Most Beautiful Love Words for Someone You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Most Beautiful Love Words for Someone You Love

Most Beautiful Love Words for Someone You Love

Best Most Beautiful Love Words for Someone You Love

Love is beautiful and finding love is awesome. These messages that uplift love and made it worth living for is something that should be desired.
Most Touching Love Messages: There Is Never A Regret In Loving You
These messages are cool and something you should send out for the one you love. Hot Love Text Messages for Him or Her

[1]. The energy to life is love. Yours have found me and the energy to carry on has it given to me. When I am down, I shall look to you, for there have I found the energy to be stronger beyond any imagination.
[2]. My heart your love fills with passion, my emotion your love fills with imagination and my life your love fills with gladness. I will forever love and care about you.
[3]. In my silent thoughts, the love of you controls my imagination. In my outward, the love of you still controls my imagination. And life without your love; I wondered how it might be.
[4]. Life they say goes on but how could I imagine life without you. If for others life goes on, for me your love is what makes it go on.
[5]. No money in the world would I take in exchange for your love. Nothing rather would I want for your worth, money can’t buy.
[6]. Regrets were part of my everyday’s thought but since you came into my life, happiness, peace and incomparable joy are now my everyday songs.
[7]. Every second, minute and honour. Every morning, afternoon and night, your love is all I need to make my world go round.
[8]. Every moment, I feel loved and cherished. Every day, I feel safe and secured all because you love me the way I have never been loved before. Love Messages and Missing You My Love Quotes for Someone Special
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[9]. By the side of your love do I find my rest. By the side of your love do I also make my bed that I might lie down and dream of nothing else but your love for me that is real.
[10]. Your love is the last thing I could erase out of my mind. It came like a gentle dove and purified my soul with her meekness, then made me whole and took away all my doubts.
[11]. To love you always is a promise I made. To be by your side is still the promise I made. And to stay with you till the very end, is a promise that is unchangeable.
[12]. In this cruel world of sadness, I found the simplest route to happiness. That route is your love for me that runs like an ocean that never dries.
[13]. Love they say knows no age, boundary nor barrier. That love is your kind and I am so glad that it found me worthy to be yours.
[14]. If money was to buy love, I would have sold all I have and still have none which is enough to buy your love. But since love is a free gift of nature, I am so glad and grateful that it found me to give yours.
[15]. Your love is so tenderly, so lovely and so accommodating. It is the best among equals. Nothing anyone would say. I have found the true meaning of love and that meaning is your love for me.
[16]. With everything I have, I surrender to the power of your love. Let my soul thirst no more for in the arm of your love have I found a lasting love. Motivational Good Morning Prayer Messages for Friends and Loved Ones

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[17]. Your love is like the balm that heals my soul. Ever since I started loving you, I feel no ailment anymore.
[18]. Your love is perfect and complete. Nothing could I use to compare your love. Your love is true, sincere, loving and above all, a perfect choice for me.
[19]. My body, spirit and soul are controlled by the flame of your love. Whichever way you turn it; it’s all yours for a keep.
[20]. When the rain drops and I found the warmth of your love, I felt no cold anymore. Your love is like the blanket that took my cold away.
[21]. Your love makes my heart burn like fire. But I’m comforted that each time I come close to you, you take away the fire and give me peace of mind.
[22]. What can I compare to your love for me? I have searched and found none. You’re an incomparable creation and one created with perfection just for me.
[23]. You turn my head whenever you appear. You make me feel like a King every time you smile. You’re my all and nothing anyone can do about it.
[24]. Treasure of a lifetime, I have found my hidden treasure in you. You’re and will ever be my hidden treasure. Best Relationship Status Messages to Share with Friends on WhatsApp Groups
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[25]. You came and took my lonely world away. Now I am so glad that you came my way. For your love was all I needed in taking my loneliness always.
[26]. Gift from above, your love is the perfect gift I longed for. I shall forever bless our Creator for bringing you my way. You are and will ever be my perfect gift.
[27]. All that I have is my heart and with love, I give it all to you. I trust in your love because I know you would keep and protect it for us to flourish.
[28]. If loving you is imprisonment, I want to serve a jail term. If loving you is a crime, then I want a sentence provided where I will serve my jail term is in the heart of your love that gives me a peace of mind.
[29]. My life’s story will not be complete without you. You have been my source of strength and one who makes me see beyond my weaknesses.
[30]. My love for you is like an egg. Please handle it with care. If you break it, you have hurt me. I know you wouldn’t for your love is so tender and caring.
[31]. You're the apple of my eyes and the joy of my life. You give me hope and peace of mind. With your love, I’m like one who has found his lost treasure.
[32]. I’m so sorry to have kidnapped your heart but I can’t let you go because I don’t want to miss nor lose your love any minute of the day.

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