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Trending Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart

Here are the best trending love notes ever for him or her. There are happy romantic notes for your love from the heart.

Best Trending Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart

Motivate the one you love with motivational romantic love messages. These messages are unique in building up your relationship and taking it to the next level. Romantic Love Messages for Husband and Wife 
Deep Love Messages for Him or Her: I Appreciate and Cherish the Love and Time We Share Together
[1]. If not love, how would I have appreciated you? I am glad the world was created for love and within that creation, I have found my love and that love is you.
[2]. I appreciate and cherish the time we share. Those are the best moments of my life. If I have only one day to live, to your arm would I want to spend it.
[3]. When my mood is down, all I do is think of the good time we shared and then I am back on my feet so strong and so energized with the strength that only the beauty of your love has given to me.
[4]. Who can break the bound of our love? Let anyone who wishes try. Their time they would only waste for our love is not what can be broken or separated but rather it is made from above.
[5]. Your love is like a wind in winter. It came like a comforter to comfort me. Each time it came, I knew it was you in your usual way coming just to comfort me.
[6]. Ever since we met, you have turned my sorrow into joy, tears into laughter and weakness into strength. For this you will ever be my love no matter the test of time.
[7]. I opened my arms and the bliss of your love took control. In my heart of hearts, I saw the blessing you showered on me. I admired this love of yours that is so adorable to be and lived with.
[8]. Black they say is beautiful but I thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you are a blessing among the blessed.
[9]. My gratitude goes to you for staying and loving me when life for me was a challenge. Now that I have seen the light from the end of the tunnel, all my life do I dedicate to loving you.
[10]. I was asked between a million dollar and you. I wasted no time in choosing you because I know deep in my heart that the value of money can never replace your worth. You are more than a million dollars to me. How to Make Someone Love You Relationship Advice for Man and Woman
Touching Love Messages to Make Him or Her Cry: Your Love is Like a Miracle to my Life
[11]. The greatest miracle I have found is in loving you. For it has brought me healing that has made my life better for it.
[12]. A new dimension to my life, your love has given to me. It has taken away my shame and gives to me a heart of courage that makes me glad to live for you.
[13]. I will always be there for you. This is the vow I made to my heart the day you came into my life.
[14]. When the meaning of love seems to lose its true meaning, I shall find a solemn in yours that we shared. Your love is kind hearted and an ever sure blessing that has blessed my soul in every minute of the day.
[15]. A brighter day with a new hope, everything good God will make it come your way. He has singled you out for blessing. May you find favour in His abundant grace that abound.
[16]. Falling in love with you is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since I met you, I have found my treasure house of paradise in you.
[17]. The joy of loving you is one of the reasons that make me alive. You bring me joy that brings me life. If not for the love I found in you, life would have made no meaning without your love.
[18]. Though they say lovers are silly and that makes me smile. If you want to know anyone in love, then you will see actions that are silly. Let anyone say what they like, if love is silly, I shall walk her way to experience her silliness which is the joy that makes our love as one.
[19]. Your love is my heart. I shall live because you love me and if you take your love away. I shall ever regret finding my way to your heart.
[20]. You came into my life and took away my sorrow. You gave me joy and made my heart a happy place to dwell in. now I can’t live without your love. Love Messages and Missing You My Love Quotes for Someone Special
Most Touching Love Messages for Him or Her: You are the Desire of my Heart
[21]. The joy of loving you is the tonic that erased my fear. Now all I do is enjoy the bliss that the gift of you brings into my life.
[22]. Your love to me is like the fountain of joy. It is like a blessed house set upon a rock where neither rain nor storm or wind could neither blow nor take away.
[23]. You came into my life and filled the void in my heart. Now I have no hole in my heart because your love has filled my empty heart.
[24]. With your love in place, the door to my heart opens. It is you that will ever occupy. None can come in, for the door to my heart is yours and yours alone.
[25]. All the way to my heart, your love rules. Now, there is nothing I can do but plead that you love me forever.
[26]. Let me take the memories of you and place them in my heart. Let me dream of them for that is all I need to make my heart be at peace with my soul.
[27]. All I live for is that ever presence of yours that makes my heart shiver like jellyfish.
[28]. Though you whispered into my ear, it is my soul that feels the outcome. That single whisper of your word has opened my heart to love you like never before.
[29]. Even if it is a taboo, my heart would still love you, for nothing can take your love away from me.
[30]. The only measles that has destroyed my heart is your love. It came without warning and scattered my heart into pieces. Exclusive Love Text Messages for Couples and Inspirational Messages of Love for Relationship
Deep Romantic Love Messages for Him or Her: Even though You are not Around
[31]. Even though we haven’t met physically, but the sincerity of your voice makes me fall in love with you.
[32]. Even though we haven’t met but the feeling is there. Each time we talk, I feel your presence right here with me. You have become so special that I long to meet you.
[33]. Even though I am beaten by rain and hunted by the shining sun, I shall never be weary for your love is there to cover me from the cold of the rain and the heat of the sun.
[34]. If I am sick, I know the right prescription to take; a little bit of your love added with a bit of your tender-loving-care and I will be fine all day long.
[35]. The joy of loving you is the reason that has kept me alive. I know I would have long been forgotten but since I found you, I know I shall live to love you till eternity.
[36]. The flame inside my heart is all a desire of you. When I saw you, I heard this flame burn. It is nothing else but my love for you that burns like a flame and the same which is what shall never fade.
[37]. Even when you are out of my side, the warmth of our closeness inside my heart will keep me going because in my heart, your love resides.
[38]. Ever since I felt your love in my heart, it has become the most beautiful and the most precious thing I ever live for.
[39]. Hero of my heart and keeper of my destiny. Your love is all that sees me through my pains and also gives me the soul to want you always.
[40]. In my dream you will always be my hero, for your love has won over my heart to make her reign an everlasting one. Love and Romantic Quotes, True Love Messages to Inspire the One You Love
Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart: I Miss You, I Really Do Miss You
[41]. How do I explain myself that the thought of you sends shivering cold down my spine? Your love is the only thing that controlled my imagination.
[42]. I do not need to pray for confirmation nor do I need a crystal ball to see that all I need in love is found in you. You are my all.
[43]. Years back I was afraid I might lose you but now, I am not. For I trust you beyond what words can explain. I missed you my dear love.
[44]. You have become my shining light and the love of you makes me perfect to love you like never before.
[45]. Loving you has given to me the love that is inseparable. Now I know that what we have is a bond that only the hand of the Almighty could separate.
[46]. Each moment you hold me, makes me feel anew. You are my moment of hope, joy and happiness. I am missing you so dearly.
[47]. For sure, the best moment in my life will ever be the day I found you. And for sure I missed you every moment you are not around.
[48]. Fate played a wonderful trick on me and gave you me. Now I am the best soul around all because fate decided to send you me.
[49]. Wherever you are, the thought of you brightens my day with a smile. Even though I have to wait for you, I know you are there for me as my one and only.
[50]. I heard my heart made an enchantment and I listened in silence to what it was saying. “I love you and can’t do without you”. That was what it was saying. Love Poems, Romantic Love Quotes and Love Poetry Messages in English

