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Love Poems, Romantic Love Quotes and Love Poetry Messages

Best Love Poems, Romantic Love Quotes and Love Poetry Messages in English

When you are head over heels in love for sure you would do anything to keep the feelings of every special moment you share. Poetic love poems are messages that make our heart feel loved when it is sent from that special person who care about the love we sincerely share.

Love is a beautiful thing, it is something we should be so proud of anytime any day.

We at Lovingly are so delighted to share with you our lovely collections of sweet romantic love messages.
Poetic Love Poems Messages. Messages of love should be for the pleasure of the one you love. These messages are the things that rekindled love and it is what makes your sweetheart keep longing for you. Are you missing the one you love, just do yourself a favour, these short romantic love poems should be shared with your love.

Sound In Goodness

Keep me awake,
With the echo sound of your voice.
Let my soul quiver with the beats,
That wilds my heart to your love.
Slowly you have taken my heart,
With the power hidden inside your love.
Now all I dream of is nothing but your love,
That I wished for to last for eternity.

Head Over Heels

Head over heels,
Have I fallen in love with you.
I needed no second nor minute
Or the ticking of an hour,
To make my decision.
Right from the first day I saw you,
I knew you were the one for me.

Song Of Conquest

My song of conquest,
Sang to my ear lover of my soul.
Let your song of love give me happiness,
Let it gives me joy,
And let it shines through my heart,
To make me long for the love that is yours.

To The End

To the end of the earth,
Will I go in search of your love.
I will not rest till I discover,
The beauty hidden inside of you.
You came and showed me love,
And when I thought I have seen it all,
Then I began to realize,
That it is just a tip of the iceberg.

The Stir Of Your Look

With the stir of your look,
You set my heart on fire.
Now, I can’t sleep,
Without the thought of you.
You set my heart on fire,
And the only one who can free me,
Is none else but you whose love,
Had seduced me down to my knees.

The Look In Your Eyes

The look in your eyes,
They tell me of so many things.
I look into your eyes and all I see,
Is the love that yells at me to come.
I run to it and lost my breath,
In the warm of your embrace.
Now, I am addicted to be,
In your arm every moment of the day.

The Scent Of A Rose Flower

Your love is like the scent of a rose flower.
Her swells smell, escalate my soul,
And set my heart on fire.
Each of its sprayed scent is the want of your love.
Let your love be my flower,
That I might smell of your glory forever.
Gallantry is the bravery of your love,
That risks her ego on the throne of my heart.
Daring act had it taken just to prove her worth.
Now I cherish your love every minute of the day,
For the risk it took  to win the love of my heart.

The Throne Of Your Love

Who can oppose the throne of your love?
None among the living would.
Your love comes like a thunder;
It strikes my heart with fierce battle,
And won every resistance that I held back.
Now that you have won my heart for love,
To you alone, have I given it for keep.  

Aglow In Love

Aglow my heart with desire,
And let your love arouse my fantasy.
Make me dream of you day and night,
That I might want no more of another,
But the person that is your love.

Poetry Romantic Love Notes. When you sound so poetic in your mood of communication, it makes the heart of the one you love rejoiced with many thoughts of romantic bliss. These short poetic love notes would make your special one glow with pride.

Best Romantic Love Quotes and Love Poetry Messages

The Charmed

To the throne of your love,
I am charmed.
There my heart had made her nest,
That it will feed from
The passion that you draw.
I found love when I found you,
And to your throne
Would I feather my nest forever.

The Rhythm Of You Voice

The flowing rhythm of your voice,
There are like a musical keynotes,
Mixed with the strings of a guitar.
Each slow and soft utterance,
Sets my heart in want of you.
You gave me the voice,
That dethrones my braveness.

Infectious Taste

Infectious like the sting of a bee;
Sweetest like the taste of honey.
Your voice is a blessing,
To a sick soul that is in love.
I heard your voice,
And my life turns with gladness,
That frees my heart to live for your love.

Incomparable Love

Incomparable nature of my heart,
That is what your love means to me.
It comes in a way I couldn’t imagine,
And to the throne of my heart it stole.
Ever since you came my way,
My heart you have stolen away.

Heart Of Desire

My soul; my being;
Lifted by every chant of your words.
To me, your words are like gold,
Crested in my soul.
And every of it silver lining;
Soften my heart to desire,
A want of your love forever. 

You Fascinate Me

Play the violin string of your voice;
Let her hear my cry that my heart,
Sinks each time your voice drops.
I am fascinated for your voice,
Penetrates through my soul,
And makes me long for you.

The Sound Of Your Voice

Your voice carries a musical timbre,
Whose rhythm bewitched my soul.
My spirit, body and soul,
The conquest of your words dominates.
Now all I long for is that voice of yours,
That conquers my braveness.

The Words You Speak

Your words are like subtle poison,
That grinds my soul little by little.
It weakens me to react,
But kept me in suspend to long,
For every touch of her power,
That excavates every doubt in me.  

My Love Lives For You

Let my love live for you,
Even if it is a second.
Let my heart beats for you,
Even if it is a minute.
Let my soul yearns for you,
Even if it is an hour.
Let me live for you,
Even if it is forever.

I Care About You

I care not of myself but you.
Let me live for you;
Let me be the one you trust;
Let me be the one who cares;
Let me be the one you can count on,
And let me be the one you spend,
The rest of your life with.

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