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Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife

Here are proud messages for husband, love messages for husband and wife, love message for husband far away.

Best Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife

Our lovely love romantic messages are a collection of sweet romantic messages for husband and wife. These messages are so unique and something you could send daily to your husband or wife to keep rekindling your love daily. Most Beautiful Love Words for Someone You Love

Proud Messages for Husband and Wife: My Love For You Will Never Die

[1]. A life without love would wither away and love without sacrifices would die prematurely.  You have made sacrifices that I would forever remember that your love was meant to stay.

[2]. Have you ever heard of neither love growing old nor die? If love does not grow old nor die, then I have found that in yours and forever would I hold on to it as long as we live to see another day.

[3]. If I would live, it is for your love and if I would die, it is for your love. All I would ever live and die for, is your love. I love you.

[4]. I may not have all the fine qualities that can make you die but I have one thing that equals them all and that will I give to you – my heart.

[5]. If everything dies nor fade away, your love will never be forgotten. It has taken control of my heart and I live because I found your love.

[6]. If everything lives and die – love neither. For loving you, I will neither die but live. My love for you is for eternity. It shall be here today, tomorrow and forever.
[7]. Blessed beyond comprehension, the aura of your love has made me whole. Her alabaster smell has engulfed my heart. Now all I do is bless The Good Lord for giving you to me.

[8]. The Lord saw my heart and brought you to me. Now I can live the rest of my days knowing that I have found the heart that was made for me.

[9]. I lost one of my ribs and never thought I would find it but when I least expected it, I found it in you. You have become my lost rib and to you shall I cleave unto forever.

[10]. Love was made because of us. Love also exists because of us and love shall forever live because of us. Hot Love Text Messages for Him or Her

Heart Touching Love Messages for Husband and Wife: Your Affection Is Like The Warm Of The Morning Air

[11]. Loving you is like feeling the warm of the morning air. It blesses my day and makes me feel so good with the tenderness that keeps making me love you more and more.

[12]. Like the morning air, you blew my pains away. Like sunrise, you brighten my day. Like night fall, you protect me away from evil. I am so glad to have you as my love.

[13]. My heart, my soul, my breath, my body, all bears witness to my love for you. Every part of me breaths all because you give me the reason to love and live for.

[14]. I long for you like the breath of new air and live for your love like the dawn of a new day. All my life, it is your love that has taken over.

[15].  Your love keeps no record of wrong. When I am wrong, you correct me. For your kind of love, I pray for it to be mine forever.

[16]. Though you whispered into my ear, it is my soul that feels the outcome. That single whisper of your word has opened my heart to love you forever.

[17]. Love is patience, love is kind, love is long suffering, love thinks of others and never itself. All these qualities of love and many more have I seen in the way you love me. For you, I have no doubt to be yours forever.

[18]. Money or you, I wouldn’t need any fortune teller to see through it. It is you or nothing else.

[19]. Life or death, I have decided to live for you and the love we share. That is a vow that can never be erased no matter the test of time.

[20]. If love is a prison yard, I want to go there as long as it is yours that I would find there. Poetic Love Poems and Romantic Messages of Love Poems

Hot Love Messages for Husband and Wife: Your Love Is The Puzzle That Answers My Heart

[21]. This puzzle I found no answer to. I just found myself loving you because I love you and I just can’t explain it.

[22]. Where you come from or who you are, love doesn’t ask of it all. Love found her answers in the heart. I love you, for I have found my answers in you.

[23]. When Shakespeare said “love is merely madness”. Now I know because I found myself doing things I shouldn’t have done all because of my love for you.

[24]. They say absence diminishes love but yours have not done that. Instead each time you are not around, my love for you keeps increasing more and more.

[25]. The puzzle to my heart’s many worries, you answer with the love that you bring. Now I want you, like the breath of air so I can breathe and live for your love that brings a peace of mind to my soul.

[26]. You are everything good to me. For you, there is no lie, for loving you, I found myself aglow knowing in you, there is no mistake but perfection all the way.

[27]. Two will always equal one any time love is at play. I thought that was a lie but now I know better – our love is one and only equals to one.

[28]. You are everything good to me. For you, there is no lie, for living, I found myself aglow knowing in you, there is no mistake but perfection all the way.

[29]. In words and deeds will I ever express my love for you. My action shall forever show how and what you mean to me. To you would I give my all to be in love with you today and always.

[30]. We are soulmates for a purpose. Just hold back, no resistance because we are on a mission that is bless for us to uphold. That mission is my love for you. Romantic Poems for the One You Love and Love Poems of Romantic Messages

Emotional Messages for Husband and Wife: My All In One I Love You Just The Way You Are
[31]. My love, you are the best among equals. If there is anyone that can contest the throne to my heart, that person is none else but you. For you, I give the whole of my heart to love you just the way you love me too.

[32]. Two hearts in love are like naked wire that can burn any intruder. Let any intruder know, our love would burn any that seek to separate us.

