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Deep Motivational Sayings and Unique Lessons on Life

Here for the delight of the people you love are Deep Motivational Quotes and Unique Quotes on Life to inspire their days.

Best Deep Motivational Quotes and Unique Quotes on Life

How to Harness the Blessing and the Hidden Joy attached with Sharing what You Have
I hold my breath deep and this thought drops into my subconscious. Life is all about sharing. You can call it networking if you like. Sharing gives us joy knowing that through our action, we have helped save a dying soul. As simple as this may sound, we find it so hard at some point in time to yield to this demand. Maybe because of the circumstances that surround it. But in all its essence, sharing helps us to live a happier and better life.
“Sharing is a virtue, a gift. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. But you can learn to have it.”
Learning the virtue of sharing is never too difficult if we put our mind to it. Actually the act of receiving is embedded in giving and giving is sharing. When you give, you share that which you have and for you to have more, it is in your sharing that this shall be made possible. That which you have is for you to share among the needy. It is in your sharing that blessing shall follow you always. Unique Quotes on Life and Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles
Sometimes, you feel that what you have is enough but when you share, you realize that that which you have is little. The abundance that you will receive when you share is something that cannot be described. Sharing enriches your mind and makes you feel at peace with your soul. Next time you have the opportunity to share, hold back no hard feelings – share what you have and your heart will ever be made a pleasant store house of treasure.
There is no magic hidden in sharing. If you want to be blessed eternally, it is when you share that such will become possible. When you share, you build a network that goes beyond your generation. And this is what makes your life richer than what money could buy. Those who share what they have, fines a life of fulfillment in their purpose. There is nothing as bad as you hiding what you have and dying with it without making others to benefit from it. It is what you share that will expand your horizon and make you find wealth where you never expect.
Sharing should not be that which is hard because after your life here on earth, there is no material thing that you will take back with you into the grave. It is a life of greed that makes us live a life of not wanting to share what we have. Living a life of greed is like folding your hands tight which will never allow air to enter your palm, but when you open it, you find air into it. In as much as you refuse to share; then be sure of making your life tight. Life belongs to those who share the little they have. It is in their sharing that the world is made a better place for us to live. Share all you have to share and help this generation become a better place for us all to live in.   

How to Say No With Love without Hurting the Feeling of Anyone
Love I would always say is a beautiful thing. And this beauty of it depends on how you treat it and make it to be. When you treat love with value and understanding, then you will always have the worth of it. But where you treat and make it look like that which has no value; then you will always have that which will not profit your well-being.
Love was meant to be shared in a mutual and in an understanding way. It was never meant to be selfish but rather that which will bring us to that emotional connection which should be blissful, enduring and that which will forever gladden the heart. In the thoughts of making it gladden our hearts, we should note that it is not at all times that we would find the pleasure of it that will always gladden our hearts. In love, we would have times that we would encounter challenges but in such a situation, it is not for us to give up on love. But rather to prove the value that is embedded in love. And this value proves itself when we allow ourselves to still love in spite of that which surrounds us. Super Motivational Quotes and Messages for Success in Life
I know we would at most time but hurt in love. And this arises when we seem not to share the same ideologies on certain aspects of life. In as much as this might arise, we should also know that there is no perfect love. For it is in our imperfection that we can make things perfect in love. In love, the feelings of your significant other should be that which should become paramount in your mind. In as much as this should be done, try within your possible best how not to hurt the feeling of the one your love. And this involves learning how to say no to certain things with love.      
“When you learn to say NO with love, you don’t only prove that you are worthy of love but you also show that you are matured and capable of love in return.”
Though they say for peace to reign in the home and in a relationship, you have to do the bidding of your spouse’s. Sometimes, I say it is not always good to do their bidding considering the situation at hand at that moment. You need time to reason out before doing any bidding. Do not be under any pressure to do the bidding of the one you love. But when putting out that straight face to say NO, do it with love. It is the attitude that you put up when saying NO that will make the other person seem to understand you. When you say the No, do not make it look as if you are forcing it on the other person. Always take time to make an explanation. Explain to your significant other the reason behind your action. To do this, I say do it with love. Sometimes, it may be hard to understand at first but if you must live with peace of mind, it is not everything you should say YES to. Love can be blind but you need the light of reasoning to see it through. Listen and learn. Do not act foolishly and have yourself to blame and regret later.
