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Successful Marriage Quotes for Blissful Marital Relationship

Best Successful Marriage Quotes for Blissful Marital Relationship

A successful marriage is a blessing not only to the couple but to everyone around them. These collections of successful marriage quotes for blissful marital relationship are marriage quotes for couples to make their relationship work are something that is so important towards having the rightful martial life.

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Successful Marriage Quotes For Couples

When you fail in marriage, if you are sincere enough to check the outcome, you will realize that lack of unity is what contributes a major percentage to the outcome.
Unity in marriage should never be overlooked as it is so essential to the success of marriage.
Though marriage has it’s up and down, but be it as it may, you should allow the unity of purpose to reign in your home.
This is not an avenue for both parties to want to show who is superior to the other.
If one can love and the other submit, then that essential element which is unity will continuously reign in that home.
And when unity is in place, the peace becomes the joy that builds the home with love.

Unity at homer works with principles.
If you understand the purpose of marriage then you wouldn’t want to abuse it with disunity.
If you are married, you should try to understand the reason while you wanted to settle down.
If the purpose of a thing is understood, then failure in it will be far away.
It is the lack of understanding the purpose of marriage that brings about the failure we experience in it.
Frustration that arises in it is through our lack of obeying instruction and keeping to the principle that brings about unity in the home.
If you want peace to reign in your home, then try to be at peace with one another at all times.
If you have misunderstanding which is bound to happen, do not let the dawn of another day meet you up in such situation.
Let peace reign and at all times, try to settle your differences and encourage one another that your union will work in unity. 

When it comes to drawing up ideas to run the home for productive growth, both should learn to come together to share ideas.
Any idea that is put forward and the other person felt it is not achievable; the manner in which such attitude should be communicated should be that which brings about unity.
No one among them should feel that he or she knows it all and his or her ideas should be accepted without giving in to the voice of reasoning from the other person.
Sharing ideas and finding the best possible ways to grow should be the paramount thing that should be in consideration.
When you give in to sharing ideas with mutual understanding for the feeling of the other person, you will always find the genuine peace that brings about unity at home.   

No matter how educated you feel you are, marriage do not care about your level of education but rather what it cares about is for you to have an understanding of the ways you treat your spouse.
If your thought is that of your level of education, then ask yourself; why educated people fail in their marriage?
Marriage is all about understanding your purpose and sharing your thoughts in unity without making the other person feel inferior to you.
When your spouse has that confidence in you, such will be able to express his/her self to you without holding back anything in reservation.
But the moment you become so authoritarian and takes everything so serious while intimidating the other person with your attitude; you will find out that the mode of communication will become low and none existence in a way.
And if you are not sensitive enough to this, you will lose out in understanding your spouse and both of you will start living as if you have no purpose for your marriage.

To the wife, there should be no excuses for your lack of submission to your husband and same for the husband, there should be no lack of love for your wife.
In as much as it is of essence to love and also to submit, this if is taken into consideration it is what will at all times bring unity and peace to the home.
In marriage there is no need trying to win an argument and also seeking for every little right.
Let your argument and right seeking be done with love.
And also learn to forgive even in advance without letting your ego make a pride out of you.
When you are ruled by your pride it makes the home become a place where disunity would reign.
But if marriage is to rejoice it bliss, then such shouldn’t be a part that is found in your home.
Let love and that of submission be your watchword. It is what will guide the home to grow and also what will bring about progress and a peace of mind to everyone involved to build a family were love reigns. 

When you can’t love your spouse, then you can’t claim to love yourself.
Remember that what you love is what you cherish. And when you seek to love, you love unconditionally. Love should have no restriction especially to those we have committed our life to.
The essence of the vow you make should be seen in your home no matter the challenges you encounter.
What actually builds the bond is sometimes found at challenging moment.
And in as much as you have challenging moment, you should control your emotion not to make stupid decision that will come back to hunt your marriage.
If you can control your emotion at crisis period, then you can control your life and will have an edge over any situation that seeks to make a mess of your union.
The art of maturity is found in the way you control your temper inspite of provocation.
To make everything work in marriage, always without reservation try to control your temper even when you are provoke.
The moment you are able to overcome your temper; then there will be peace at home.
The level of your understanding and the knowledge that is embedded in it is so essential to building a home.
Lack of knowledge at both ends will seem to lower the level of self-esteem.
As spouse, you should seek for knowledge with understanding.
And self-respect should make both parties have an understanding to value the worth of one another.
You should not see yourself as if you have the monopoly of knowledge.
When you put aside your educational background and relate with one another as best of friends, that will make you gain more without destroying your self-worth and image. Even though knowledge is power, but understanding is builds the home where peace reigns.     

