Sweet Romantic Love Poems for Wife - Lovingly – Expressing Love, Endlessly and Lovingly! Sweet Romantic Love Poems for Wife

Sweet Romantic Love Poems for Wife

Sweet Romantic Love Poems for Wife

A dear wife should be appreciated times without numbers. For the love of your dear wife, here are some amazing poems dedicated to the woman of your life. Best Christian Prayer Poems For Friends, Family And Loved Ones

Here are the best sweet romantic love poems for wife.  “Me, My Heart And You”, “Priceless”, “Mkpouto”

Me, My Heart And You 

I bring to you the heart that love radiates,
To you have I given without hesitation,
Take control of that which is my all,
For in the meekness of your tendered love,
Have I chosen to make the centre of my world.

Sometimes, I feel the silent warm of tears,
The same that weakened my heart to love you,
This tear in my eye is nothing but the tears of joy,
The same that gladdened my heart every moment,
To keep on loving you just the way you are.

I blessed the day to which I found you,
I adore the day to which you accepted to be mine,
The very day to which we walked down the aisle,
The vow we made it is to me the echo bliss of eternity,
The thought of that day, makes me feel immortality.

Me, you have made the best I could be,
My heart, you have nurtured with the gift of love,
And you, it is my promise to be there for you,
To make our dream a blossom house of treasure,
As long as I found the breath of the morning air.

Nsikak Andrew
25th March, 2014


Like a priceless work of art
You have become a priceless work crested in my soul
Day in day out I can’t imagine that a thought of you
Has become a line painted from Monaliza.

How priceless are your worth
That an image of you is faultless
Now you have become a part of me
That I can’t live without.

I have search through the galleries of hearts
And have seen many countless works of art
But none can be compared to you
My priceless work of art.

How priceless is your beauty
That none could paint your true image
You are as priceless as you are
A precious work of art made for me.

Nsikak Andrew
12th July, 2011


The beauty of you
Is like a song of praise
Sang to the Most High.

How in splendor of beauty
You’re cloth like a royal priesthood
I behold your beauty
And the shame of my shyness
Was cast into the abyss.

Like a price, you’re worth living for
Incomparable and irreplaceable
Those words are too minute
To rival the throne
Of your kindheartedness.

You’re a blessing every generation
Will seek to live with
Beauty beyond comprehension
You’re like a tree planted by the river side
So flourishing with gracefulness
And so abiding with unconditional love.

You walked in humility
And stole my heart with your meekness
I am now like a King
Whose pride of honour
The beauty of your love honoured.

Let me abide in love of you
And make my bed in honour of you
I shall forever be satisfied in you
For the love of you
Have given to me the heart
To call you Mkpouto
My treasured house of peace.

Nsikak Andrew
12th July, 2011

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