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Lovingly.Com.NG is a deeply affectionate messages site where you can share lovely messages with a touch of Nigerian pidgin language with the one you truly love. Make you kindly feel free to use the messages on this website for ONLY your personal use. You fit share these our messages of love by sending it as Text Messages to the one wey dey make your heart feel joy or sharing it on any of the social media options wey dey available to you.

Indeep dreams are meant to be fulfilled. And so it began for Lovingly.Com.NG. I have always had the passion to develop text messages that are so romantic, so inspiring and so sweet to the heart to which it was meant for.


Communication has always been that one thing that bound our hearts together. And such wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are at the right place where your heart melts through inspiring words and sweet romantic messages that would always make a true meaning to the one you truly love.

What has come to be known as Lovingly.Com.NG rightfully began on 23rd August, 2019 when I first took notice of the word from a post online. Though I wanted the word `lovely’ but that was taken. And when I came across the word `lovingly’, I was like the .com of it could be mine if I go for it. But when I rushed for it, the .com was taken and .com.ng was available. Who wants to waste time ni, na so I rush am fast!

I was actually particular about a hub for SMS messages just like we have other innovative hubs where lots of ideas that have transformed humanity were incubated. I thought of a niche within where I could share what I termed PATCHES OF THOUGHTS which within words are formed. 

Lovingly.Com.NG is the place to be. A place where SMS lovers could come, pick and send thoughtful messages of love to their special one. It would also be a place to share messages to inspire anyone that has found love within a sincere and truthful relationship.

This place is for those who are matured at heart and are able to handle true relationships. It wouldn’t be a place to come fool around for deceptive motives. If you know you have a heart for deception, please and very PLEASE with a capital letter, Lovingly.Com.NG is not a place for you.

Within Lovingly.Com.NG you will find true romantic love messages. And not forgetting messages of inspiration to inspire the one you love. How about birthday wishes for your one and only.

If you do have an anniversary to celebrate, we have got your back. Do you love poetry? If you do, there are romantic, motivational and nature poems for your delight.

Welcome to our pidgin messages. We go totori your heart and make your love feel special. You no get wahala, we cover your back well-well with sweet Nigerian pidgin messages for the one wey dey scatter your head.

We also hope to make you have a feel of our prayer messages. Faith you know work wonders.

A lot we have in stock for you. Come along and have a good ride my dear lovingly people.


Lovingly.Com.NG is a deeply affectionate messages site where you can share lovely messages with a touch of Nigerian pidgin language with the one you truly love. Kindly feel free to use any of our messages on this site for your personal use.

Welcome to Lovingly.Com.NG. We Love You!
The best place for lovely messages with some touch of Nigeria pidgin!

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