Mobile Short Code Love Messages and Send SMS Messages of Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Mobile Short Code Love Messages and Send SMS Messages of Love

Mobile Short Code Love Messages and Send SMS Messages of Love

Best Mobile Short Code Love Messages and Send SMS Messages of Love

Mobile Short Code Love Messages And Send SMS Messages Of Love

Most common short coded messages of love are sent through mobile devices. We have here some Mobile Short Code Love Messages And Send SMS Messages Of Love you would love to send to the one who makes so much meaning to your life.

Mobile Short Code Love Messages

[1]. My Screen Saver, I Have Made Ur Luv D Centre Point Of My Heart Where A Picture Of U Is Save & Nothing Will Eva Delete It 4rm My Soul.

[2]. D Choice Was Mine 2 Make U My Number One & Eva Since I Made U, I Have No Doubt Nor Regret Over It.

[3]. U Have Prove 2 Me Dat Ur Luv Is D Number One. 4 Dat I Will Eva B Ur Number One Now & Always.

[4]. I Needed No Second Thought 2 Know Dat Ur Luv Is Real Right 4rm D Firsth Day I Saw U.

[5]. I Have Made Up My Mind 2 Luv U & Spend D Rest Of My Life With U.

[6]. When I Saw D Smile On Ur Lips & D Joy In Ur Eyes, Then My Heart Was Satisfy To Know Dat U R D Only One Made 4 Me.

[7]. Each Time I C U, I Know Dat Dis Journey Of Ours In Luv Has Found A Perfect Peace Dat Will Keep Us As One.

[8]. 4 Sure, D Best Moment In My Life Will 4eva B D Day I Found U.

[9]. U Came 2 Me Like An Angel & Turn My World Around With U Luv. Now My Heart Will 4eva Capture Dat Blissful Moment We Met.

[10]. Fate Played A Wonderful Trick On Me & Gave U Me. Now I Am D Best Soul Around All Becuz Fate Decided 2 Send U Me.

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[11]. One Ting Have I Accepted Dat Is 2 Luv U Unconditionally & B With U No Matter D Taste Of Time. Dat I Ill Do Every Day Of My Life.

[12]. Luv Brought Us Together & Made 4 Us A Home Dat Luv Reigns. I Am So Glad 2 Find A Perfect Home Of Luv In U.
[13]. Season After Season, Luv Is D Fruit Dat Satisfy D Heart. Urs Have Satisfied Me & I Will 4eva B There 2 Eat 4rm D Bosom Of Ur Cares.

[14]. Ur Luv Is Worth Waiting 4. Ur Luv Is Worth Hoping 4. I Shall Hope & Wait 4 I C A Bright Future In D Hart Of Ur Luv Dat U Have Given 2 Me.

[15]. Neva Go In Search Of Luv, Open Ur Heart 2 Luv 4 When U Do, Luv Will Fin U. Dat Was All I Did & Ur Luv Found Me. Now I Live Neva 2 Regret My Action.

[16]. Luv Will Find U When U Open Up Ur Heart. Doesn’t Close Ur Heart 2 Luv Even When U’r Hurt. If U Can Open Ur Heart, Then Luv Will Find U.

[17]. Ur Luv Is Calm, Ur Luv Is Beautiful & Eva Since I Found Ur Luv, My Life Is Beautiful All Becuz Of U.

[18]. No Age Is A Barrier 2 Luv. Old Or Young, Luv Is D Driving Force Dat Bind Us 2gether.

[20]. I Discover Luv When I Found U & Age 2 Me Is What Makes Our Luv Stronger.

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[21]. Ask Me Of D Greatest Tragedy & I Will Tell U It Is When U Cease 2 Luv.

[22]. It Is Beta U Die Than Stay Without Luv. Thank God U Make Discover Luv. Now I Live & Live Again Just 4 U.

[23]. Life Without Luv Will Wither Away & Luv Without Sacrifice Die A Premature Dead. U Have Made Sacrifices Dat I Will 4eva Remember Dat Ur Luv Was Meant 2 Stay.

[24]. Ur Luv & Honey, Which Is D Sweetest. Ur Luv Is It – Sweeter Than Honey.

[25]. I Open My Arms & D Bliss Of Ur Luv Took Control. In Her Heart Of Hearts, I Saw D Blessing U Shower On Me. I Luv Dis Luv Of U Dat Is So Cute 2 B With.

[26]. D Energy 2 Life Is Luv. Urs Have Found Me & D Energy 2 Carry On Has It Given 2 Me.

[27]. When I Am Down, I Shall Look 2 U, 4 There Have I Found D Energy 2 Be Strong.

[28]. Eva Heard Of Luv Growing Old Nor Die. If Luv Doesn’t Grow Old Nor Die, I Have Found Dat In Urs & 4eva Will Click 2 It All Day Long.

[29]. My State Of Mind Is D Most Perfect Thing I Found Since I Met U. It Is At Peace All Round D Clock Just 4 D Reason Dat I Found A Perfect Luv In U.

[30]. Thing Of D Greatest Refreshment In Life & All I Could Thing Of Is Ur Luv.

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[31]. Ur Unconditional Luv Have Given Me D Perfect Refreshment Dat Have Nourish My Soul.

[32]. Durable Fire Dat Consumed My Soul. Dat Is D Breath Of Ur Luv. It Touches Me & Now My Heart Can’t Do Without It.

[33]. My Mind Is Always Burning & My Heart Is Always Pumping Each Time U Come My Way.

[34]. Ur Luv Makes My Heart Burn & Made My Blood Pump 4 U.

[35]. To Ur Luv A Charm Is Place In My Heart. Urs Have Charm Me With D Beauty Of Ur Luv & Now Am Not D Same Without D Charm Dat Is Ur Luv.

[36]. Ur Luv Is A Wonder, It Spear Through My Heart & Place A Mark Dat 4eva No One Can Erase Except U Through D Beauty Of Ur Luv.

[37]. Every Moment, Ur Luv Brings A Smile 2 My Face. When I Think Of U, I Feel Ur Luv.

[38]. In Every Moment My Happiness Is Sure Becuz I Have U As My Luv.

[39]. U’r D Only One So Dear & Close 2 My Heart. U’r D Only One Who Makes My World Go Round.

[40]. U’r D Only Person Who Gives Peace 2 My Soul. 4 Ur Luv, I Am Here 2 Stay & 2 Luv U 4eva.

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