For unity to reign in marriage, you need to have discipline in your home.
There should be orderliness in whatsoever you do. When there is orderliness, everyone will know the rules to play in the home.
And when you find that, there will be order and every process of building the family will go according to plan. Let what is needed and the direction of the family be defined without giving in to sentiment.
When you know what you want, you will have a focus to concentrate in achieving success out of it. Lack of discipline is what calls for disorder.
And it is what contributes to failure in marriage. Respect occurs when there is discipline that is done out of love.
Discipline should not be seen as that which is done out of hatred but rather should be viewed as a necessary weapon that is needed to build up the relationship and improve the welfare of the home.

The bliss of a marital life is all about having a mutual respect for one another.
The moment you under-rate your spouse, then what you are calling for is disunity in the home.
A lifetime relationship in marriage is build through unity and not in disunity.
When you under-rate your spouse make such feels inferior to you, and you know the moment such feels that way, loneliness  sets in and such might become frustrated in that relationship.
If you want to enjoy the bliss of marriage, it is of essence that you don’t under-rate your spouse in any way.
If there is something you should do is to boost the ego of your spouse.
If you do such with good intention, you will not only endear such to you but you will entirely win the love of your spouse.

Marriage is not for perfect people but for imperfect people who seeks to find their perfection in the one they love without any string attached.
If it is perfection you are looking for in marriage, sincerely what you are inviting is destruction within the bliss of your marital life.
You can only strive for perfection but that wouldn’t make you become too perfect.
The moment you understand that you are human that have self-control, then you can handle the issues that comes up which seeks to destroy your marriage.
When you have self-control, you bring unity along with it in your home.
Infact your spouse might have all the reasons not to doubt you anytime you are not around.
This you would achieve if you are sincerely not to do the things that you know would bring about disunity in your home.

Best Marital Bliss Quotes for Couples Relationship

Marital Bliss Quotes For Couples Relationship

The motive you take into your marital life if wrong, will in no time manifest itself.
If there is something you would not be able to hide away from your spouse for a life time, it is your motive for doing such thing.
Let your motive be right and not that of selfishness.
When your motive is right and you keep to it, you will always come across the right people that will understand you and ready to share your dreams and aspirations.
But if you have a faulty motive then be ready to have what you want because too wrongs can never make a right.
Let your perception of marriage be that of openness to your spouse.
If you harbor any secret and feel it is alright to keep such just remember that the day such is discovered, you will lose the trust and respect of your spouse.
When such happens, it would never be easy to win back such love as it originally was before.
If you want to have it all at all time, make sure that your motive is right without any iota of doubt.

If you want to see the best in your spouse, create that peaceful atmosphere between both of you.
For creativity to manifest itself, it needs a home that is filled with love, peace and care.
A peaceful mind can go any length to achieve it creative ability which is what is needed to fulfill destiny.
The best place to become creative is the home where peace reigns.
When you both have that mutual respect for one another, you would want to help the other achieve their purpose in life.
But when you live like you have not purpose to accomplish, then chaos at home will become the order of the day.

When you add value to the life of your spouse, then expect the home to live in peace and harmony.
It is when you add value that unity will become possible at home.
The value you add is something that would always be appreciated. If you want an easier way to win the heart of your spouse, then add value to their life.
If you feel your spouse is not living up to expectation, it is not for you to go about flaming up and say words that would bring disunity to the home.
There are better ways to communicate your thought of disappointment without hurting the feeling of your spouse.
If you realize that you are not perfect as such, then you will have better ways to communicate your heart feelings.
But the moment you flare up with words without reservations; then whatsoever consequences of your action that arises, you should be ready to bear the outcome of it.
Learn to control your emotion so as to control your life and marriage. When this is done, you will always find peace that reigns effortlessly in your home.   

