Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages

Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages

Best Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages

Sweet romantic love messages and love quotes are something so special to remember. The one you love will always cherish these messages of love that is sincere and right from your heart.
If you actually feel love for that special person in your life, go ahead and make him or her happy with these inspiring love messages and love quotes to make their day feel so rewarding.
Deep Love Messages For Him And Her: Your Love Inspired Me To Be The Best I can Always Be
[1]. Love brought us together and made for us a home that peace reigns. I am so glad to find a perfect home of love in you.
[2]. In youth and in old, the language the body understands to live young is love. I found yours and am so young that I feel I will live forever.
[3]. You have proved to me that your love is the number one. For that I shall ever be your number one now and always.
[4]. Your love is a wonder; it pierces through my heart and placed inside of it the mark that no one forever would erase except you my love.
[5]. If I would forget all the basic spelling of words in the world, I wouldn’t forget L.O.V.E. for it the basic spelling of that word and the thought of you makes them a remembrance that I carry in my heart.
[6]. Ask me of the greatest tragedy and I will tell you it is when you cease to love.
[7]. Today I make this vow to love you and always. Today I promise you my love if only you will let me be the one you can trust and count on.
[8]. Your worth is priceless so is the beauty of you faultless. Just within a while, you have become a part of me that I can’t live without.
[9]. Like the rainbow your love sparkles like the dawn of a new day that brings a peace of mind to comfort my soul.
[10]. Each time I look into the sky, I smile. The reason is the love you bring. It's like a bright new sky that took away my pains and made me yours forever. Romantic Sweet Words for Him and Her, Sweet Words of Love for Him and Her
Charming Text Messages For Him Or Her: Your Smile Makes My World Go Around
[11]. The way you smile and the way you care, makes me love you so much. You are the only one who puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like a king that rules a nation.
[12]. Each time I hear the wind blow, I smile for I know it is your perfect love blowing my way to give me all the energy I need to love you the more.
[13]. My cure comes when I think of you and every worried mind is at peace when I remember your gentle voice and the way you smile.
[14]. The sound of your voice melts my heart and when you smile, my spirit, body and soul is made whole. I am complete just hearing your voice and seeing you smile.
[15]. Smile and never be tired of smiling for me. When you smile you make me feel loved. Your smile is infectious and my heart longs to be with you each time I see that smile on your face.
[16]. I love your simple look and I adore your smile. Your simplicity will forever draw me to you. Now I live each day admiring the beauty I found in you for real.
[17]. Just a little smile, a taste of your loving cares and I shall forever be alright all the time.
[18]. A little smile, a little of your care and an overdose of your love that is all I need to live to see another day.
[19]. Sometimes I smile and dance in close doors. The reason I smile and dance is you. You give me the reason each time I realized that all I have is you.
[20]. Every smile on your face makes me a happy person. I am so glad that I found in you the smile that makes my world go round.
Touching Love Messages For Her: Your Took My Breath Away Every Time I hear Your Voice
[21]. Each time I hear your voice, my heart beats faster. Each time you hold and kiss me, I am lost for breath.
[22]. To every depth and breath, my love will always go down with you. To every length and height, same shall it do.
[23]. Without you, my heart is useless and will ever lack the energy to breath again.