Love actually should be shared with a peace of mind and not through intimidation. When a relationship is built on intimation, then there is nothing valuable that would be achieved through such a relationship. In building your relationship, upward, let yourself be understood from the onset. When that understanding is there without any pretentious nature attached to it, that mutual understanding at all times would be there. And when you learn to communicate more at all times, there will always be a smooth way of getting things done without hurting the feelings of the other person. When you have to say No on certain things, it shouldn’t come with augment but with a well thought out solution towards the challenges at hand. Always if the relationship is to move forward, you will always disagree to agree but in making that possible for you to have a healthy relationship, you actually must learn to say No with love.    

How to Activate the 3D Principles to Achieve Your Dreams in Life
“I came to London to become a legend and now I am a Legend.” – Usian Bolt
A bold statement from a man with a brave heart! This is not just a mare statement but a statement mixed with what I called the “3D Principles” (Discipline, Determination and Dedication) to produce results. The London 2012 Olympic had come and gone but the memory of the spring king whose 9.58-second 100m race is considered the fastest in the history will ever lingered on the mind of those who saw it coming. Speaking about Bolt, one will realize that he did not just drop from the moon to become a reference point in the field of track but I would say, he applied the 3D Principles to get to the height we all have come to admire once he does the “Lighting bolt” sign after winning every race.
My main focus on this article is not to bore you but to draw out a simple fact about life which we missed while chasing our dreams. Nothing takes a man to the top like the passion for his dream. And speaking about passion, the desire to achieve it, is the springboard to which the dream in our hearts are propelled to its accomplishment if given the right focus in the platform of what I considered to be the 3D Principles. A study of men who had ever achieved their dreams, one would realize the recurrent decimals in their travail to make their dreams a reality. Best Love and Inspirational Messages
The power of discipline, determination and above all dedication has always played that important role in every phase of achieving one's dream and purpose in life. Every other Principle, if carefully looked at, has their laws embedded in what I considered to be the 3D Principles. If we speak about the positive forces to achieving our dreams like; staying focus, taking action, building a positive self image, moving around with the right people, having a mentor, recognizing time management, etc or the negative forces like; procrastination, depression, low self esteem, not believing in oneself, lack of seriousness etc, we would realized that all are enclosed within the 3D Principles.
Discipline! No man achieves anything in life without discipline. If we actually seek to achieve our goal in life, then we should learn to be disciplined and tailored ourselves towards achieving that purpose. Actually men would always dream but working towards making that dream a reality is always a problem. I have seen men with great potential and ideas but lacking the strong will to make their dreams come true. And making any dream come true has to do with discipline. Trying to define the word discipline I would say could make us break the dictionary in search of it. To me, discipline is discipline and no shortcut to it. If you are disciplined, you will excel in your chosen field but if not, you will remain where you are for as long as you lack discipline. In order to be focused, you need discipline. It is what will take you far and guide you to your desired destination which is to achieve your goal and purpose in life.
Time management is another essential outlook of discipline. The time to build our dreams is not a negotiable time to play around and engage in what will bring us no profit at the end. It might look tough at the start but that is what it takes to achieve our dream and purpose in life. Always have at the back of your mind that we wouldn’t be here forever and every little time we have, counts a lot. Do not be lazy with time or always procrastinate about moving up with your dream. The moment you dream it, then it is time to start working towards achieving it and all you need to make that a reality is to discipline yourself no matter the challenges that might make you want to give up.
“Dreams can only be achieved if we discipline ourselves and workhard with the sole aim to achieve it.”
If we take a look at this, the ability to plan and achieve our strategy is embedded in discipline. Discipline gives us the heart to plan and to stay focused on our plan. Life actually teaches us to plan. In the place of planning, discipline plays an important role. It is the discipline we give to our plan, that we can withstand the pressure that comes along every step we take to make our dream a reality. Planning enables you to overcome so many challenges. It makes you determine your income and expenditure. It is what also contributes in making your dream a reality.