Best Passionate Love Messages for Him or Her

Passionate Love Messages for Him or Her: When I Close My Eyes All I See Is You
[51]. When I close my eyes all I see is your beauty and when I open my eyes, all I still see is your beauty. You are more than the most beautiful thing that has ever walked through the surface of the earth.
[52]. Each time I feel so lonely, all I do is close my eyes and there you’re in my dream.
[53]. Every moment, your love puts a smile on my face. When I think of you, I feel your love. In every moment my happiness is sure because I have you as my love.
[54]. The passion of your love has awoken my heart to long for your love now and forever.
[55]. If your love is gone, I will be lost without you. Just promise me that your love is here to stay and you will ever have my heart forever.
[56]. Within the thought of my heart, I just can’t get over you. You have made me do one thing. All is thinking about you.
[57]. Within my heart, a picture of you makes an imagination that I find so hard to erase out of my mind.
[58]. Each time I see you, I feel so special in my heart. It is the flame of your love that makes me special to love you.
[59]. Every beat of my heart is made possible because of your love. For that I will love you with every beat of my heart.
[60]. Inside my heart, your love lives. It is a picture that brightens my day and each time I look to it, my day is made. Romantic Love Poems for Her from the Heart and Short Love Poems for Her
True Love Messages for Him or Her: You Bring Sunshine into My Life
[61]. Your love is the sunlight that I need to brighten my day. It has been a daily routine that has bless me with all the cares in the world.
[62]. Love of my dream, one with a heart of gold. You are an epitome of African pride. My love you are like the ROSE flower whose morning sunrise brightens my day.
[63]. Your love is sweeter than honey, smells more pleasant than the rose flower and of all brighter than the star. Her aura elevates my soul and makes me think of nothing else but you.
[64]. Your smile brings joy and sunshine into my life. It gives me the heart to love unconditionally. I am so glad that I found in you the love that makes me feel the bliss that I always long for in love.
[65]. Every second, every minute, every hour and every day, your love showered and blessed me like the drop of rainfall. Now I am so blessed because I found the love in you.
[66]. Each day I see the sunrise, I know I will ever live to cherish your love forever.
[67]. No bars nor chain or walls can separate my love for you. Neither then separate us; it shall become like the pillar that binds us as one.
[68]. I watch not to watch your love so it will never come to an end. I wish to let it dwell in my heart that I will watch it forever.
[69]. Each time I see you, I know that this journey of ours in love has found a perfect peace that will keep us as one.
[70]. One thing I have accepted is to love you unconditionally and be with you no matter the taste of time. That I shall do every day of my life. Heart Touching Love Poetry and Love Romantic English Poems for Her
Romantic Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart: Surprise, Surprise that is What Your Love Means to Me
[71]. Fun with tender caring, that is the bliss your love renders. I love this love of you that has given to me all the fun in the world.
[72]. Never will there be any regret for loving you. Since you came into my life, I have found the joy that walks the street of gold and that is your love for me.
[73]. Though I have loved before but none can be compared to you. Sincerely I would do anything for your love that made me love with all my heart.
[74]. No matter the length of time, I shall ever be there for you. For your love, the length of time makes no meaning to me.  Even if your love tarries that shall make my heart become stronger to wait for you because in you I found that which is all I needs in love.
[75]. I shall sing to the sky of your love. I shall announce to the earth your cares. I shall tell my generation that upon my lifetime, I found a love that has given me all and that love is you.
[76]. I adore everything about you. 24 hours, your love is what makes my mind happy and the joy that comes with it is what has given me the reason to love you with all my heart.
[77]. Each time I am in the dream land, all I think of is your love. Your love gives me hope and a peace of mind that makes me love you every minute of the day.