Your attitude to anything determines your behaviour at every moment.
And it is your behaviour at any moment that would also determine if you are having the best of life in your marriage and anything you do.
If you can’t control your attitude in a positive way, then there would always be issues around your home.
When your home lacks unity as a result of your attitude, such is what would always bring about some sort of hatred from your spouse.
Though we all have our differences, but that shouldn’t be what is allowed to build the world of separation around us.
If there is one thing that breeds disunity at home, such is our attitude.
If you have a faulty way of reasoning which has to do with your behaviour; you wouldn’t even have time to develop the things that could bring about genuine love for the family.
If all you do is engage yourself in abuses words, then that bliss of making your home the centre of love would never be there.
And if your behaviour is not pleasant to others, then how do you expect those around you to want to have anything to do with you.
Your attitude around your neighbourhood should be such that others would want to associate with you.
And where they see you as someone who treats your spouse without respect, then such would also want to treat you same way.
When you accord respect to your spouse, others around would want to do same without reservation.
If you want unity to reign in your home then let your attitude at all time show love.
If this is done with love, then disunity would never become a portion that is found around your home.

When you become envious of your spouse instead of encouraging them to succeed, you create the avenue for disunity.
Envy would never contribute anything positive in building your home but rather would always bring along with it the foundation for disunity.
Envy could lead to disaffection and might contribute to the breakup of marriage.
In as much as you are married, you shouldn’t be threaten by the success of your spouse but rather you both should share along in it and contribute with the sincere motive on how to continuously build up your businesses without allowing failure to set in.
The moment you allowed envy control your marriage, then how would you build peace around your home? Envy would only destroy your home and wouldn’t contribute anything good towards the growth of your marital life.       

When the act of rebellion is found at home, then just know that one is not up to their responsibility.
What brings about this is when one feels the other is superior and taking up responsibility is not well defined.
Rebellion is as a result of one feeling that such is cheated in a way.
 When you both work in unity and learn to share responsibilities without establishing any cunning mindset, then they would be confidence and mutual trust for one another.
Just like envy, rebellion is detrimental to building up unity in the home.
When spouse can’t define their responsibilities toward running the home, then they make their home become a place of mockery on every slightest provocation.
Build your home with love and care and not a centre where rebellious spirit is breed by the action you take.   

When you begin to give birth to your children, make sure you show equal love to all of them.
Let it be your responsibility to provide for them.
When you show equal love, they will respect you as their parents.
But when you show unequal love and seems to prefer one child to the others, then what you are building is hatred that comes to affect even you apart from them in the near future.
Every home should be a place where the children find comfort and could relate their mind to their parents without feeling resentment.
When you treat your children without love and seems not to have feeling for their emotion, then you would make them run into wrong hands that could harm their future.
As parents, you shouldn’t be too preoccupied with your work and negligent the well-begin of your children. What you should give to them is attention that shows you genuinely care for them.
When you home is divided as couple, then how do you expect your children to feel in such circumstances.
If you have anything issues as parent to settle, you shouldn’t do such in front of your children.
You should have a better way to communicate your disapproval of anything without allowing your children see you as their parents exchanging words and saying things that can never bring about unity in the home.
Remember that our children are smart enough to understand when we as their parents are happy and when we are sad.
If all you do is nag, they would feel life is all about nagging.
But if you teach them to be responsible then you would have an old age to enjoy in peace.
The things our children learn are what they see us as their parents do.
When you can’t instruct them in the ways that are right, then do not thing of having a home were unity is the watchword but rather that which disaffection would form part of their everyday life.   

Know your responsibilities as parents. And do as much as you can to provide for your family.
When you know your responsibilities and seem to ignore them, then you are inviting anarchy around your home.
As the head of your family, stand up to your responsibilities and do not relegate it to the background as one who seems not to care.
The little in your hand is enough to take care of your family if you can differentiate between your needs and wants.
The basic needs of your family should be a priority in your scheme of things.
If all you do is to care about yourself without making the same provision for your family; then how do you expect love to reign in that home.
 If you make your family your priority, then there wouldn’t be any infighting in that home.
Let everyone that are involved take up their responsibilities and try as much to be dedicated in providing for such.
If you can overcome this at home, then you would have around peace beyond your imagination.   

When you allow any fight to ensure at home all because of money, then the trust and unity at home would be destroy.
Misunderstanding that arises all because of money issue would never add anything meaningful to that home.
To have unity at home, let there by that understanding between couples on how to manage their finances.
When stinginess becomes the portion of the husband or wife, then that home wouldn’t experience unity.
Learn to manage your finances no matter how little such is.
If you are in a constant habit to discuss about your finance and also take a decision for that which is needful to spend, then unity would be seen at such home. 

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