Love SMS for Husband and Wife from the Heart - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Best Sweet Love SMS for Husband and Wife from the Heart

Best Sweet Love SMS for Husband and Wife from the Heart

Sweet Love SMS for Husband and Wife from the Heart

Best Sweet Love SMS For Husband And Wife From The Heart 

Love SMS messages are becoming a norm all over the world. Though some people might not accept it, which they see as something you need, you have to struggle to understand the abbreviated wordings.

But when you are conversant with the short words, it becomes much fun to read. When you abbreviate words, you save time and also make it sound funny.

Now for the delight of your special one, we have for you these amazingly short love SMS for the one you love. Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

Short Love SMS For Couples

[1]. I Want U & I Want U 4eva. Nothing Can Make Me Change My Mind 4 U. 4 All I Wanted Is U One With Luv Dat Has No Replacement.

[2]. My Undying Luv Goes 2 U Angel Of My Life & Keeper Of My Soul. U Have Luv Me Beyond Any Reason. 4 Dat, I Will Stick With U 4eva.

[3]. U Woo Me With D Potent Of Ur Luv & Elevated My Soul With D Tenderness Of Ur Cares. Now D Rest Of My Days Will I Live In Luv Of U.

[4]. Tenderly U Took Me In Ur Arms & D Feeling I Have Can Neva B Explain. I Long 2 B There 4 In Ur Arms Have I Found A Paradise 3 My Soul.

[5]. D Joy Of Luving U Is D Reason Am Alive. U Bring Me Luv That Brings Me Life. If Not 4 Ur Luv, I Would Have Feel Lifeless Without D Luv Of U.

[6]. Each Time I Look In2 Ur Eyes, I Feel More Closer 2 U. Ur Luv Brings Me Closer & Closer 2 U. 4 D Way U Luv, I Will Eva B Closer 2 U Now & 4eva.

[7]. D Tenderness Of Ur Luv, Brings Smile & Sunshine In2 My Life. Dis Smile Will Eva B There As Long As U Stay & Luv Me D Way U Do.

[8]. Even Without Ur Presence, I Still Feel D Aura Of Ur Luv In D Air. Where Eva U R, Just Know Dat D Luv Of U Keeps Me Around 2 Wait 4 Ur Return.

[9]. U Put A Smile In2 My Face Each Time I Think Of Our Luv. D Reason Am Still Alive Is All Becuz Of Ur Luv. If It Weren’t U, Loneliness Would Have Wrap Me 2 D Earth.

[10]. My Gratitude Goes 2 U 4 Staying & Luving Me When Every Breath Of Life Was A Challenge. Now Dat Am A Step Up, All My Life Have I Dedicated In Luv Of U.

Short Romantic Messages For Love

[11]. I Am Not Here 2 Hurt U But 2 Stay V Luv U 4eva. If There Is One Thing I Will Eva Do, Is 2 Protect & Guide U & Make Our Luv A Paradise Here On Earth.

[12]. Luving U Is Like Feeling D Warm Of D Morning Air. It Makes Me Feel Good & Bless My Day With D Tenderness Dat Awoken My Heart 2 Keep Luving U D More.

[13]. What I Value Most Is Nothing But U. 4 D Luv Of U, All Dat Makes Any Meaning 2 Me Is U, My Angel, My One & Only.

[14]. Ur Worth & Values R Not Replacement. Ur Care & Kind-Heartedness Is Priceless. Ur Luv & Smile Is Irresistible. Truly, U’r A Diamond Dat Faded Not.

[15]. Each Time I Look In2 Ur Eyes, I Behold D Beauty Of Heaven & Each Time I Think Of U, I Have D Feel Of Paradise . U’r D Joy Of D Heavenly Paradise I Long 4.

[16]. Ur Luv Gives Me D Wing 2 Fly. Ur Tenderness, Gives Me D Heart 2 C Anoda Day. In D Beauty Of It, Ur Luv Makes Me What I Am.

[17]. If I Die Now, I Have No Regret. 4 D Regret I Would Have Had D Beauty Of Ur Luv Blinded Them All Away.

[18]. Wings Were Made 2 Fly, Luv Was Made 2 Live. In My Heart Would Ur Luv Eva Live As Long As U Give Me Wings 2 Fly.

[19]. I Prayed 4 A Guardian Angel Who Will Guard Me All D Way & When I Thought My Prayer Weren’t Answered, U Came Like A Torch-Bearer & Sweep Me Off With D Sunshine Dat Is Ur Luv.

[20]. I Thought I Was Ill When I Didn’t Hear Ur Voice In An Hour. Now I Know Dat D Cause Of My Illness Is D Thought Of Missing U.

Love Text Messages For The One You Love

[21]. They Say Luv Is Blind But How Come When I Close My Eyes, All I C Is D Wondrous Beauty V D Warm Sunshine Dat Ur Luv Radiates.

[22]. When I Was Sick, I Decided 2 Take No Pills. All I Needed Was 2 Hear Ur Voice & All D Symptom Dat Was My Sickness Will Disappear.