[78]. The hearts that love aren’t there like stars that shine? The hearts that care aren’t there like flowers that flourish? Your smiles aren’t there like joy that never fades?
[79]. I cannot imagine that love could find me in my bare state of mind. Your love found me and ever since I am grateful to your love that has made me see beyond my limitations.
[80]. My state of mind is the most perfect thing I have found since I met you. It is at peace all round the clock just for the reason that I found a perfect love in you. Beautiful Poetry Love Poems in English and Deep Romantic Poems for Love
True Love Messages for Him or Her: You are the Gift of Love I Cherished
[81]. Don’t you ever take your love away from me. For all I need to survive my life time, I have embedded inside your love to keep and to cherish as long as we live.
[82]. You are the one I trust and live for. I have no doubt in the love we share. It is all we have and I will ever live to cherish it.
[83]. Since a broken heart has no spare parts. I shall keep yours and cherish it like forever. I will never break your heart for if I do, it is my mine I am also breaking.
[84]. With love in my heart, I found you. And that same love that brought us together will ever be with us to make our journey in love a blissful experience that we shall forever live and love to cherish.
[85]. Hidden inside my heart are the blessings I found in your love. It has given me joy and all I live for is the epitome of your love that has erased my pains.
[86]. The many lies, the many fade reason and all what not. Love has no eye for them all even when they say it is blind. Yes, love is blind to things that will never give him joy. And mine for you is blind to worthless things.
[87]. The magic I found in loving you makes me a better person. If there is anything that makes me complete, it is the love I found in you. Sincere I started loving you, need I say that I am having the best time of my life.
[88]. It was your love that found me in my low state of mind. And it was your love that stayed around to build me up. You have made me forget my past sad experiences. Now I am so pleased to have you as my one and only true love.
[89]. If it weren’t for your love, my world would have felt incomplete. Thank goodness that I found you. Now my world is complete to always celebrate the uniqueness that is the bliss I found in loving you.
[90]. The steps to happiness I have found. Do you want to know the steps? You, me and our love. I found you and found the steps to happiness. Poems to Make Her Feel Special and Passionate Love Poems for Her
Apology Love Messages for Him or Her: I am so Sorry to have Kidnapped Your Heart
[91]. Take me tenderly and softly. Let your arms engulf my body. Make me a star in the throne of your heart that I might live to love you forever.
[92]. You bring me joy for in my heart you deposited the heart to love. If loving you is a crime then let me be the one who stole your heart to keep.
[93]. A part of me is gone, gone to you for the love you showed to me have taken a part of me. Now, the whole of me, have I surrender to you. Take me and love me with all your heart; for the love of you is all I want, love that is so unconditional.
[94]. I looked into your eyes, I found love. I searched through your heart, I still found love. I look into you, I found me and the love you have for me.
[95]. Come take my love and let it live in your heart. Come love me and make me complete. For all I need is nothing else but your love.
[96]. I held your hand and my heart grew weaker. I looked into your eyes and tears of joy filled my heart. Now see how your love has weakened my heart to surrender to none else but you.
[97]. Heart that beats as one, your love makes my heart beat as one.
[98]. Your love heals my wounded heart and brings to me a new hope. Now, all I want to live for is your kind of love and nothing else.
[99]. Let anyone say what they like, if love is silly, I shall walk her way to experience her silliness which is the joy that makes us one.
[100]. I am in love and let the whole world hear me. The architect of my love is you the joy that has given me the heart to love.


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Trending Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart
Trending Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart
Here are the best trending love notes ever for him or her. There are happy romantic notes for your love from the heart.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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