Amazing Love SMS for Her and Unique Abbreviated Messages for Him - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Amazing Love SMS for Her and Unique Abbreviated Messages for Him

Amazing Love SMS for Her and Unique Abbreviated Messages for Him

Best Amazing Love SMS for Her and Unique Abbreviated Messages for Him

Amazing Shortcode Love For Her And Unique Abbreviated Messages For Him

These messages would do you good if you could spend time to share it with your love one.

We make it simple and easy to understand for your special one.

Put a smile on the face of your loved one with these uniquely short crafted love messages.

Amazing Shortcode Love Messages For Her

[1]. Ur Smile Is D Only Thing Dat Comfort Me & Ur Luv D Only Thing I Live 4. Let It B D Only Thing Dat Make Me Anew Dat I Would B Comforted 2 Live & Die 4.

[2]. I Luv Is A Person Then I Have Seen D Person Whose Luv Have Given Me D Power 2 Shout 4 Joy. Dat Person If U May Know Is U.

[3]. U’r Luv Personified. When I Look In2 Ur Eyes, I C D True Image Of Luv. 4 Luving Me, I Have No Doubt Dat Luv Was Created 4 Us & Nothing Else.

[4]. Luving Fun With Tender Cares, Dat Is D Bliss Ur Luv Renders. Neva A Dull Moment. Just Fun All D Way. I Luv Dis Luv Of U Dat Have Given Me All D Fun In D World.

[5]. Neva Will There Be Any Regret 4 Luving U. Since U Walk In2 My Life, I Have Found D Joy Dat Walk D Street Of Gold  - Dat Is Ur Luv 4 Me.

[6]. Everything I Wanted In Luv, I Have Found Them In U. U’r My All, A Perfect Luv Dat Fadeth Not.

[7]. Thought Of U Gladden My Heart 2 B Alive, Anytime Am Down, All I Needed Is Think Of U & My Life Will Become Anew All Becuz Of Ur Luv.

[8]. Though I Have Luv B4 But None Can B Compared 2 Ur Luv. Sincerely I Would Do Anything 4 Ur Luv Dat Made Me Live 2 Luv U With All My Heart.

[9]. No Matter D Length Of Time, I Shall Eva B There 4 U. 4 Ur Luv, D Length Of Time Makes No Meaning To Me.

[10]. Even If Ur Luv Tarries, Dat Will Make My Heart Stronger 2 Wait 4 U.

Unique Abbreviated Love Messages For Him

[11]. Every Moment With U Is Like A Walk Through Paradise. I Cherish Every Bit Of Our Togetherness.

[12]. Nothing In Dis Whole World Gives Me Joy Than 2 B With U.

[13]. Every Smile On Your Face, Makes Me A Happy Person.

[14]. When I C Ur Smile, I Have Dis Special Feeling Of Ur Luv Dat Have Given Me D Energy 2 Luv U Continually.

[15]. Ur Smile Is Hard 2 Replace. It Is So Sensual With An Aura Dat Have Drawn Me 2 U 4eva.

[16]. In My Heart, Ur Luv Have Filled A Space Dat No One Can Fill. I Have Keep Dat Space 4 U & No One In Dis World Can Take Dat Away 4rm U.

[17]. Like A Precious Work Of Art, Ur Beauty Engulf My Soul & Eva Since I Saw U, I Have No Desire Of Looking At Others But U My Special Work Of Art.

[18]. I Shall Sing 2 D Sky Of Ur Luv. I Shall Announce 2 D Earth Ur Cares. I Shall Tell My Generation Dat Upon My Life Time, I Found A Luv Dat Have Given Me All.

[19]. I Adore Every Thing About U. 24 Hrs, Ur Luv Is What Makes My Mind Happy & Her Joy Have Given Me D Reason 2 B Alive.

[20]. Becuz U’r Natural, I Shall Eva Luv U D Way U R.

Shortcode Love SMS For The One You Love

[21]. U Have Brought So Much Sunshine In2 My Life 4 D Luv Dat U Bring, I Shall Eva Luv U D Way U’r.

[22]. Each Time Am In A Dream Land, All I Think Of Is Ur Luv. Ur Luv Gives Me Hope & A Peace Of Mind Dat Makes Me Luv U Every Minute Of D Day.

