Nature and Inspirational Poems for the People You Love - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Nature and Inspirational Poems for the People You Love

Nature and Inspirational Poems for the People You Love

Best Nature and Inspirational Poems for the People You Love

Nature comes with its freshness. It comes with a life that is so natural. For the love of nature, we have some amazing poems. “Nature Is Life”, “Dark Sunny Cloud”, “Rain Raining”, “Yellow Sun”, “Ocean In Gray”, “Dance In The Forest”Beautiful Poetry Love Poems In English And Deep Romantic Poems For Love

Nature Is Life

Halt the air; live to die
Stay indoors, live in self-prison
Refuse to make friends, live in a lonely Island
Nature is life.

Inhale the gentle morning air, live to life
Open your heart like the morning Rose
Live a satisfied life
Rest like an eagle, live a life of no fear
Nature is life.

Hear the chuckle cry of the insects
The reverberating drums of the elephant grass
Survey the baritone cry's of the owl
Nature is life.

If nature is not life, then live in pain and stress
If you want to kill boredom, stroll through the moonlight
If you want to clear a worried mind and soul
Then take a walk through the seashore
If it doesn't give you a piece of mind,
Then nature is not life.

Nsikak Andrew
14th March, 2002

Dark Sunny Cloud

It looks like
A filter smoke from the cigarette stock
It looks like
The carbon smoke from the car's bonnets
It feels like
A dark cloud before a rainy day.

The mind feels it and becomes terrified
It smokes slowly till it consumed the heart
And it world you can never determined
Oh search the mind
Does it harbour a dark sunny cloud?
That feeling you can never feel self or secure.

There is only one way out
Read God's Holy word daily
It kills the dark for a sunny cloud
That purifies the soul
And simplified your everyday daily living.

Nsikak Andrew
23th April, 2002

Rain Raining

Rain raining
Oh rain reign.
Rain raining
Oh rain reign.

Rain reigning
Oh rain!
Dropping in the shadow of your reign
Ember months crown your reign.

Rain raining
Oh reign!
With decrees promulgated from our roots-top
“I have come to bless,
Yeh!, I have come to destroy”
But trust in me
That your seeds might mustard the earth.

Rain raining
Oh reign!
For the throne of cold
You guide our hands to cuddle
That nine months would celebrate your reign.

Rain raining
Oh reign!
For your foot showers with calm peace
That defeats the throne of harsh weather.

Rain raining
Oh reign!
For your throne shall ever reign
Till the manifestation of that glorious morning.
Rain raining
Oh rain reign!

Nsikak Andrew
7th September, 2006 & 16th May, 2007
Yellow Sun

Hang in the sky
And shower you blessing
Oh! Bless thou the earth
With your adorable smiles.

Up above the sky,
The yellow sun holds her peace
Like the clock, it tells the time.

Evening is here,
Soon, it shall roll into the night
Who knows what the day holds?
Nor can tell what the night brings?

I look into the sky and smile
For the day’s struggle
Has counted her blessing.

See the yellow sun,
Brighter than ever.

Nsikak Andrew
13th December, 2007

Ocean In Gray

Dark sea roaring in thy tempest fall
Oh! Sing the song of sorrow
For the blue sky has turned into a gray wind
And you have joined in her gray celebration.

Who will sail at thy roaring?
For the path of all mortals has opened her mouth
Waiting that it might sing the wild song of victory
For the soul that would tempt her gray-gathering.

Nsikak Andrew
29th January, 2008

Dance In The Forest

The passion of the wave
Blowing without caution
The signs of her music
Only known to her inhabitants.

Dancing time is here
The trees shall dance
The grasses shall dance
The living and nonliving
All shall hear her melodies.

Gentle by gentle her drumming evokes
Wild by wild her dancing began
Day in day out her sound spreads
In mysteries that are only known to the spirits.

Nsikak Andrew
13th April, 2008 & 14th May, 2008

Inspirational Poems About Friendship, Wisdom, Mothers Strengths. Friendships are built on daily inspiration. When you inspire someone, you make their life blossom and the reward of it is something that makes the heart glad. Here we are sharing these words that you can send to inspire the people that are so special to you. “Friends Or Foxes”, “The Beauty In Life”, “Friendship”, “Mothers Strength”, “Wisdoms Of Our Fathers”, “Life Is Sharing”, “None Could”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Let Me Clear My Throat”Broken Heart Love Poems And Sad Sweet Romantic Poems For Your Love

Best Friends or Foxes Poems

Friends Or Foxes

Who is a friend?
And who is a fox?
Question only the heart knows.

Friends are never in doubt
But a journey to their heart
Is a lesson that proves her reward.

Friends! They came when the star is bright
And disappears immediately it becomes dark
Oh friend! Life teaches us a lesson.

Well! Never bothered about them
If you keep your heart to their ways
You will live to become nothing.

Guard your heart with your hands
And work out your salvation without trembling
Because life to all is nothing but a game of choice.

