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Human Poem: The king-god

Sad Human Poem: The king-god

When you make yourself a mini-god just because you have the opportunity to suppress others, just remember that there is judgement day.

This poem is not to sadden your heart or mindset but to bring to bear man injustice to his fellow man.


Blood flows, pain wrinkled
The Guyama tragedy is looping
Ours the Most Hon. Rev. Dr. King is in town
To unleash the horror that was the Guyama experience.

See a branded gospel of enslavement
Preached on the altar of deceit
To bind the brain of helpless worshippers
Whose journey to heaven are made-believe
On conjured sermons preached from the pit of hell.

He is their king, a mini-god
Whose words are fury flames
Worship they gave to him
In obedience you must bow
Flogging you must adhered to in disobedience
Sexual orgies, traded in exchange for holiness
Bunch of bullies are their lord’s army.

Oh! What is this befalling the body of Christ?
Surely, it is written in the Holy Book
Judgement would begin from the Church.

Nsikak Andrew 
12th October 2006 & 7th January, 2007

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