[24]. You are incomparable to any precious thing both death and alive. Your beauty is simply breathtaking and your love so bold and sensual that all I want is it and nothing else.
[25]. My whole part breathes because you live. And if you’re gone, I will never be alive again.
[26]. You are my all. Taking you apart from me is like telling me not to breath again. You are all and so shall you ever be.
[27]. Each time I look into your face, I’m comforted because your love brings me comfort and all the good luck I need to succeed.
[28]. The reason I work so hard is for us. Your love gives me the strength to work hard so that the smile I see in you will forever be a lasting one.
[29]. Perfect soul, joy of my heart, beauty incomparable, jewel of inestimable value, love of my life. You’re all a God sent to my life.
[30]. When I’m with you, I feel good. May your heart forever be open to accept my love. For among the others, it’s you I have chosen to be my love till the end. Best Motivational Words Of Advice On How To Treat Your Man Or Woman Right
Deep Love Messages For Him: Your Love Is Something That Is So Special To Me
[31]. If I’m sick, I would take no pills. All the pills I need to put me back on track is a little dose of your love. If I have it then I’m well for life.
[32]. They say true love thinks of another and denies itself some comfort. Now I know why your love is so adorable. It thinks of me and the same will I do for you.
[34]. Your love heals my wounded soul and brings to me a new hope. Now, all I want to live for is you and nothing else.
[35]. Your love has erased my doubt and created in me the heart that lives for you. It has made me a new creature that I might search for none else but you.
[36]. I need no further confirmation nor a crystal ball to see through that all I need in love are found in you. You’re my all.
[37]. Over my pride, I humble myself and choose you as the best thing in my life. You’re the precious gift I have. Keep my love, it’s real, that's all I have to give.
[38]. I appreciate and cherish the time we share. Those are the best moments of my life. If I have only one day to live, to your arm will I spend it.
[39]. In all of my days, one thing I cherished most is the beautiful time we spend together. It’s one memory that can never be taken away from me.
[40]. If I have only one day on this planet earth or a second to spend then know for sure that I will rather spend it with you.
Love Messages For Him Or Her From The Heart: Your Love Makes Me Feel So Special
[41]. For your love, there is no place that is too far. Anywhere you are, if I am not there with you in person, my love will always be right there with you.
[41]. When your love touched down on me and elevated my soul to another level, I knew it was for real. Now it has come to stay and I have no doubt about it.
[42]. I am like the seed that your love germinates. It shall forever grow as long as you keep watering it with your cares and tendered loving.
[43]. With your love I can cross the ocean and walk a thousand miles and never would I become weary. This to me is a simple task all because you love me so real.
[44]. Loving you is like eternity. It comes so natural to me that I lack the right words to express them. I see paradise when I see you.
[45]. Our love is a bound made from above. It’s only eternity that can break us apart. Loving you means eternity to me for I love you eternally.
[46]. No bars nor chain or walls can separate my love for you. Neither than separate us, it shall be like a pillar that binds us together.
[47]. Even though I’m beaten by rain and hunted by the shining sun, I shall not be weary for your love is there to cover me through them all.
[48]. The rest of my life I want to spend with you. My generation it’s an honour I want you to bear. These I do for love just because you love me the way I am.
[49]. The sight of you sends joy into my heart. You have blessed me with love so real and for that I would ever live because you love me.
[50]. What would life have been without your love, care, warm and smile? You’re one in a million and all I can do is to keep blessing the day I found you. How To Make Someone Love You Relationship Advice For Man And Woman

