Romantic SMS Messages for Someone Special in Your Life - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Romantic SMS Messages for Someone Special in Your Life

Romantic SMS Messages for Someone Special in Your Life

Best Romantic SMS Messages for Someone Special in Your Life

Romantic SMS Messages For Someone Special In Your Life

When you are romantic, it comes with it no pretending. Those who pretend to love would always run out of ideas to move their relationship to the next level. Be real to yourself and express your love just the way you feel about it. 

You can be blunt with romantic sweetness in the way you express yourself. Let the one you love understand you through the unique way you express yourself. 

No pretend, love is to be shared with the one who cares. And the moment you are romantic, go get it the way it should be. Romantic messages could help keep your relationship intact. Here are some to make your love count.

You Bring Me Joy That Gives Me The Heart To Love Again

[1]. You brought joy into my life by depositing in me the heart to love. If loving you is a crime then let me be the one who stole your heart for keep.

[2]. Today I woke up and sweet smile glows my lips all because in my dream, I saw you. You are my everyday dream.

[3]. At a corner in my heart lies a picture of you. Each time I think of you, I smile because I know I have found someone who loves and cares for me.

[4]. Your love gives me the strong desire that I needed to succeed. I found you and found the perfect tonic that gives me the heart to succeed in all that I do.

[5]. Within my heart, I made this little confession. You are so cute and natural; I could not help but want to have you as my love for the rest of my life.

[6]. Your aura of glamour is a blessing to my soul. When I think of you, I am like someone who has found his lost treasure. And you know what, you are that found treasure.

[7]. You are the joy of my heart and my every day’s thought is incomplete without you. For you, my heart is always at peace for knowing you. You are indeed a blessing sent from above.

My Hidden Little Box Of Confession To You

[8]. My heart beats for you. My mind lives for you. My heart, my mind just cannot live a day without you. You are the one that makes me complete.

[9]. Lonely nights filled with lonely thoughts. For the night I dreamt, all I could remember was you keeper of my dream.

[10]. Your voice is like a gift from above. Every time I heard you talk, my heart gladden with a peace of mind to be alive for the love of you.

[11]. Your love is like the gift of valentine and your caring is like the joy of Christmas. I have tasted both and now I know I wouldn’t be the same without the gift of you.

[12]. The heart that love isn’t it like the stars that shine? The heart that cares isn’t it like the flowers that flourish? Your smiles aren’t it like the joy that never fades.

[13]. Let the joy of the day be your portion and the joy of the night be your glory. May the love of God be your guiding light now and forever.

[14]. I must confess that you mean everything to me. You are my light in darkness, my eye when I cannot see and my hope when I seem to lost inspiration.

The Sweetness Of Love That I Found In Loving You

[15]. You are like the rain that renewed my soul. You light up my heart when I am down and gave to me the joy that brighten my day. Indeed you are a part of the sweetness I cherished.

[16]. Sweetest of them all, I have to make this confession. Your love is like the balm that healed my soul. Ever since I started loving you, I have come to find out that I feel no ailment anymore.

[17]. You came when I needed love and took away every pain that had weakened my heart. I will forever be grateful for the day I found you, love of my life.

[18]. Your love is perfect and complete. Nothing in this world would I use to compare with your love. Your love is true, sincere, loving and above all, a perfect choice for me to love.

[19]. Who says love is not fun? Let them hear my story. I have found love and found my every day fun. That fun is you, love of my life.

[20]. You warmed my heart with the flame of your love. You made me live everyday like my breath depends on you. Now I can’t go a day without thinking of you. You are so special to me.

[21]. My body, spirit and soul are controlled by the flame of your love. Whichever way you want it; it is all yours for keep. Take me, and love me the way you do.

[22]. When the rain drops and I found the warm of your love, I felt the warmness of cold no more. Your love is like the blanket that took my cold away.

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