[33]. I am like the seed that your love geminates. It shall forever grow as long as you keep watering it with your cares and tendered loving.

[34]. No boundary or barrier can separate us. Since I have decided to stick with you, nothing can disconnect me from loving you.

[35]. Right from the beginning we were destined to be together. If that was destiny, then we have found our togetherness to be in love forever.

[36]. I am so blessed to have you as my diamond. You have become the precious gold that shore through my darkness.

[37]. If your love was to be bought with money, I would be the least to offer a price. But since it is priceless, I am so honoured that of all, it found me to make yours.

[38]. The unity of the heart comes under the embrace of love. When you love me, I could see the unity of purpose. The very way we act and do things are a testimony to the love that we shared.

[39]. The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you, I have no doubt nor regret about it. You are my choice in love for life.

[40]. This little seed of love you sowed inside my heart has germinated into an oak tree. Now it has bear the fruits of togetherness wrapped in love for you. Deep Love Messages for Husband and Wife

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband and Wife: When Tomorrow Comes I Shall Always Be Here To Love You

[41]. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is forever. I shall look to the future with hope for the entire journey I shall ever take; I have found a perfect match that will go with me and that is your undying love for me.

[42]. If I could run, if I would crawl, if I could swim or climb the highest mountain, I would do as long as I found your and your love to go with me.

[43]. I am searching no more. For I have found you the love of my life. Let me be the one you love and live for. For you, I will love with every breath that I take.

[44]. I had a nightmare that you were in someone else's arms but when I woke up and found you by my side, I knew I could breathe again.

[45]. I see a better tomorrow. I see the future is bright. I see a word of possibility because in you, I see tomorrow, the future and a world of possibility.

[47]. If there is anything that makes me feel alive, it is the aura that your love carries. It has taken control over me and there is nothing I would do without the love of you.

[48]. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I dance in close doors. The reason I smile and dance is you. You give me the reason to smile and dance each time I realize that all I have is you.

[49]. I looked into the sky and all I see is your pretty smile. I am so amazed how your smile could melt my heart. You are a perfect smile that makes my world go round.

[50]. Your love gives me the reason to smile from the depth of my heart. If there is one thing I would rather live for, it is your undying love that has made me what I am today. Short Lovely Romantic Text Messages for Him and Her from the Heart

Best Caring Messages for Husband and Wife

Caring Messages for Husband and Wife: When You Are Far Away
[51]. When trouble comes and it is seen everything is far away from me. I know a safe place I could turn and find a peace of mind. It is to the arms of your love and nothing else.

[52]. When you are far away, I love it. When you are near, I love you too. But when you are by my side, I love you forever.

[53]. When no one seems to care, you showed me that you are more than caring. When all deserted me, you were there to show me that you will always be there for me. For you, I promise to stand by you at all times to prove my love for you.

[54]. In years to come, my love for you shall ever be the same because I knew from the start, that you were the one made for me.

[55]. Your love gives meaning to my life. Your love renewed my heart and gave me the reason to love again. My heart, soul and body, shall ever live to always love you.

[56]. My eye was blindfolded and was asked to identify you. I smile because I needed not to hear your voice to know if it was you. All I would ever do is to close my eyes and the aura of you which I know right within my heart shall identify that it was you.

[57]. Nothing makes any meaning to my life than your love. Nothing gives me hope than your love. Your love is all I need to make my life anew. Thank you for loving me, now, I am a better person all because you love me.

[58]. The sweetest thing that has ever happened to my life is the day you gave your love to me. Each day, I looked back, I shall ever live to cherish that day.

[59]. When you wake up and hear the bird sing, just smile. When you look around and see the sun shines, still smile. For it is me sending a message of goodwill that says “smile I love you just the way you are”.

[60]. Even in your absence, it has given me the aura to want you more and more. Now if I feel your absence all I do is think of you and my heart is comforted to wait and be there for you. Positive Love Thoughts for Today and Sweet Love Messages

Romantic Love Words for Husband and Wife: The Joy I Found In Loving You

[61]. Nothing in life gives me joy as being around you. You are my source of joy, peace and peace of mind. Loving you gives me all and for you, I long to be with you the rest of my life.

[62]. The wing of your love has covered my shame and nakedness away. Now, I walk with so much joy in my heart that I have the love of you that has given to me all that I ever wanted. 

[63]. The Lord saw my low state and brought me you. Now I can live the rest of my days with deep joy in my heart knowing that out of my low esteem, I have found the love that was made for me.

[64]. The love of you is like peace in trouble time, the thought of you is like a taste of honey in the mouth while loving you is like living in joy and happiness forever.

[65]. The remedy I found to love, is to love more. I shall forever love you more if that is all it takes to love you the more.

[66]. I tried to run and ignore your love but the more I tried to hide away from it, the more I found myself getting glue to you. Your love has become the glue that my heart is gum to.