Nsikak Andrew
29th October, 2013

The Beauty In Life

Though life might not give us all that we desired
But we can get all that we want out of life
Life is beautiful so we should make beauty out of it
So our life would be a beauty for others to emulate.

If we respect our life’s the way we are
So shall life respect us the way it should
But where we fail to make it so
The same to us should we expect.

Life is like the law of Karma
To her, that which you give
So shall you receive in return
And not the other way round.

The beauty in life is to be upright all the time
Standing where it needs to be and where it matters
And keeping to the right track where it is possible
But never to disrespect the days of little beginning.

If you skip from it, dwell not in blaming yourself
But rather get up, move up and keep skipping
For it is in your dare determination that life
Will accord to you the beauty of her many trophies.

So keep up, live up
For life will ever accord to you her beauties
If and only if you keep to her beauty
Which only the beauty of life can give.

Nsikak Andrew
23rd November, 2012


In bond of hope,
We were created to love
In bond of friendship
We were meant to be one
Like a bunch of broom
We were not to be separated
But be bound in togetherness.

Like two heads
We are better than one
But stronger than all
For in togetherness
We were meant to blossom
Like pasture that never fades.

 Nsikak Andrew
19th & 20th December, 2007

Mothers Strength

Salty smokes from the eyes of a caring mother
Heated by flame of ashes that sprung from her firewood
Yet she must obey the timing of nature
That the stomach of her family would suffer no hunger.

With hymn of songs in our month, she hums
As clap of hands re-echoes inside her cooking pot
Gathered in are the kings with their combined aroma
As she pours the condiments that arose in the air.

In a while her palatable meal would be ready
That a plate served would be a call for another
Hunger shall be banished in the stomach of her children
As smiles would be the strength of her household.

African women my pride, womanhood our strength
Complaining has never been their ego
For they are trained from maidens,
To nurture the belly of their land.

Nsikak Andrew
17th May, 2007

Wisdoms Of Our Fathers

Stories abound
Histories never forgets the past,
If the cap fits a man, let him wears it
So says the wisdom of our fathers.

Him, whom the god’s have favoured
He is favoured indeed.
A child that must eat with the Elders
Such should learn to wash their hands clean
For that which goes up, must surely come down.
So says the wisdom of our fathers.

If you live in a glass house
Learn not to throw stone
For as you make your bed
So shall you lie on it
So says the wisdom of our fathers.

Tell this wise saying to the youth
Let the Elders increase in wisdom
For where an advice is given
To a child that have a parent
Let him that have none listen
A word for the use is enough.

Nsikak Andrew
2nd November, 2006 & 1st January, 2007

Life Is Sharing

Show me a rich man
And I will show you
A man that shares his knowledge
To life, what have you given?
That you expect so much from it?

Gifts are for sharing
Why buried you gift
On the sand of time
Show me an untapped talent
And I will walk you
Through the cemetery.

Your gifts are for life sharing
Share all you have to share
Reveal all you have to hide
Help save a dying generation
For life is all about sharing.

Nsikak Andrew
9th August, 2002

None Could

Who can withdraw the Will
Made from the throne of Grace
None could!

Who can fight His power
And live to tell the end
None could!

When He says Yes
Who can say No
None could!

When He lifts up
Who can put down
None could!

Who can tell His ways
Nor knows His Will
None could!

Who can share His throne
And deliver a perfect judgement
None could!

Who can be like Him
A blemished lamb
Whose blood redeemed us
From our iniquities
None could and none would!

Nsikak Andrew
11th August, 2002

How Deep Is Your Love

The sea so deep
That it houses the fish
The sky so high
That the birds could reach
The forest so wide
That it harbours all creature
How deep then is your love?

The nectar,
A feeding place for the butterfly
The nest,
A resting place for the birds
The web,
A protector for the spiders
Where do you place your love?

Your mouth,
Does it reflect your heart’s thoughts?
Your foot-steps,
Does love direct her?
Your action,
Does it show love?
Think more,
How deep is your love?

 Nsikak Andrew
10th August 2002

Let Me Clear My Throat

I hate publicity
And anything that has to do with it
Certainly count me out
Now come to think of it
How could you accomplished
A God given talent
Without falling in love with publicity.

I thought publicity was for those
Who want to create an environment
For them to be notice, but hide as you may
The golden fish has no hiding place.

I have hidden for too long
Now is the time to clear my throat
And get busy with this fun
I cherished so much.

I realize many have talents
But how to express them becomes a problem
Many allowed their talents to die in them
Some do not believe that they are worthy
Of their precious given talents.

Some envy others talent without knowing
That theirs are greater than those they envy
Some are just follow-follow
Everything they see others do, they want to do same
Now tell me, were you born the same day?

Why not be yourself
For being yourself
Is only how you can discover
And achieve your talent
Stop being follow-follow.

Nsikak Andrew

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