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Christian Prayer Poems for Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Best Christian Prayer Poems for Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Sometimes life might not give you what you want but in all, just pray and if you believe, then know for sure that the needed change shall definitely come. Happy Romantic Wedding Anniversary Love Poems To My Wife

Here are the best Christian prayer poems for your delight. “This Tears”, “Imaginable Hope”, “All In All”, “When?”, “Two’s In One”, “Stranger In Need”, “Tapped By The Sound That Awoken Me”, “Now”

This Tears

In tears, Lord when will my tears reach you?
How could I live my life like there is not hope?
Didn’t you create me for a purpose?
How could I be your creation?
And still the evil hands seem to defeat me?

I have done all I could within my ability
But it looks as if this load is too heavy for me to bear
Lord, where is the love that you said you love me
If you truly love me then why is my life in the dark?
I have tried all that I know, but it seems life is against me.

Lord why, how could you let my enemies’ glory themselves?
They thought they have gotten and are done with me
I seek redemption but it seems your hand is too far from me
What else do you want to have me do Lord?
I am sick of trying to live my life without a purpose.

This tears in my eyes
Is it to glorify the devil or to shame You?
Am I not your son? Lord, didn’t you create me in your image?
Wasn’t it for my sake you die that I wouldn’t have to go through life
Wondering about like a sheep that has not shepherd.

Here I am, toiled by the hustles of life
I weep every moment like there is no hope at sight
Who would help me if you forsake me?
Lord when will my tears get to your mercy throne of grace?
For I need a turn around and you alone that is worthy to give me.

Lord make me that I will be made
Turn my sorrow into joy
Make my weeping to endure only for a night
Let the morning brings my desired victory
That the joy I have in You shall forever be fulfilled.

Lord I look to You inspite of all challenges
I believe You are preparing a way for me
A way that will shamed my enemies and worries
Lord, I pray Your day cometh
For I awaits the fulfillment of your promises in my life.

Nsikak Andrew
6th October, 2008

Imaginable Hope

I live on the line of hope
Hope for the better day that will come.

I sang with joy within my vein
Glory, glory, our day of hope is here
I could feel her presence
Wrapped in the mystery of imagination.

Hope is here to stay
Life is here to worth a meaning
That I might live like a man
Who has a purpose to fulfill his calling.

Nsikak Andrew
18th September, 2008

All In All

The fury forest of life
Seek to consume me
But in the strength of His Word
Will I put my trust.

Life in the dungeon of hope
Tempted my soul to go astray
But I shall not weary 
For in Him will I put my trust.

I looked to heaven
And cried for help
He sat and tendered His hand
That I might behold His glory.

Him who was replaced for my sake
Blameless lamp who borne my shame
Him who loves me without a fault
His life He gave that I will live eternally.

Nsikak Andrew
12th August, 2008


I sat in tears
With thoughts gone
Like a smoke out of a thatch roof
To where do it ascends to?

I cry in thoughts
As silent gripped me 
My life I seem to lack control
To where is my thoughts roaming to?

I cry, oh, I weep
Oblivion has become a thought in waiting
Where shall the way of all mortal come?

To me, a day is in waiting
A day I will see my sleep ascends forever.

Nsikak Andrew
10th July, 2008

Two’s In One

My head shakes
With tears that almost drops.

My mind questioned
With a heart that pains
Our society what has it become.

My heart bleeds
With sorrow covered in sag clothes.
My soul wept like one who has no hope
How in the mist of plenty
Many shares’ no hope for tomorrow.

I wept with uncontrollable heart
For a journey out for life’s struggles
I see sorrows planted in the corner of our roads.

Nsikak Andrew
2nd July, 2008

Stranger In Need

I came like a stranger in need
In need of help that seems impossible.

I came from far
My belly is hungry
My mouth is tasty
My legs are weary.

I came for help that seems impossible
But with God I know all things are possible
For He uses men to bless a man
And He will used you to bless me.

Nsikak Andrew
16th February, 2008

Tapped By The Sound 
That Awoken Me

Tapped by the sound that awoken me
Sweet smile glows my lip
Day have awoken in her shining glory
Wet pasture blossoming in their freshness
Chuckled choruses I heard sang from around.

Early to wake
Early to plan
Fail to plan
Plan to fail.

In a hash, I hummed to the shower
A perfect bathe I must refresh my mind  
For a healthy mind they say is a healthy body.

Tapped by the sound that awoke me
Joy so sweet fills my heart
That I heard my lips proclaimed
“I can never fail”… “Whatever it takes to make it”
That will do I
So I heard my heart said again.

Nsikak Andrew
19th February, 2008 & 4th March, 2008


Now that I toil like a wanderer
Now that tears of swear is my bitter meal
I have no crown of glory to share.

Now that I wandered like a lost sheep
Now that every breathe looks like an end insight
I have none who dears to share my identity.

Now that defeats seems to be smiling at me
Now that the world seems to smile against me
None I have that seeks to identify with me.

Now that today seems like the end of life
And everything seems like no hope at sight
Tomorrow breathes her surprises
For no one knows tomorrow.

Nsikak Andrew
20th August, 2007

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