[23]. D Only Drug I Can Take Is One Dose Of Ur Luv & I Will 4eva B Alright D Rest Of My Life.

[24]. If I Am Sick, I Know D Right Prescription 2 Take – A Little Bit Of Ur Luv Added With A Bit Of Ur Tender-Luving-Care & I Will B Fine All Day Long.

[25]. Each Time I Think Of Ur Luv 4 Me, Tears Of Joy Feels My Heart. Till U Came, No One Had Luv Me D Way U Do.

[26]. To The Throne Of My Heart, U Came, Took My Tears Away & Gave 2 Me D Luv Dat Am So Proud Of. 4 Dat, I Will Eva Live To Luv U Till D End.

[27]. I Promise Neva 2 Let Tears Drop 4rm My Eye Anymore But Even If It Does, Know Dat D Joy Of Finding A Perfect Luv In U, Makes Me Shade Tears Of Joy.

[28]. Before I Was Afraid I Might Lose U But Now, I Am Not. 4 I Trust U Beyond What Words Can Explain.

[29]. I Know Dat What We Have Is A Bond Dat Only D Hand Of D Almighty Would Separate.

[30]. If Ur Luv Was 2 B Bought With Money, I Would B D Least 2 Offer A Price. But Since It Is Priceless, I Am So Honoured Dat Of All, It Found Me 2 Make Urs. Sweet Love Text Messages For The One You Love

Best Unique Love Messages for Husband and Wife

Unique Love Messages For Husband And Wife

[31]. If Ur Luv Was 2 B Sold, Then I Would Have Walk D World Without D Money 2 Buy One. But Since It Is A Free Gift Of Nature, I Am So Glad 2 Have Urs As Mind.

[32]. Ur Luv Is Like D River Dat Neva Run Dry. Every Moment Of D Day, It Luving Kindness Has Quenched My Thirst. Now I Live In Peace 2 Drink 4rm D Cup Of Ur Luv & Care.

[33]. Ur Luv Is Like A Tree Planted By D River Side. It Has Grown & Flourishes Through My Soul.

[34]. I Am A Living Testimony 2 All D Good Tiding Dat Has Come My Way All Becuz I Found D Luv In U.

[35]. Luving U Is Like Feeling D Bliss Of Eternity. I Shall 4eva Hold O 2 It 4 In U Have I Found D Joy 2 Luv & B Loved.

[36]. Hug Me, Kiss Me, Luv E & Make Me Urs 4eva. Never U Leave Me 4 I Can’t Imagine Any World Without U.

[37]. I Opened My Heart & Wrote Ur Name In It. There Shall It Eva B Hidden 4rm All Who Might Seek 2 Destroy Our Bound.

[38]. I Was Asked B/W A Million Dollar & U. I Wasted No Time In Picking U. 4 D Value Of Money Can Neva Replace Ur Worth. U’re More Than A Million Dollars 2 Me.

[39]. My Luv 4 U Is 4 Eternity. It Shall B Here 2day, Tomorrow & 4eva.

[40]. Upon D Surface Of D Water I Wrote Ur Name. Let D Wave Of D Ocean Carry It & Announce 2 D World Dat In D Beauty Of Luv, Have I Found U, Lover Of My Soul.

Sweet Love Messages For Couples

[41]. To U Have I Given My Heart, Plz Take Care Of It. Do Not Break It 4 If U Do, My World 4eva Will B Shattered.

[42]. My World Have I Made 4 U 2 B In Luv With U. Plz Take Care Of It 4 I Have No Other World If U Break Dis One Apart.

[43]. Like Raindrops, Ur Luv Watered My Life & Made Me A Beautiful Treasure 2 Behold.

[44]. Bundle Of Joy, Ur Luv Made Inside My Heart Whole. 4 Dat, I Am So Glad 4 D Luv Dat U Bring In2 My Life. Now I Can Smile All Becuz U Luv Me.

[45]. Ur Luv Is Sweeter Than Rose & Brighter Than D Star. It Aura Elevated My Soul & Made Me Think Of Nothing Else But U Dat Have Comforted Me.

[46]. If I Could Paint Luv, Then I Would Have Painted U. But Since Luv Grows In D Heart, Then I Have Painted A True Picture Of U Dat Is D Luv Dat Neva Fades.

[47]. Like Sunshine, Ur Luv Shore Through My Soul & Watch Away All D Fault Dat Had Kept Me Bound.

[48]. I C D True Meaning Of Luv Through U Every Brightness Of D Day.

[49]. Yesterday Is Gone & Tomorrow Is 4eva. I Shall Look 2 D Future With Hope 4 All D Journey I Will Eva Take, I Have Found A Perfect Match Dat Will Go With Me – Ur Luv!

[50]. Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Ur Luv Showered & Blessed Me Like D Drop Of Rainfall. Now Am A Blessed Soul All Becuz I Found Ur Luv.

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