If your aim is to make a success out of your life, you need to plan in every step of your endeavour. Even in a battle, it is him who plans ahead that victory is ensured. So in all you do, plan ahead and never walk with a blind state of mind feeling that all is well.
“All is actually well when you learn to plan ahead.”       
Determination! David was determined and that was why he could stand up to Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1-58). Determination comes with the braveness of the heart that likes taking risks. Risk is what brings us gain. Remember the saying, “No risk, no gain”. Anyone with a brave heart of taking calculated risk can make a success out of anything. If you take a look at successful men, you will realize the risk element in their entire endeavour.
“Risk is what brings us profit and to get to that point, determination is a sure word that guides the process.”
You might have all the ideas and potential, but if you are not determined, you can never achieve your aim. You might have heard people say, “I must succeed”. The moment they are determined and puts that word into action, sincerely, it comes to be. Nothing is as powerful as spoken word backed by determination and action.
In the Book of Genesis (1:1-29), it was the spoken words from God that all that is to be, came to be. These words were not just spoken; they were backed up with immediate action. Looking at this, we can employ the same in all that we seek to become. The moment we discover our potentials and what we have passion for, it is left for us to keep speaking it and backing them up with the determination to take action. If we keep to it, then we can become it no matter the obstacle that comes our way. Remember nothing makes a man so confident of himself like determination. If you are determined, you win, but if not, you lose. So be determined to win and keep winning all the way.
“Winning in life is a function of self determination.”
Dedication! I like what the Bible said in Proverbs (22:29), “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean [men]. Here, the word diligent has to do with commitment and discipline. It is in the place of discipline; one will find his destiny and fulfill his dream and purpose. Joseph is a good example of a man who has the power of discipline in him. It was through discipline that he achieved his dream when every temptation within him to have yielded to his master’s wife played itself down (Gen. 39:7-18).
“Though discipline might deny us living a life of permanent or temporary pleasure, but the end justifies the means.”
It is the end that tells a man’s story and not the beginning. It is good to discipline ourselves if our aim in life is to achieve our goal. The 3D principles we could see clearly have to do with preparation, persistence, giving oneself to the course you believe which would bring you the fulfillment of your desired dream. 
Dedication to your dream will always bring an unspeakable joy to the body and soul if you keep to it. If you can show me a man who is dedicated to his duty, then, I would show you a man who will succeed without much struggle. Nothing brings a man to his desired place of fulfillment like dedication. In order to find the fulfillment of purpose, you need to be dedicated to what you do. Do not make your dream a one leg in and one leg out affair. It is not the best and would never be. Dedication is all you need to make life worth living.
“The more you are dedicated, the more you will discover the loop holes and gain the desired experience which is priceless and a panacea to help propel you to success and achieving your dream.”     
Lastly, let me leave you with this post I found on my Facebook page from FasteCash. “Thomas Edison had a dream, he gave us a light bulb, Wright Brothers had a dream, they gave us an airplane, Henry Ford had a dream, he gave us an automobile, Bill Gate had a dream, he gave us Window Operating System, Mark Zuckerberg had a dream, he gave us facebook. What is your dream? Don’t lose focus of it, be persistent and the world will soon celebrate you.”
You will make it if you stay disciplined, determined and dedicated no matter the test of time. Just have the faith in your ability with the grace of God backing you, you will succeed.
Whatever you want out of life, if you stay within the three core principles as stated, you can win any race no matter the obstacle. Focus on your dream and apply yourself to these principles. This is what the successful people we admired are using to build up their life and investment. There is no magic to it, put your life to work and take action. You will get there I believe. A toast to your success! 
“Determination, discipline, dedication and the grace of God is all you need to make your life a success.”  
What are You Doing with that Business and What You need to Do to Grow Your Business Beyond Your Imagination
Sweet Sensation Gets New Award! One of the headlines on page 30, Friday, March 30, 2012 of ThisDay Newspaper screamed. I may not have all the space to speak about Sweet Sensation but if you have ever patronized fast food, then you might have come across the name.
