Devotedly Romantic Love Messages - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Devotedly Romantic Love Messages

Devotedly Romantic Love Messages

Best Devotedly Romantic Love Messages

Devotedly Romantic Love Messages

1.    Your love attracts me like bee to honey. Anytime I taste of it, the sweetness that it brings, my heart can’t do without it. Your love is my honey, to it will I taste as long as I live.

2.    Your love knows how to please, your love knows how to care and your love knows how to love. And me, I would stay to love you back in return.

3.    The depth of your love I can’t imagine. I tried to determine it depth but the more I tried, the more I’m falling into you. I shall try no more for the depth of your love had covered my shame.

4.    Your love emerged like Venus from the wave. I look and I couldn’t resist it. The flaming fire it carries burned my soul with the desire to want you forever.

5.    You came like a dream and change my world. I’m astounded at your beauty which is compared to none. For the love of you, I shall ever be sane forever.

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6.    I risked everything just to have your love. Now that I have you, I know the value it bears. It’s a treasure that money can’t buy.

7.    I heard your voice and I couldn’t resist wanting you. You blew my mind and make me fall for you. If love is a voice, I rather have yours for a keep.

8.    Your smile cast a spell on me. Infectious as it is, I have been infected by you and nothing can cure me except the melody of your voice.

9.    I am cold because of your love. And I am also warm because of your love. Your love regulates my body temperature. It is your mood that makes me feel the way I am.

10.    The pleasures of life, I found them in your love. You love me and am so happy to find life worthy. Love is life, love is you and the pleasure of you, makes my world complete.

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