[67]. Always in my mind, you are there. There will you ever be. For in you have I found the love that will ever be there in my mind always.

[68]. I shall sing of your love even in darkness. For if I do, brightness will always overshadow every darkness that has engulfed my mind not to love again.

[69]. Love will find you when you open up your heart. Don’t close your heart to love even when you’re hurt. If you can open your heart, then love can find you.

[70]. Every moment I feel the presence of your love, I am like a child who made her face smile. And when you kiss me I am like someone who has found a hidden treasure. Romantic Sweet Words for Him and Her and Sweet Words of Love for Him and Her

Missing You Messages for Husband and Wife: A Day Without Your Love Is Like Walking In Darkness

[71]. With you, there is no darkness. Your love carries the aura that brightens my day and makes it beautiful for others to envy.

[72]. Your beauty captivates me, your charisma mesmerized me and your love split my heart. Now I can’t live a day without thinking of you.

[73]. I shall ever sing of your love even in darkness. When I do, I see brightness overshadow every darkness that has engulfed my mind not to love you.

[74]. So bright with the light that overcomes my dark world. Your love came and took away my loneliness. And now all I dreamt of is the love of yours that took my darkness away.

[75]. Your love is like a tree planted by the river side. It has grown and flourishes through my soul. Now, I am a living testimony to all the good tiding that has come my way all because I found the love in you.

[76]. Loving you is like feeling the bliss of eternity. I shall forever hold unto it for in you have I found the joy to love and be loved.

[77]. The reason you were created was for me to love. Since I found you, I have no regret that the creation of your kind was all because of me.

[78]. I found the balm to my injured heart. That is the power of your love. It has cured me of hate and has blessed me with a peace of mind.

[79]. The willpower to overlook all the shortcomings, your love has given to me. The short coming I found in you is that I love you more than I can ever imagine.

[80]. For what you are, I find no meaning to love you but for who you are my love will forever be yours. Best Motivational Words of Advice on How to Treat Your Man or Woman Right

You are my Love Quotes for Husband and Wife: Days Come And Go But Your Love Came And Stayed

[81]. Day comes and goes but your love came and stayed. I am so glad that it stayed for all I needed was the love of you to stay and renewed my heart to love you till the end.

[82]. In the arms of your love do I find comfort. You opened your arms and welcomed me with an open mind. There I have found rest to my worried mind and there shall I stay forever.

[83]. When your love touched down on me and elevated my soul to another level, I knew it was for real. Now it has come to stay and I have no doubt about it that it will be forever.

[84]. My connection to the world is through your love. If you take your love away, then you have killed all that makes me stay alive.

[85]. Your love came like the dawn of a new day and awoken my soul like the brightness of the sunset. Now I can see both day and night because your love has taken away my darkness.

[86]. Your love came with this perfection that none alive would fault. Heaven must have rested the day it created you. For you are prettier than the prettiest.

[87]. I cannot believe that your love came to me and erased my fear. It took my shame away and gave me the heart to live for you.

[88]. Hug me, kiss me, love me and make me yours forever. Never should you leave me for I cannot imagine any world without your love.

[89]. Upon the surface of the water I wrote your name. Let the wave of the ocean carry it and announce to the world that in the beauty of love, have I found you, love of my life.

[90]. Lovely fun with tender cares, that is the bliss your love renders. There is never a dull moment with you. It is just fun all the way. I love this love of yours that has given me all the fun to dream of in the world. How to Make Someone Love You Relationship Advice for Man and Woman

My True Love Messages for Husband and Wife:  The Rest Of My Life Is Dedicated To Loving You
[91]. If I am sick, the only drug I know I can take is one dose of your love and right there I know I will forever be alright for the rest of my life.

[92]. In the matter of love, the heart chooses who to follow. Yours chooses me in spite of all and for your love shall I live the rest of my life to adore.

[93]. This very moment and the next, I would always live for you and the sake of our love. This vow have I made and for the rest of my life shall I keep to it to stay and love you forever.

[94]. Forgive me for stealing your number so I could make this little confession. You look so natural that I could not help but want to have you as my love for the rest of my life.

[95]. In my heart, your love has filled the space that no one else can fill. For you, I have kept that space and no one in this whole world can take that away from you.

[96]. Since no one in this world is perfect but your love has made me perfect. For loving you, I have found a perfect world to live in.

[97]. The best gift to the world is love. You have given me yours and for it, I will cherish the rest of my life.

[98]. I go weak on my knee each time you touch me and gazed for breath each time you kiss me. Now my whole world is made anew all because I found in you my endless love.

[99]. If to love means to be blind. For your love I am blind to every negative thought that might kill the joy that I have found in you.

[100]. The aura you carry is a blessing to my soul. Every time I think of you, I am like someone who has found his lost treasure and you know what, you are that found treasure.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife
Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife
Here are proud messages for husband, love messages for husband and wife, love message for husband far away.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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