Short Lovely Romantic Text Messages for Him and Her from the Heart - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Short Lovely Romantic Text Messages for Him and Her from the Heart

Short Lovely Romantic Text Messages for Him and Her from the Heart

Best Short Lovely Romantic Text Messages for Him and Her from the Heart
There is something about discovering your true identity when you fall in love with the rightful soulmate. It is something that words would lack her true explanation. You sit quietly reminiscing and right within your phone message inbox, you receive a treasured message that reaffirms your thought that you have found the special one. 
How happy you would feel. Indeed it is one tonic that makes the heart felt at ease with itself. Though romantic messages abound but this will blow your mind away if this is coming from the one you sincerely cared for. How about messages that make the heart beat, how about signing a true song of love right within your mind. If you care to understand how love goes, here are some messages you should send to the one you sincerely love. Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages
These messages are not for you to collect and go play with someone’s heart. It is meant for couples who sincerely share something real in common. Go grab some here and make your love flow within your might.
Your Love Took My Pains Away
[1]. Your love is what makes my heart burn like fire. But I am comforted that each time I come close to you, you took away the pains and gave me a peace of mind. I love this love of yours that burns like fire.
[2]. What can I compare to your love? I have searched around and found none that is comparable to you. You are my perfect angel, an incomparable creation and one created with perfection just for me.
[3]. My charming angel, every smile of you gladdens my heart to live for you. For your love, I can’t live a day without you. I love you and sincerely do.
[4]. You turn my head whenever you appear. You make me feel like a King every time you smile. You are my all and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Loving you all the way till the very end.
[5]. Treasure of a lifetime, I have found my hidden treasure in you. You are and will ever be my hidden treasure for life.
[6]. Every moment, I feel loved and cherished. Every day, I feel safe and secure all because you love me the way I have never been loved before.
[7]. The story of my life shall never be complete without you. You have become my source of strength and one who makes me see beyond my weakness. I am so happy for your love that makes me see beyond my imagination.
[8]. Honey is sweet but your love is the sweetest. Gold has a price tag but your love is priceless. If I have to choose between both, I rather choose you my love that is priceless and the sweetest of them all.
[9]. My love for you is like an egg. Please handle it with care. If you break it, you will hurt my heart. I know you would not do such for your love is so tender and caring. It is all I desire to make my life go round.
[10]. You are the apple of my eyes and the joy of my life. You gave me hope and a peace of mind. With your love, I am like one who has found his lost treasure. And for sure you are my found treasure for life.

Best Today and Always, You are My Found Treasure

Today And Always, You Are My Found Treasure
[11]. I am so sorry to have kidnapped your heart but I cannot let you go because I do not want to miss nor lose your love any minute of the day. Your love is so dear to me that is why I would never want to lose any side of you.
[12]. No money in the world would I take in exchange for your love. Nothing rather would I want for your worth, money can’t buy your love. You are hard to find and for believing in me, it is my promise to love with all my heart.
[13]. Sorrow, pain and regret were part of my everyday’s thought but since you came into my life, happiness, peace and incomparable joy are now my everyday songs. For all the love we share, I just want to let you know that you are appreciated all the way.
[14]. Every second, minute and honour. Every morning, noon and night, your love is all I need to make my world go round.
[15]. I promise to be there for you no matter the weather. I promise to love you no matter the situation. I promise to be your one and only till the end of time.
[16]. Indeed worried was my everyday thought. And emptiness seems my best friend but since you came into my life, I feel so fulfilled to have you as the angel who drove my worries and emptiness away. 

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