[23]. I Search 4 An Angel & Found U. I Search 4 Luv & Still Found U. U’r My Angel & Luv Of My Life Dat Guides & Protect Me Away 4rm Danger.

[24]. D Reason U Were Created Was 4 Me 2 Luv & Since I Found U, I Have No Regret Dat D Creation Of Ur Kind Was All Becuz Of Me.

[25]. Why Do I Luv U. Dis Puzzle I Found No Answer 2. I Just Found Myself Luving U Becuz I Luv U & I Just Can’t Explain It.

[26]. My Heart, My Soul, My Breathe, My Body, All Bears Witness 2 My Luv 4 U.

[27]. Every Part Of Me Breaths All Becuz U Give Me D Reason 2 Luv & Live 4.

[28]. I Thought Someone Else Would Take Ur Place But Now, Dat Is Bye-Gone.

[29]. No One Will Eva Take Ur Place 4 Ur Kind Of Luv Leaves No Room 4 Replacement.

[30]. Falling In Luv With U Is D Sweetest Thing Dat Have Eva Happen 2 Me.

Short Abbreviated Love You Messages Couple

[31]. Eva Since I Fall 4 U, I Have Found My Pleasure House Of Paradise In U.

[32]. Every Complexity Of Life, Ur Luv Have Simplify & Made Me Found D Heart 2 Live. All I Wanted Now Is Nothing But D Bliss Of Dis Kind Of Ur Luv.

[33]. Ur Luv Came & Took Away My Pains. Now I Am So Glad Dat I Followed My Heart 2 Discover Dis Hidden Luv Dat Have Made Me D Most Precious Person.

[34]. I Live 4 U Luv Of My Life. I Breath Becuz U Luv Me. If U Stop Luving Me, I Can’t Imagine What My World Will Turn 2 – Everlasting Darkness.

[35]. D Moment I Found U, I Knew I Would Neva B D Same Again.
Now I Know Why I Felt D Way I Did. Ur Luv It Is Dat Have Turn My World Around.

[36]. In Every Hardest Hour Of My Life, I Found In Ur Luv D Strength 2 Carry On.

[37]. U Have Given Me Luv Dat Have Given Me Strength & 4 D Joy Of Ur Luv, I Have D Strength 2 Face Anoda Day.

[38]. Ur Luv Is Eternal With Pleasure Of Paradise Engraved In Them.

[39]. I Shall Eva Live 4 Ur Luv Dat I Will 4eva Experience D Eternal Bliss Dat Is Ur Luv. 

[40]. So Pure Without Adulteration, Ur Luv Is D Number One Thing Dat I Live 4.

Shorten Messages Of Love

[41]. Since Ur Luv Found Me, I Am More Than Comforted & 4eva Will B There 2 Enjoy Her Purity.

[42]. If 2day Is My Last Day On Earth, Only One World Will I Long 2 Hear – Day U Luv Me. It Is Them I Will Have An Everlasting Peace 2 Rest 4eva.

[43]. D Only Measles Dat Have Destroy My Soul Is Ur Luv. It Came Without Warming & Scattered My Heart In2 Pieces.

[44]. I Have Learn Dat D Only Way I Can Get My Heart Back Is 2 Luv U Without Ceasing.

[45]. D Greatest Miracle I Have Found Is 2 Luv U. 4 It Has Brought Me Healing Dat Had Made My Life Beta 4 It.

[46]. When Shakespeare Said “Luv Is Merely Madness”. I Neva Knew Till I Found U. Now I Know I Am Insane Becuz I Found Myself Doing Things I Shouldn’t Have Done All Becuz Of My Luv 4 U.

[47]. I Found D Balm 2 My Injured Heart. Dat Is D Power Of Ur Luv. It Has Cure Me Of My Hate & Have Bless Me With A Peace Of Mind.

[48]. D Day I Met U, My World Change & Eva Since I Started Luving U, I Have Gotten A Difference Meaning 2 Life.

[49]. Ur Luv Is All I Have & Dat Will B All I Have.

[50]. If I Have Wasted Time, Then I Will B Living My Days In Regret.

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