What actually got my fancy is the response of the Chief Executive Office, Mrs. Kehinde Kamson to the award when she described the growth of the Quick Service Restaurant as an example of passion for innovativeness, attention to details and orientation in excellence. She further stated that, “from a Guardhouse in Ilupeju, a suburb of Lagos, Sweet Sensation has grown from nothing to be the leading brand in the Quick Service Restaurant sector of the Nigerian economy with over twenty (20) outlets”. The CEO made this remark when the brand was awarded “Outstanding African Organization of the Year in London”. This award was bestowed on the company by the organizers of the African Achievers Awards.
Smiling! Wow! Passion for innovativeness; attention to details and orientation in excellence! What thoughtful words that bring about success. Let’s see the lessons we can draw out of this. Daily Inspirational Messages for Husband and Wife
A look at the CEO’s acceptance speech collaborates the saying that hardwork pays in the long run. But actually, it is not only hardwork that pays but the component associated with hardwork to borrow her direct words; passion for innovativeness, attention to details and orientation in excellence. These to me are some of the models for business growth. Take a look at Proverbs (22:29) that says, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean [men].
If I may ask, how do you handle your business? Do you run your business like a fanfare or like one of those things to be engaged in just to pass time so people wouldn’t say some uncomplimentary stuff against you? If you own or about to set up a business, it is not how you start that matters but what are your dreams and vision for that business. Like they say, the only permanent thing in life is chance. If you set up a business without the vision to drive it to the next level, I personally feel that there was not need to even set it up at first.
“A business that is not nurtured at first is as good as dead.”
Setting up a business involved a lot of obstacles. Also, you need to always have it in mind that challenges would come but it is your attitude to withstand them with a focus mindset that would guarantee success in the long run. Like the parable of talent in (Matthew 25:14-30). What happened with the man who refuses to trade with his one talent? Didn’t the Master take that talent and also pronounced these words, “Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and [then] at my coming I should have received mine own with usury. Take therefore the talent from him, and give [it] unto him which hath ten talents.” (Matthew 25:27-28).
No matter how small or little you feel your gifts are, learned to trade them. When you trade what you have, you will always break new ground and make expansion.
“A bountiful harvest begins with a seed.”
In every business we have, it is the Lord that has given us the might to establish it. But growing the firm to withstand the test of time is our sole effort. Through the grace of God and our effort, that is where we have to play our part in using our brain.
“Our brains create the ideas and the direct vision we need to turn our businesses around day in day out.”
We cannot change with the changing time without having a deep understanding of the line of business we seek to engage in. Just like Daniel said in (Daniel 9:2), “In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.”
Even Daniel said he understood by books. Now, ask yourself in that business of yours, when last have you engaged your brain in researching about the current trend in the area of your business or when last did you attend a seminar that has to do with growing your business and moving it to the next level in this era of information technology. Need I say, use your brain to grow your business.
“Researching the current trend of your business gives you the innovativeness in that area of business.”
It is at your deep quiet moment of research that God will drop the idea needed to turn that business around for good. Through research and following up trends, you will have the foresight to forecast and project how best to deal with every rising storm that might seek to bring that business of yours down. It is not only praying for God to expand the business without you doing anything to expand your horizon as in reading and taking all the necessary action that can bring about a turn around. If you have a business in an area for close to ten years without establishing another elsewhere, then know for sure that you’re at one spot for too long without moving. Sincerely, nothing is as bad as stagnant water. So if you set up a business, always think of expanding it to other areas. Expanding brings you more profit and you know touching life is one joy that can’t be quantified through the services you rendered.
“If you must be innovative, you need to also pay attention to details.”
I could feel my heart laughing as I put this word down. If you care to ask what makes me laugh? Then answer this question. From the day you set up your business, is there any proper accounting system set up to monitor the growth of that business? Many small businesses are established without any accounting information. It might shock you if you asked, some of these businesses can’t determine their running cost but could only remember the working capital used in establishing the business. The other day to day expenditure of their businesses is left to the imagination of the mind. This in the long run actually is what contributed to winding up of this business.