Best Passionate Love Messages

Passionate Love Messages: Your Love Is Something That I Shall Always Cherish
[51]. You touch me with the beauty of your love. Now I am so glad that I have a love to call my own.
[52]. Your love has taught me how to do things for each other. Now I long to do anything for you.
[53]. I care so much about you and would do anything to make you happy. All I want is your love and am yours as long as you want me.
[54]. Your love is second, to none. It is the most perfect thing I see. For out of nothing, it has made me a perfect being.
[55]. Each time you hold my hand, I feel the warm of your love. And when you hold me close to your heart. I see myself walk the street of paradise.
[56]. If I have to walk a thousand mile for your love, I will rather do without any qualms because your love gives me the energy to walk for you.
[57]. Forever, I will need and want you as long as I live. For your love has change me and made me the focus of attention.
[58]. You’re my companion; my best friend and my dream come true. Within my heart, it’s ONLY your love that has a ROOT and nothing can take that away. 
[59]. Day comes and goes but your love came and stayed. I’m so glad that it stayed for all I needed was the love of you to stay and make me a new person.
[60]. I know I have fallen in love and you’re the one I have fallen for. Take my love as a precious gift, nurture it and keep it safe that I might live for you always.
True Love Messages: Forever Together Yours Forever
[61]. We will be forever to line in togetherness and make our love the envy of all.
[62]. Whatever was that you loved before, I seek to replace them now and forever. Give me that change so we have for each other.
[63]. I promise never to leave me but stay and love me forever. If you continually do, I promise to be your all forever.
[64]. You are the most precious thing to me. More precious than gold and more adorable than the rose flower.
[65]. I will never stop loving you for your kind of love is not what would stop loving at.
[66]. Your love is like the wind that brings me home. Without you, I will be lost without knowing how to find my way home.
[67]. Nothing tastes as your love. Without it, every other thing is tasteless.
[68]. I am full of light, because of your love. If it weren’t so, darkness would have become my guiding light.
[69]. Even if darkness covers the earth, there is one light I have that will see through every darkness; that is your love.
[70]. I was asked what love is and wasted no time in replying. Do you know what I reply? Love is you. Romantic Love Poems For Her From The Heart And Short Love Poems For Her
Romantic Love Messages: I Am Addicted To Loving You
[71]. If loving you means to be blind then let me be blind as long as I can see you and none else but you.
[72]. Who will see you and doesn’t know you were created for love and to be loved.
[73]. You are the one I want. You are the centre of my existence. You are the love made for me.
[74]. Loving you is the right decision I made. I will ever love you because you’re the right person for me.
[75]. If love is a crime then I am in jail and a prisoner of yours.
[76]. Though I loved before, but it wasn't as strong as what I felt in you.
[77]. With you, I can see clearly and my day is made whole. But without you, it feels so boring that I feel like I can’t see anything.
[78]. If the future looks rough our love will make it straight and smooth. All we need is the love in us to see us through any stormy weather.
[79]. Just don’t change anything. I love you just the way you’re.
[80]. You are all I have ever wanted. One with the love that is so sincere that I feel so blessed to have you as mine.
Deepest Romantic Messages: The Magic I Found In Loving You
[81]. I believe in you for nothing else could ever mean so much to me as you do.
[82]. In every storm of the weather, I shall love you more than ever. For in the storm of weather will the proof of my true love manifest.
[83]. Love me and never let me out of your side. Take me wherever you go for I can’t live without you by my side.
[84]. You have got everything anyone would want in life. Good look, good height, good shape but of all good LOVE that you have given to me.
[85]. My future belongs to you when I see you, I can see my future but without you, my future is doom. Stay with me, so we can make our future bright.
[86]. Your love lives within me. Without it, I am no more.
[87]. Even if I have everything but without you, I have nothing.
[88]. Any time you are not with me. My life is miserable and a hell of a place to live in.
[89]. Magical and unimaginable, these are a few words to describe your love. It is so amazing that my whole life is complete just thinking of you.
[90]. So happy I am, for the day we met. So glad I am that we fell in love. So fulfill I am all because you love and care for me. Romantic Nigeria Pidgin Love Poems In English Language For The One You Love

Heart Touching Love Words: The Strength I Found In Loving You
[91]. There is no need to spell LOVE. You are love with a meaning that can never be spelled.
[92]. For you I knew my worth. For you I became a new person. For you, I am what I am all because you love me.
[93]. Your love touches every part of me and turns my life like no one else has done. For your love, I shall never want another but you.
[94]. Best among the best, you are the best and nothing can compare to you. You are the best and I love you more for it.
[96]. Every time I wonder how you look. But the faith that brought us together makes me feel your beauty.
[97]. I feel your body chemistry each time I talk to you. And I am complete when I see your text. You make me love you the more each time I either hear your voice or read from you.
[98]. When for me the reason to live was gone, you came, took my hand, lifted me up and made me feel that inspite of my challenges; I should have hope of making it.
[99]. If there is anything I wouldn’t imagine is waking up and not finding you here with me. If that ever happens, I can't tell how I will feel.
[100]. If I have one wish to make, that wish would be that your love be mine as long as I live.

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