“Keeping proper records in your business is what will enable you to sustain the business day in and day out.” 
In making our business worth her salt, attention to details shouldn’t be overlooked. And customers’ satisfaction shouldn’t be jeopardized on the altar of our selfish excuses. If you bore a customer with excuses or disrespect his feelings with unmerited comments after you might have been given a specification for an item to be purchased, to the best of my knowledge, you might never win that customer back. The right specification is what counts in business. Even when the Lord asked Noah to build an ark, He gave specification, (Genesis 6:14-16), “Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. And this [is the fashion] which thou shalt make it [of:] The length of the ark [shall be] three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; [with] lower, second, and third [stories] shalt thou make it.” It is always good when you can only contribute and let your customer have the final say.
In any business you do, your code of conduct should be to pay attention to details and give the right specification to all your customers as demanded by them. Where the customer can’t make a choice or have that at hand, it is your duty with care to make them see reason and not to make them feel as if their class is not within your reach. We all came from different backgrounds; it is coming together and learning from ourselves that can bring us that closeness that is mutual for a win-win situation in both business and life at general and not the other way round.   
Actually, some people want to do business with a class of pride. Pride is what brings a downfall in business. When you interact with your customer like you are in their shoe, there you can keep them coming back to you always.
“If you are not ready to take anyone’s insult, then there is no need setting up any business.”
Always have it in mind that different customers come with different characters and different attitude problems. It is now left for you to learn how to manage them all with their different attitudes and characters. Doing this is what makes you a good and adorable business owner and not the other way round because at the tail end, profit counts and not showmanship. Now, if your attitude as a business owner makes your customer quit coming around your premises. Remember losing that customer makes you lose others that you might have had through them. Your customer if attended to with all the finesse that makes them want your service more and more, it is a good ground for you because they are the one who will become your mouth piece in telling others about your product and services.
“If you make your customers feel your essence, they will keep coming back to you.”
Business has gone dynamic. We should let the spirit of excellence be with us in every task we undertook as business owners. Let that class in your service delivery be seen. The way you carry yourself, the way you attend to customers, let there be a way with you that would always remind your customers of coming back for more.
“Threat everyone with respect even if they seem to hurt your business philosophy.”
Use kind words of appreciation even if the customer is rude in his approach and manner. Doing this would draw many customers to you and help expand your business to the next level. Business you should understand is all about building relationships and making contact. The right way to keep making it happen and building bridges across is to keep everyone at par and make them feel like a king with the crown; time and time over again and again.
Now ask yourself this, what is the time you open up your business to customers? Do you open when you should or at your will. Do you incorporate time management to your business or just running it the way you feel? Do you recognize the off or peak period? Looking at managing your time will accelerate your business growth. And when your customers can access you as when due, you will gradually learn that you are matching toward the line of profit maximization. Please do not leave your business to chance. It is the amount of time you put into the business that will bring the chance for opportunity to grow.  This is the time to put all aside and give your business the entire necessary boost that will take you beyond your imagination.
“Time management is the best opportunity that will help your business to grow.” 
Businesses that are run in the 21st century are run with defined standards that meet the specification for innovativeness, attention to details and off course orientation in excellence. Grow your business with the fear of God and with all the right tools at your disposal that is all you need to make it work and keep a living legacy for your yet unborn generation.
If you conduct your business, give in your ears to the changing trend. And be ready to network with people around your line of business. Also to grow your business, make sure that the right staff are employed. Do not give in to sentiment. Make the welfare of your staff a priority. And of course let there be training and retraining of your workforce. Lastly, keep a smiling face; it is an essential commodity that will win you more clients.   
“When you are dynamic in all that you do, you will always find the right people that want to be associated with you.” 


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Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!: Deep Motivational Sayings and Unique Lessons on Life
Deep Motivational Sayings and Unique Lessons on Life
Here for the delight of the people you love are Deep Motivational Quotes and Unique Quotes on Life to inspire their days.
Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly!
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